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Code School Digital Marketing Director Corey Rabazinski graced the Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) seat today and talked about their company, keyword research, retargeting, segmenting, and other practical digital marketing topics. Code School is an education startup which was just acquired by Pluralsight. Corey is also an expert in Google Adwords, PPC campaigns, and email marketing.

When asked by Warrior Forum Senior Director Alaister Low about the things that set Code School apart from their competitors, Corey explained that they make sure to break their courses down into topics and show their value to the subscribers. This is a task that they usually struggle with, but they are committed to continuously reinforcing this strategy to subscribers and members. They show potential students that there are lots of different kinds of content to be consumed and they are able to provide that at Code School.

His strategy for keyword research is first building a collection of keywords and then testing them using different variations and categories. He strongly advises listeners to run tests first before they roll out to their target audience list. Competitive analysis is also ideal, and aside from Google Webmaster Tools, he also recommends using, and SEMrush.

With regard to retargeting, Corey suggested identifying and capitalizing on high value pages, like enrolment pages. He also attested that targeting and segmenting on a more personalized note is crucial. Personalized ads attract potential customers, and prevents users from getting annoyed with too many irrelevant posts. Marketers should not worry too much about quality score because as long as they are rolling out relevant and specific ads, they can expect positive results.

Corey summed it all up by saying that at the end of the day, “It all comes down to testing.” Marketers need to know what tools are at their disposal. Once they identify that, they should maximize and use them for their customers.  

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