Freelancing with Freelancer.Can You Really Make a Living Freelancing?

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Freelancing has gained popularity recently compared to earlier times. Thinking about freelancing is a wise business move. Another benefit of freelancing is that it is possible to succeed if you know what you are doing. For instance, you might decide to work as a freelance web designer or writer of academic content. It is possible that you have not settled on the skill set that needs to be your main priority. You can select a specialty based on your talents. Keep in mind that you also need to make sure that your area of expertise is lucrative. To identify which element wins and is most advantageous to you in this situation, you will find it useful to investigate a range of different aspects in this article.

Choosing the right freelancing platform: 5 tips

1.   Ensure that the platform is simple to explore and use. You do not want to waste time attempting to use the platform or locate the information you require.

2.   Look at the platform's reviews. Learn more about it from other independent contractors.

3.   Take into account the platform's fees. While some platforms charge a fixed fee, others charge a percentage of your earnings. Select the platform with the fee that will benefit you the best.

4.   Verify the reputation of the platform. You should not use a platform that has a bad reputation for being unreliable or rife with scams.

5.   Ask around. Talk to other freelancers and see which platforms they use and recommend.

         Common Fields in Freelancing What is it and how it works?

Clients and independent freelancers from all around the world can work together on projects at for the benefit of all parties. Independent contractors can offer their services by participating in short- or long-term projects that are offered by individuals or organizations. In short, is a  website that allows users to search for freelance jobs.


How to get started on

If you are looking to make some extra money on the side, or even build a full-time business, freelancing is a great option to get started.

You need to do a few things to get started on First, you need to create a profile. This is where you will list your skills and experience and any samples of your work.

Next, you need to find projects to work on. You can search for projects matching your project categories.

Once you find a project you are interested in, you will need to submit a proposal. This is where you will outline your qualifications and explain why you are the best person for the job.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be able to start working on the project. Once the project is completed, you will submit it to the client for review. If they are happy with your work, you will be paid.

Therefore, that is the basics of getting started on Just create a profile, find a project, submit a proposal, and start working on winning project contests.

Follow these 3 simple steps to prompt your account

1) Signing Up: Fill out a quick registration form on the Signup web page, I will request you to create a unique username to identify you on their machine. You will additionally want to offer a valid email to cope with and verify studying the Terms and Conditions. You must read the privacy policy and the terms of violation of the platform. You should also remember that the user name can not be changed after creation.

                            Sign Up

2) Confirm your e-mail: When you post the registration form, a message containing them will dispatch a hyperlink and confirmation code to the email address you furnished. You must comply with the instructions within the e-mail to provide the affirmation code so you can set up your account and complete your account details.

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3) Creating your profile: Take a few minutes to provide some records approximately yourself and your commercial enterprise. It will save this on your profile web page to provide different customers with an outline of your talents and wishes. No private or contact statistics ought to be shared.

How I got started with freelancing on

Freelancing has had a boom in the last two to three years, with more people working from home. The freelancing online task marketplace has flourished over the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic was the primary driver of this growth in remote working. I opened my account on on August 18, 2019. I never thought of considering freelancing to be my priority as a full-time career. After a few months of opening an account with Freelancer, I felt the importance of earning through the freelancing marketplace. After all, it helped me reduce idle hours during social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19.

As a newbie, getting a challenge was not easy for me at all. Job posters for hourly or fixed projects hardly observed the critiques I had or the number of tasks I worked on. In addition, it does not help that people with higher reviews or higher plans on Freelancer show up better in the bids of an undertaking than novices who do not have any critiques. Therefore, six bids a month were not enough for me without any assistance in getting extra jobs or improving my profile.

This is every other issue that Freelancer has. Its machine guarantees that the most effective people with excessive criticism or paid plans are more likely to be employed. Even if you have a paid plan with your KYC verification completed, you will no longer be in as much danger as everyone with a 5-star rating.

I decided to start a free trial at the Professional Club. I get three hundred monthly bids, or approximately ten daily. This was beneficial, as I should bid on more remarkable initiatives and increase my chances of getting my first mission on Freelancer. Even while I placed a bid on many tasks, getting an assignment on Freelancer continued to be not smooth. Again, I have received no evaluation, and no clients have seen my project proposal or profile.

Another problem I noticed at the beginning was that certain tags for projects would get over 50 bids in a minute. If you search for any graphic design activity, you will discover that within 2 minutes or maybe less of it being posted, it already has a lot of bids, and the majority of those bids are via agencies.

I realized soon that companies that could tackle unique tasks could make cash and get projects on Freelancer. Many people were freelancers, and they would bid low to get the job, then they would take it elsewhere. The reasons for this, as I discussed before, were that the interface was very easy to navigate and extremely useful for those who were new.

Having a very good rank on the freelancer platform is an asset; it guarantees that you will always have the initiatives to work as a freelancer. I realized that bidding on extra tasks is the key to being capable of uploading extra competencies to my profile, listing upgrades, and freeing up special rewards! Finally, I upgraded my membership to the top-level premium membership to get a series of outsourced projects with higher fees.

My first success came when I spent some extra money to be verified by Freelancer Staff. It helped my profile stand out from so many competitors on the platform. The Verified by Freelancer Program is a program that helps freelancers get more projects by verifying their skills and expertise. The program includes a skills test, a video interview, and a background check. I was able to get more projects after completing the program, and I was then able to work with clients who were looking for verified freelancers and learned to get paid through milestone payments and afterward withdraw funds.

 Later on, I wanted to find talented individuals to help me with various projects for my business. Therefore, I created a corporate account. It impressed me with the variety of skills and experience that freelancers had on the site, and I thought that working with freelancers would be a cost-effective way to get the help I needed.

I also liked the fact that I could post projects and receive bids from freelancers all over the world. The corporate account had some benefits that were helpful to me, such as being able to post projects and get bids from multiple freelancers. I also liked that I could view the profiles of the freelancers and see their ratings. The major motive for opening the agency account was to explore diverse opportunities for distinctive skills with this profile as opposed to taking part in the tasks in which I felt confident.

Before I joined the Preferred Freelancer Program, I was finding it hard to get projects on I was constantly sending proposals and not getting any response. Nevertheless, after I joined the Preferred Freelancer Program, things changed for the better. I started getting more projects and my earnings increased.

The Preferred Freelancer Program, (PFP) is an initiative from designed to help freelancers build their businesses and win more work. PFP members get exclusive access to a range of resources, including a dedicated account manager, personalized training, and preferential treatment when it comes to winning work on the site. 

The program is designed to help freelancers succeed in three key areas:

1.   Business development: PFP members get help with marketing and business development to attract more clients and grow their businesses.

2.   Training and development: PFP members have access to exclusive training and development resources, so they can improve their skills and stay ahead of the competition.

3.   Winning work: The freelancer platform gives PFP members preferential treatment when it comes to winning work on, so they can build their businesses and earn more money.

The Preferred Freelancer Program is a great way for freelancers to get the support they need to succeed on If you are a freelancer looking to grow your business, I recommend you sign up for the program. To be accepted into the Preferred Freelancer Program, applicants must pass a PFP exam. This exam tests a freelancer's skills, including project management, communication, and writing. The exam is designed to ensure that only the most qualified and skilled freelancers are accepted into the program.

Freelancer Exams

You must keep your profile at the top of the leaderboard with the average rating and review of the deliverables, job completion rate, and a good track record with successful project completion to be deemed eligible for the Preferred Freelancer Program.

The PFP exam is not so easy to pass. It requires a great deal of preparation and study to be successful. However, those who can pass the exam and become a part of the Preferred Freelancer Program will be rewarded with access to better projects and higher-paying clients.

I was approved to join the PFP club after the completion of only 15 successful projects with all 5-star ratings, including some excellent reviews. Preferred Freelancer Group is the elite pinnacle of 1% of freelancers, and I became part of the team!

I found out about my selection through a Preferred Freelancer Program support staff member who noted my excellent communication abilities, excellent platform work, and wonderful metrics. Eventually, I managed to be appointed for projects between $100 and $10,000 within the first week of joining the PFP program!

Preferred Freelancer Program

The Preferred Freelancer CX Specialist from Argentina, Carolina, helped me by demonstrating how I should send Quotes to either my current clients or to customers outside of this industry. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for introducing me to several previously undiscovered features of this platform, such as "the usage of fees," "taking assistance as a client or freelancer," "writing a right bid quotation," and "discovering more," all of which enabled me to better understand this online marketplace's unique capabilities. Being a Preferred Freelancer has many advantages, one of which is the option to receive updates on Recruiter efforts relevant to their skills in their chatroom. Additionally, they can communicate with the hired recruiters using the portal.

Freelancing with Freelancer. Can You Really Make a Living Freelancing?  - Image 1

A recruiter project is a project that is created by a recruiter. The Recruiter Project is a way for a recruiter to find freelancers to work on their projects. When a recruiter creates a recruiter project, they will specify the skills that they are looking for in a freelancer. They will also specify the budget that they are willing to pay for the project. The freelancers that are interested in the project will then bid on it. The recruiter will then choose the freelancer that they want to work with based on the bids that the freelancer has made.

Through freelancing, I have been able to work with a variety of clients, which has helped me develop my skills and learn new things. has helped me grow as an entrepreneur in several ways. First, it has allowed me to work with a variety of clients, which has helped me develop my skills and learn new things. Second, I have been able to build my own business and brand, which has given me a greater sense of control and autonomy. Finally, freelancing has helped me better understand my customers' needs and wants, which has been invaluable in growing my business.


Why Freelancer is one of the most popular freelancing platforms?

One of the most well-known sites for freelance work is, which is for a variety of factors.

First, a very user-friendly platform that makes it simple for freelancers to find work and for employers to find the best freelancers for their projects.

Second, a large range of services is provided by, allowing freelancers to get employment across numerous industries.

Third, the platform is very reasonably priced, saving both businesses and freelancers money.

Last but not least, has a solid reputation and is trusted by millions of individuals worldwide. On November 17, 2022, there are currently 62,992,745 registered users and 22,072,168 jobs have been listed on the platform overall.


What are the most popular project types for freelancers?

Currently, there are more than 2,000 skills and job categories on the Freelancer platform, and this number is growing with positions in website design, software programming, image layout, copywriting, data entry, and mobile smartphone app development.

According to statistics from, the most common tasks given to freelancers in the US are those involving programming languages like PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Additionally, I saw that they frequently used this platform for jobs, including data input and article writing. According to statistics, graphic design projects are the most common sort of project that US clients use the platform to award.


What do you think the future holds for Ethereum and blockchain projects?

Recently, it has seen a significant increase in projects relating to crypto and blockchain technology. According to the statistics collected by Freelancer officials, projects searching for experts in Ethereum is up by 335 percent and have been the best task type to develop, tripling in 2021 compared to the preceding year. Freelance projects for the blockchain era saw a similar uptick, with an increase of 269% in extra projects than in 2020, even as initiatives referring to Bitcoin multiplied by 134%. With so many jobs and skills available, it is difficult to pinpoint one job or project type that needs more freelancers or jobs that are available. On, they accommodate everything, from very broad to very niche projects and capabilities. is the largest freelancing marketplace by users and jobs posted, meaning there is always someone who can take on the project, no matter the skill level or size.


What is's goal in encouraging remote work? is currently working on educating and evangelizing decision-makers in companies focusing on remote workers. This procedure involves demonstrating the talents of the usage of on-demand freelancers to paint on responsibilities throughout firms. They are also growing the range of payment alternatives and continuing to be leaders in the marketplace, where users can transact and pay in every single language and currency.

Whether looking to earn a profit, work on initiatives to reinforce their portfolio, or paint something new, there are many motives why each person needs to freelance. Ultimately, it comes down to freedom. People revel in freelancing as it lets them determine where and what they want to work on.


What are the steps you take to maintain and grow your reputation on Freelancer?

Build your reputation, bid on initiatives that strengthen your competencies, and source as many comments as possible. On, freelancers are offered to enhance their potential to certify their abilities, exhibit their portfolio, or even become "desired freelancers," which will increase their chances of being selected for high-value projects.


What types of businesses are using freelancer services to increase their efficiency?

An increasing number of multinational organizations are using the freelance model on to build their employees by using freelancers who are available on demand. The main goal is to grow a business without expanding into new locations or hiring more employees. They will compete with more businesses looking for on-demand freelancers to support very specialized tasks to achieve this. They already collaborate with well-known businesses like NASA, IBM, and Infosys to find freelancers for their projects. Expanded calls will now indicate positions with more potential.



In conclusion, I believe to be a fantastic resource for seeking freelance employment. There are numerous projects available, and the UI is user-friendly. The only drawback is that there is intense competition for employment, so you might need to submit multiple applications before you find any job. Additionally, Freelancer works to create a secure, convenient, and affordable environment for collaboration between freelancers and clients everywhere in the world. Therefore, if you want to increase your company's efficiency through outsourcing, freelancing, or both, you should join this rapidly expanding platform!

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