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10 great examples of websites built with Wix

We discuss 10 of the most beautiful Wix website designs we've ever seen.These stunning creations will undoubtedly ignite your inner Picasso.
28.05.2020 • 7 Min. Lesezeit
Aktualisiert am 17.06.2020 von Kym D.

Need inspiration for your Wix website? Check out these beauties

More than 100 million people in 190 countries use Wix to build a website. It is a simple way to create a professional, affordable website in only a few minutes. Normally you need to hire someone to do this for you. But Wix makes it easy for anyone to create it themselves without needing to understand code. It gives you creative control using a drag-and-drop editor. 

Wix website building options

With thousands of templates to choose from, there is one suitable for most industries. Wix is a website builder that offers you choices to build your website such as:
Templates. You can choose from more than 500 industry-specific templates and use the drag-and-drop editor to customize it to represent your brand. Add your own content and Wix apps for better functionality. And you will have a professional website that no one tell you built yourself.
ADI Wix. Simply answer a few questions and Wix automatically designs a website for you. It is easy to customize the final design but you do not have total control. 
Access Wix template code. If you are tech savvy, you can access the Wix code. This allows you to edit a template’s HTML for a higher level of customization.

Wix pros and cons

Wix is incredibly popular as you can see by the sheer amount of people using it. So here are some of the pros and cons:
Good value for money.
Easy to use for beginners.
A drag-and-drop editor that is intuitive.
Professionals can access the code to fully customize templates.
A marketplace with hundreds of apps.
The best reputation of any website builder.
Once the website is live, you cannot change the template.
It can be overwhelming to make choices from so many options.
You may need to pay for third party apps to scale the website as your business grows.

Who does a Wix website work for?

Wix is suitable for all sorts of personal and business websites from eCommerce to blogging. So will Wix work for you? Here we take a closer look at how different businesses can use Wix to their advantage.

Selling goods online

To start selling online, use Wix eCommerce to create your store. Wix allows you to sell an unlimited amount of physical or digital products and services. You can add multiple payment options, control shipping options, and create promotional and discount codes. Manage your store while on the road using the mobile app. For better functionality, use the Wix app Ecwid to allow inventory tracking, guest checkouts, setting up stores on your social media pages and much more. 
Wix eCommerce is powerful for small stores and it has the analytics your need to understand your customers. It has a huge choice of eCommerce templates and sales tools to support your store.
Where you are generating six figure amounts monthly, you may need a more powerful platform such as Shopify. 

Business websites to promote your brand

Wix has made business websites its core business. There are hundreds of designs for different businesses and industries. Anything from restaurants, design and marketing, to law and real estate, you will find a good template to suit your business.
Add features such as appointment booking and subscriptions forms from the hundreds of apps in the Wix marketplace. Add a blog, contact forms, interactive slideshows, restaurant menus and so much more by just dragging and dropping them into your template. 
What is more, you can customize most of the apps by adding animations, and changing the way the behave, look and feel.

Personal websites to showcase yourself

Build a beautiful personal website using Wix. Whether it is for an event or to showcase your art or music, Wix has an awesome template to use. There are so many templates to choose from and you can customize them to reflect your personality using the intuitive editor.

Create a blogging website

Wix has a huge number of features for you to create an amazing blog or to add a blog to your business website. You can create blog posts and categorize them. And you can even add a search feature to make it easy for visitors to search your blogs. Add a comments section for people to leave feedback or ask questions. A Wix blog is a good choice for adding a blog to your website or setting up your own blog.

10 Wix websites we love

Wix makes it easy for even beginners to make professional websites for their business. Just use one of the beautiful templates and add the apps you need from the many in the Wix app marketplace. It is as simple as one, two, three.
For inspiration we highlight 10 great examples of websites built with Wix. These are in no particular order.

1. Thank God It’s Monday

Thank God It’s Monday wix design
Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM) is a clever Wix website for the award-winning design and branding work of Craig Valentino. It features a slider on the left-hand side of the page that makes it simple to explore the site. It is easy to use and you always know where you are while looking through the pages.
The site uses a menu that takes you to different pages with the work portfolio featured at the top of the list. TGIM arranged its stunning work portfolio in a grid to make it easy to check out anything that catches your eye. And of course you can contact them using the contact form.

2. New Energy Colorado

New energy colorado wix design
New Energy Colorado makes good use of color and graphics to encourage Colorado residents to save money using more sustainable sources of energy. It uses a menu bar as part of the design that sits under the main graphic. This makes it simple for visitors to navigate the website. It is a visually fun site that gives people a lot of information.

3. Run Wild Design

run wild design wix
Run Wild Design is a design branding studio that was a Wix Stunning Award Finalist in 2018 for its website design. It all starts as you land on the website and the fog rolls in in the background. 
The website is simple but tells its story well in just a few pages. It features a work portfolio and a store for the sale of graphics. The website is easy to navigate using the menu on the left-hand side at the top of the page.

4. Carla Grace Art

carla grace art wix design
Carla Grace Art features Carla’s amazing artwork in a simple, easy to navigate website. You can explore Carla’s art through an ecommerce store, gallery and videos of her at work. 
It uses a simple menu across the page to help navigate the website. All the graphics are of her artwork and are for sale. Her work truly showcases how she breathes life into her work. She also shares how to create realistic fur in an online tutorial and an ebook. 

5. Izzy Wheels

izzy wheels website design
Izzy Wheels is another stunning example of an eCommerce store powered by Wix. This website is simple to navigate using the menu across the top of the page. And it has hundreds of wheelchair wheel covers to choose from the store. It uses the sister’s colorful wheelchair wheel designs as inspiration to bring the website to life.

6. Oli Dillon Design

oli dillon design wix
Oli Dillon Design was another Wix Stunning Award finalist in 2018. The use of graphics with blocks of bright color give this website a style of its own. Each page is a link to more information. The only thing missing is a menu once you enter the heart of the site. You have to hit the back button to further explore Oli’s work portfolio on what is essentially a one page website.

7. Puddin’

puddin website design wix
Puddin’ is food truck based in Washington DC. It is a simple website to highlight the menu and locations. It is a website that looks good. Basically black punctuated with pink highlights. It uses high quality photos of food from the menu to get your mouth watering. This website is basically one page that uses a menu positioned across the top of the page to help you navigate the website.

8. Animal Music

animal music website design
The Animal Music website represents a collective of artists and musicians bringing new ideas to life through award-winning music and sound design. This website is a portfolio of their work. It is a striking website in basic black and easy to navigate. It has a contact form to make it easy to contact them.

9. French Knot Studios

french knot studios
French Knot Studios has a stunning full screen slideshow to introduce you to the business. It incorporates elegance with style and color to intrigue visitors so they investigate what the company is about. It tells you the business process and gives samples of playdates. This website is stunningly simple and easy to navigate. And it makes it easy to get in contact with them.

10. Good Feeling Goods

 Good Feeling Goods wix design
Good Feeling Goods is a Wix eCommerce store that keeps it simple with only four pages. It has a shopping cart you can access at anytime to see what products you want to buy. You can also subscribe for product updates. It accepts multiple payment types through a PayPal button. 

Take your Wix site to the next level

Wix makes website building simple. But if you want to make your site stand apart from the crowd (and maybe end up in a list like this), you should enlist the help of some experts. 
graphic designer can make your Wix site look stunning by customizing one of Wix's templates, or by creating a design from scratch using a blank template.
An SEO expert can drive insane traffic to your Wix site and make sure it gets noticed.
An email marketing expert can help you turn website visitors into customers through brilliant nurture campaigns.
web developer can make sure your site is running to its full potential, and can even use JavaScript to build custom functionality.
Finally, a freelance writer can create copy for your site that drives your visitors to engage with your product or service.
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