The 5 Most In-Demand AI Jobs, And How To Get Them

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To better every aspect of living and working, technological advances play a huge role. Artificial Intelligence covers the majority of the applications in developing the working. The market value of AI has been increasing drastically after it has become majored solution and many companies are ready to shape the future of AI. Nowadays most of the solutions for complex problems are solved using AI methods. Coming years show a positive approach towards AI as major domain and career. Many industries like healthcare, research and development will expect many job openings.

Here are the most in-demand jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning Engineer:

The role of a Machine learning engineer is of high importance under AI. They build and manage machine learning projects. They are professionals with good mathematical skills, and also hold a grasp in neural networks, deep learning, and algorithms. Machine learning engineers hailing from data science and research background are fit for this job. These engineers while working with large data sets are supposed to apply natural language processing.

Candidates who are experienced with agile development practices and are familiar with software development tools are most preferred for this job. The candidate should be fluent with coding in Java, Python, PHP, and other languages to be able to work through multiple programming languages.

  • Data Scientist:

A data scientist works to extract large, complex data using scientific methods, and algorithms. The data extracted is collected and filtered before being sent for analysis. They use powerful hardware, programming systems, and the most efficient algorithms to solve problems. The data acquired is then interpreted to discover opportunities and identify the solutions.

Experience in working with machine learning is necessary along with working on cloud tools to be eligible for this post. An engineer who understands human behavior and knows what to expect in the data and one that holds an interest in improving the online data is the best suitable for this job. The candidates should be skilled in statistical and programming languages.

  • AI Researcher:

AI researchers are experts in numerous areas like machine learning, applied mathematics, and computational statistics. They study patterns of specific data on a large-scale basis,  interpret and enhance existing techniques to find Artificial Intelligence solutions.

A candidate with masters or advanced degree in computer science is eligible for this post. Anyone plans on becoming a researcher is expected to have good grasp in coding with languages like Python/ Java/ C++. Understanding probability and statistics is necessary to understand the models.

  • Business Intelligence Developer:

BI developers are data experts. They research and plan to achieve and enhance IT solutions. They need to have good problem-solving skills, and also a lot of experience to work as a BI developer.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or a related field is necessary to apply for this job. Their job is to design and analyze the structure of the data and map them internally. They create reports, and physical data models which are made easy with Robotic Process Automation(RPA). This data helps in understanding the trends and point of interests.

  • Robotic Scientists: 

Robotic scientists design, test and create robots and look for better applications. They utilize principles from electrical and mechanical engineering. They need to be skilled in performing calculations, integrating various devices and conducting tests to check if the requirements have been achieved.

To become a robotic scientist one should hold mechanical engineering or robotics’ bachelor degree. Along with the degree, one should also have knowledge of computer-aided design and have advanced mathematical skills.

       Apart from education involving in more interactive activities gains you exposure and makes it easier for you to land a job in AI. Interacting with professionals in the same field, and being open to absorbing whatever you come across is a plus point. Joining online courses may also give you more specialized knowledge. Having knowledge of the business is necessary as well. It is important to understand trends and customer requirements.


The article lists some trending AI jobs based on the great demand for AI experts. Artificial intelligence field has a bright future in the upcoming years. The number of different organizations using AI at present is still at it's opening stage and is supposed to increase by 15% in a year. Many organizations are supposedly shifting to AI with the number of benefits that AI holds. This will show major shift in quality and give risen to different roles.


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