Introducing Express Withdrawal System

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The team at Freelancer HQ dedicated to streamlining the payments and withdrawal experience has been working hard to implement features that enhance and improve user experience.

We have hit some significant goals this quarter and have recently released a lot of new features that are aimed at easing some of the problems surrounding sending or receiving funds. While many of these are secondary and less worthy of unique mention, we feel that overall we are moving towards a market-leading payments and withdrawals system and infrastructure.

The most significant of these releases is the new and extremely exciting Express Withdrawal feature. Express Withdrawal now allows you to transfer funds directly from your Freelancer account into your nominated bank account, making it the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to withdraw your money.

This is such a game changer, as users can now avoid unnecessary third party processing providers. It’s available in selected locations, so try it today — for free!

For first time users, please be aware that there is a 15-day grace period on your first withdrawal. This is due to the enforcement of bank policy and procedures. The ‘Know Your Client/Customer’ policy is enforced to protect our users and prevent illegal activities.

Express Withdrawal Quick Facts

  • Withdraw your money in 2 to 3 days (not applicable to first time users)
  • ZERO withdrawal fees or intermediary fees
  • [UPDATE] It's now available to ALL users
  • Currently available in the following countries: Argentina (ARS), Australia (AUD), Bangladesh (BDT), Brazil (BRL), Canada (CAD), China (CNY), Colombia (COP), European Union (EUR) - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden -, Hong Kong (HKD), Hungary (HUF), India (INR), Indonesia (IDR), Israel (ILS), Japan (JPY), Malaysia (MYR), Mexico (MXN), New Zealand (NZD), Norway (NOK), Pakistan (PKR) - only for personal bank accounts (withdrawal to company bank accounts is not available due to local restriction) - Philippines (PHP), Poland (PLN), Romania (RON), Russia (RUB), Singapore (SGD), Switzerland (CHF), Thailand (THB), Turkey (TRY), United States of America (USD) and Vietnam (VND).
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $30USD
  • Maximum withdrawal amount is $10,000USD

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