10 Design and UX Trends That Will Boost Your Website Conversions [Infographic]

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Every year, we learn about trends that will prevail in the digital marketing sphere. Industry experts share their annual forecast that will guide business owners and marketers alike on what they should do to make the most of their internet marketing efforts.

Your website is most likely the first point of contact for many of your customers. You have to make their first visit unforgettable. Provide a smooth navigation and engaging content, and lead them to what you want them to do next after exploring your site.


Website conversion is the most important objective behind your online marketing strategies. Do you want people to buy your product, sign up for a webinar, or download your whitepaper? Show them where and how they can do it.

But, to be able to convert your site visitors into paying customers, you have to earn their trust. One of Jim Higgins’ tips for increasing conversions is to let your prospects become familiar with you and your brand first through an opt-in form.

There are many other ways to have a high converting website. The Deep End, a web consulting, design, and marketing company, created an infographic about web and user experience (UX) trends that we will see more of this 2017. The list includes:

  1. Age-responsive design
  2. Skeleton screens
  3. Engagement bots
  4. Shopping cart marketing
  5. Animated call-to-action buttons
  6. Cinemagraph hero images
  7. Persuader videos
  8. Value based exit overlays
  9. Death of the homepage
  10. Scrolling trumps navigation

web design and ux trends

Since it’s almost mid-year, which among these conversion-boosting trends have you implemented on your own site? If you haven’t done anything yet, raise your game by posting a website design and UX project today.





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