Basic Guide to Choose the Right Font for your Logo

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Your brand has a personality and you need your logo to show the whole personality, with the help of the right colors, shapes, and font of course. The kind of font you use says a lot about the kind of engagement you will be getting on your posts and your logo as well. The more interactive and inviting the font is, the better it will be for you and your brand. While you are at the stage of finding the answer to your question about who is going to make me a logo, it is important you decide the specifications of the logo too which includes fonts and designs.

Choose the fonts that are more memorable, can work on the different platforms, and align well with your brand personality as well. In case you are still looking for your brand strategy when it comes to choosing the right font, here we have outlined some for you.

1) Sans-serif / Serif?

These are the most common types of typefaces that you would see in the logos, they would either have “serifs” or they would have “Sans-serif”, as tiny elements flourish by the end of the strokes of the letters. The “Serif” typeface has the other kinds of added bits, on the other hand, the “sans-serif” is literally just the “sans {except for} serifs”. The research says sans serif is typically connected with stability and tradition. These typefaces are perfect for luxury brands as they deliver prestige, authority, and heritage.

Brands who practice in the industries like journalism, finance, and fashion often use sans-serif and serif fonts as they need to add some classic impact to their designs.

2) Whimsical or Traditional?

You would see different personalities when we talk about typefaces, there are various fonts that are classified as “whimsical” that convey both mischievousness and playfulness. On the other hand, the conventional and “traditional” typefaces give away the message of seriousness and trustworthiness. Since all of these fonts vary quite a lot, checking out the ones that fit your brand is important and can be pretty overwhelming.

Choosing if you want to have a whimsical or traditional vibe is the perfect place to start from. Some fonts are so pretty and defined that would make you wish you had handwriting like that. Brands and industries like Airlines and other relatable industries often use Cadillac font as it loans your brand credibility along with the assurance of a trustworthy and secure organization.

3) Make it Mixed or Non-Mixed

Mixing two fonts and typefaces is undoubtedly a delicate art but when you finally do it, it attracts a lot of engagement and attraction as compared to the one you might get by using just one typeface. All you need to do is choose the right font for your foundation, in most cases, your body text can be a good option since there are chances you are going to choose the mixed one.

You need to build this off by selecting the main elements in order to brand off from the contrasting color and text.Further, you can make changes in the boldness of the font as you can see what LinkedIn did with their logo.

4) Know all the Rules

Knowing the rules is the first step in choosing the right font for your brand. Brands often make the mistake of not knowing them correctly in the first place and then later realize how their font is not going with their personality. Using the right kind of font is the best way to convey a lot more than just some words involved in the whole communication. You can show your whole personality only by visually showing the tone and the font of your font.

Wrapping up

For people to know, typography is the technique and art of the arrangement of different types of written material to be both readable and appealing. People and designers often make the mistake of focusing more on the designs and completely ignoring the font and typography of the post. Your font can literally make and break your whole logo, trust us you do not want to mess with it. Making sure you are giving the right instructions and getting right to the point is IMPORTANT. One of the many important parts of the typography is the selection of the right typeface.

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