15 Podcasts That Will Make You A Much Better Designer

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Making interesting and creative designs is all about inspiration. Sometimes you are going to feel stuck on a project, and sometimes you are going to feel like you need a boost of inspiration to get started on something new. Whatever the case may be, it is always helpful to hear other designers talking about the design process. We have compiled a list of the best design-related podcasts that will help get your creative juices flowing, and make you the best designer you can be!

99% Invisible

A podcast that focuses on all the designs no one ever thinks about! For example, this podcast tells the story of how the United States government got the smartest minds in the country together. Why? To have them  design and build an underground storage chamber for radioactive waste, which would have to last for ten thousand years! Another example is how undersea fiber optic cables are designed and maintained. Listen to this podcast if you are interested in more nerdy and unconventional design subjects.

Find them on www.99percentinvisible.org

The Accidental Creative

This podcast is more self-design than actual creative design. Host Todd Henry gives the listeners advice about how to design their daily lives to get maximum efficiency and output. You can expect topics such as "the two reasons you procrastinate or under-deliver" as well as "how to be brave in your work". The show is really focused on giving concrete advice to the listener, which is not limited to design but can be used in any field of work. Have a listen to this podcast if you want to boost your morale, and give yourself some real motivation to get up and start designing!

Find them on www.accidentalcreative.com


A podcast about front-end web design. If you are already familiar with the basics of web development and design but want to improve your skills, this show is definitely a good choice. If you are just getting started, you might feel a bit lost in the beginning. The show takes the name "ShopTalk" quite literally, as they use complicated web design language throughout the show. It is hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, who are joined by a new guest every week.  This show will give you concrete instructions you can use on your own sites.

Find them on www.shoptalkshow.com

Adventures in Design

This is an entertainment podcast which reminds us that being a designer is supposed to be fun! The show claims to be "Sometimes educational, sometimes off-topic but always entertaining", and this pretty much sums up what you can expect from Adventures in Design. Though the podcast of the day always starts off with a specific creative topic - like how to create a professional logo - the hosts often digress from the topic, and eventually end up talking about another unrelated but hilarious subject. The show comes out with a new episode every morning Monday through Friday, and is recommended as a good start to a creative and positive day!

Find them on www.adventuresindesignmarket.com

Design Details

This is another podcast that likes to dive into the nitty gritty of a specific design subject, and educate the listeners about what makes this subject so special. The show features guests from all different fields of design, and they are often some of the best people within their niche. The show speaks to an audience of industry professionals, who want to be serious about the design work they are doing.

Find them on www.spec.fm

Design matters with Debbie Millman

A conversational show claiming to be the first podcast about design ever. The show is not limited to design, but features guests that are professionals in their respective creative field. They could be musicians, ice sculptors or wedding cake designers. Each episode gives an idea about what life is like, living and working in that specific creative field. A great podcast if you want to discover how successful and creative people live, and think.

Find them on www.debbiemillman.com

NTMY the Show

NTMY stands for "Nice to meet you". The show is hosted by Tobias van Schneider, who features a new creative guest on every episode of the show. This is similar to the previously mentioned podcast with Debbie Millman, but the show is made different by the fact that Tobias is a younger guy, speaking to a younger audience, and giving the conversation-based podcast industry a fresher touch.

Find them on www.vanschneider.com

Obsessed with Design

This show is hosted by Josh Miles who is a professional brand designer. Josh says he has been obsessed with design ever since he can remember, and has made it the goal of his podcast to cover every field and story in the design industry. He often features very prominent guests on his show - such as CEOs and founders of successful design brands.

Find them on www.obsessedshow.com

The hacking UI podcast

As the name implies, this show is about hacking UI (or User Interface). This podcast is hosted by a duo of self-proclaimed tech geeks. They discuss topics of technical design, often featuring guests from well established companies within this industry, such as Facebook or Adobe. The language of the show can sometimes become a bit technical, such as when talking about coding and CSS. They also go into the success stories behind prominent people in the tech industry.

Find them on www.hackingui.com

UI breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy

Like the one before, this podcast is about User Interface, but focuses more on actionable strategies the listener can use in their career or business. The show covers every subject from "How to teach design skills?" to "How do you introduce your design software to a foreign market?" This show is aimed towards people who are already successful in their own design niche.

Find them on www.uibreakfast.com

User Defenders

This is a show that focuses on the UX industry (or User Experience). The show highlights the people who are innovators in this field (the so called User Superheroes). The show features everything from interviews with these superheroes, as well as user reviews of different products, prototypes and much more. It is a great podcast for new or experienced people in the UX industry.

Find them on www.userdefenders.com

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

This podcast is all about graphic design. The show is less conversational than many of the other podcasts on this list. The focus is on all of the practical aspects of what it means to be a graphic design artist. Everything from graphic design tips, to how you manage your design project is covered in this podcast.

Find them on www.thedeependdesign.com

Design Review

This podcast posts reviews about specific products and their design. The hosts discuss design principles, and relate the products to their own experience in the field. On this podcast you can expect to see topics such as "Reviewing the design of Pokemon GO", as well as design reviews of Spotify, Gmail and Candy Crush.

Find them on www.designreviewpodcast.com

Code podcast

A podcast for web developers. This is the show that covers how to design a website from a coding perspective. It is directed at an audience with a high level of experience in coding and design, covering topics such as "Event loop and coroutines" as well as "CSP and Actors".

Find them on www.codepodcast.com

Creative Honey

An incredibly well-narrated podcast about topics such as "Meaningful Design in a Saturated World", and "Post Screen Design: The Future of Designers in Tech". The hosting duo Maria Bougioukos and Zachary R. Hill talk about the general trends within the design industry, aimed at the creative professional.

Find them on www.creativehoney.org

Hope you enjoyed these podcasts! Do you have more ideas for designers? Do share with us in the comments section below.


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