In Search of the Perfect House

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Choosing a house is daunting. It’s even more so when deciding on the right blueprint for that perfect house in your mind’s eye. Edgar Khachatryan took on this challenge in April 2013 when he decided to have a custom house built in Burbank, California. Set to get married in a year, he hired an architect to draft the house plans, but he wasn’t satisfied with the 2D CAD rendition his architect had provided him.

“As a non-engineer, it was too plain and boring for me and I am a visual person,” Edgar says. “I asked him if he could give me a simple 3D render and he said it would cost me US$2,500 just to make a 3D photo of the house façade.”

Stunned by the price, he went online to search for sites where his project could be done less expensively. came out ahead of other similar sites on Google. “I started checking each website thoroughly and decided to stick to because it seemed to be the most reliable of all. looked very professional, very clean.”

So, he posted his project and watched as the bids came in. The quotes were affordable, less than 5% of what he would have paid in Los Angeles! He thought it might be too good to be true, but his doubts were dispelled when he saw the freelancers’ well-crafted portfolios and glowing reviews.

“I liked that freelancers had samples of their work in their portfolio,” he adds, “so it was very easy for me to sort through freelancers that I considered to be suitable for my project.”

From among the bidders, he selected haihothi from Vietnam. “His portfolio was amazing, and he offered more 3D renderings than other freelancers, for the same price.” Haihothi did not only provide him with the images; per Edgar’s request, he also made a 3D animation of the house’s exterior and interior, including front and back landscaping. Moreover, aside from his skills, Edgar liked his very polite and respectful demeanor and the fact that he listened to his detailed requests on the project.

The project was completed in seven days. He had expected it to take much longer. “On the second day after I awarded him the project, he already started sending me photos of work in progress and I was amazed.”

Edgar couldn’t express his appreciation enough.  “I was absolutely blown away—,” he concludes, “both by the vast amount of services and choice of freelancers on, and the superb quality which I didn’t expect.”

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