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Webdesign Freelancer, Photoshop Designer & Mobiltelefon Developer

Nutzername: phpmysqlguru

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Standort: Waterwood, Pakistan

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  • $200.00 USD
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    The job was to redesign some screens. I hired him based on his portfolio and reviews from other freelancer websites. The designer was very capable and delivered a good result. My overall experience is good. Communication wise I feel that his English was avarage, and it takes some time to get him to understand how to do things. As mentioned before overall positive experience and he delivered a good result at the end.

    Project Description:I need a designer to redesign 5 screens from two existing applications created in Delphi. The screens that need to be redesigned are shown in the attached zip file. I have also attached an image (NiceDesign.gif),...
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  • [Sealed] In Bearbeitung

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  • $300 USD In Bearbeitung

    This project is for a flash demo for our online product. The project CMS (Church Management System) is an all-in-one solution for any small and mid size churches. This application gives the small and mid size churches to manage their affair like much larger organization and allows them to focus on their mission. The application also provides the web site with full charity database access.## So, we need a flash demo of this application which would amplify the positive impact this application would have for any church organization. The demo should display screens and highlight specific functions to explain how this tool would allow the organization to be more effective and fruitful in their community. The demo must be attractive, pleasant to the eyes and at the same time informative but should not over whelm the viewer.## ## The goal is to present the heart of our business to viewer quickly and clearly but meaningfully. I would provide the screen shots for this project and sample text for body of the project. The project must be done in time (with in 7 days from project acceptance date). The bidder must submit a detail schedule with start date, mid delivery dates, and final deliver date.

  • $375 USD 21.02.2012

    require an excel spreadsheet to be converted into within joomla.the spreadsheet has been designed to calcuclate your carbon footprint when you input figures into the spreadsheet and calculates your footprint.this needs converting to be allowed to be inputted within joomla.i have attached the file to see what needs doing, it needs to be very simple.thanks

  • $1000 USD 12.01.2012

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  • $1500 USD 12.01.2012

    AboutHere’s the point:I’m looking for an iPad/iPhone developer who can set this idea on an app up.•Click the App [next_page]•See the log in page (additional purpose will be added later) [next page]•You gonna find a full editable header with the option to add also logos in png or jpg. Right under the header a simple interface extended onto the leftover space: a big Camera icon. [click_on _the_icon/next_page]•The header will change in a smaller size added with the Datas* of the patient, a scrollable menu on the right sidebar, and a space where I can review the photos I’ve done; I need to be able to draw on the photo; so here some tools I’d like to have right upon the image:-Marker or Pen-Color Settings of the Marker-Thickness of the Marker-Rubber tool-Erase everything toolThe scrollable menu has to be full editable by the owner and submenus ready. The goal of this menu is to display all the categories and their price. When I choose one, (I should have the chance to ADD or REMOVE it whenever I want) a math rule gonna add the price of each one at the ”QUOTE”, being displayed at the end of the sidebar. Even at the end of the sidebar, I do need a cell where i can manage my discount or special offer. After that, the real end of the sidebar, where is displayed the REAL TOTAL of the QUOTE. For this issue I’d like to have the classic Apple iOS5 layout. (Phonebook)Right below the Phote, a couple of buttons more, one called SEND SCHEDULE, the other one PRINT SCHEDULE.SEND SCHEDULE button has the role to send simultaneously 2 mail with the exported schedule in pdf:One straight to the patient mail address (typed during filling the module) , and one to me (the owner of the app) so that we can receive the same quote in a very short time.PRINT SCHEDULE button is the one I can click if I do want a paper copy of the schedule I’ve exported. (wireless printed needed/AirPrint)*here are the fields I need: NameSurnameBirthdaySexMailAdditional Notes

  • $500 USD 18.12.2010

    Hi, I was disappointed by a freelancer from this site and the project was terminated. I need someone who can convert a visual into wordpress. End results must be exactly the same as the visual. Below are other functions that comes with the wordpress1) Home Page- Background of the home page changes on refreshing of the page.- Background of the home page is updatable (Ideally 15 images).- Left hand navigation with updatable categories, upon mouse hovering over the box, the box becomes 80% translucent white.2) Blog Posting Page- Upper left “project” with the icon < > for moving forward and backward.- Up down scroll to move through are images and text for updatable blog.- Anytime when the hover on the Logo> Icon, it links to the email of the website.Attached is the proposed visuals.

  • $250 USD 16.12.2010

    Highly sckilled CREATIVE, TALENTED website/graphic designer neededList Below.Website to be redesigned in a table less DIV/CSS design.Design already exists. Just needs to be converted.Site Template, Home Page, Sign Up Form and page, Company Profil, Contact Page with image and formSome items need to be made more beautiful. Pictures of people, mor visual pictures.CSS for links needs to be modifiedSome need some icons added to links on home page.I will provide you with a link to website that has to be redesigned. as well as some sample website which I like.Project needs to be delivered in 1 week or less.After this project, I will have more.Please provide samples of work

  • [Sealed] 14.11.2010

    Full time freelancer needed! (individuals only - no companies)-------------------------------------------------Our rapidly growing company is in urgent need of high quality work force capacity. We are in the process of building up a network with independent professionals who are looking for extremely interesting and challenging work with ample room for professional and financial development.We are a young tightly knit and motivated team with interests beyond the daily task. We tend to find the workable, creative and even surprising solution when in many cases market leaders have failed.To work with our team you need to meet the following requirements:-You are creative, self-driven, thorough and systematic with the drive to successfully complete your projects.-You have an excellent knowledge of php (object oriented coding), MySQL and javascript (jQuery or similar)-You are a team player and have the ability to contribute constructively to the projects you are working on.-You have the ability to provide readable, understandable and well documented code for the team to work on.-You can be trusted and respect confidentiality a key element why our clients work with us.Some of our clients are present around the world and require that our team is reachable day and night. Being part of the team you will have to assume part of this responsibility. Extended availability will be necessary occasionally to fix a bug, when we launch a new product or start up a new client.It may also happen that a project or a new feature has to be coded over the week-end or you will have to sustain a heavy daily work load during a certain period. -------------------------------------------------Are you tempted to work with us? We believe we can only be successful as a team. This is why we follow below process to get people into our team. >Send us your CV and a code sample or a link to your portfolio.> If your CV caught our interest, you will be sent a small task to perform in 24 hours in order to test your coding skills.>If your candidature is retained we will get back to you to immediately to involve you in the trial period. You will get increasingly challenging jobs with the aim to build regularity and integrate you in our team. It goes without saying that you are paid from the first assignment. You are not allowed to have any kind of Parallel work with this Job . You are morally and ethically will have commitment to company for 8 hours per day. >Be assured that you data will be treated with absolute confidentiality.We are looking forward to working with you. ** APPLICANTS FROM U.S. and under 25 years old will have priority . **Due to the amount of proposals, freelancers without CV and code samples (object oriented php) will not be reviewed.(Please BID for Monthly payment. )

  • $250 USD 25.10.2010

    Make it something like What i would like to add * Facebook integration* On-the-fly playlist creation* Custom ajax-updating AdSense unitsIf you can do this, please send me a PM.

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