The Key Benefits of Being a Freelancer

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Through the years, many people worked day in, day out for a company or employer in order to earn their living. While this was a good way to get some level of security and reassurance, it was also quite restrictive in terms of progression and earnings. Recently, a rising number of people have decided to take the plunge and carve their own path to success with a freelance career.

The rise in the number of people becoming self-employed and going freelance can be partly attributed by the global recession back in 2008, where many people were made redundant and jobs became far more difficult to find. This resulted in more people deciding that it was worth trying out self employment, and for many, it turned out to be a decision that has benefited them in many ways.

A Wide Range of Freelance Careers

There are many different careers in which freelancing can be a viable option. Some of the most common industries for freelancers include:

·        Writing/copywriting

·        Photography

·        Art

·        Reporting

·        Marketing

·        Accountancy

·        Web development

·        Virtual assistance

·        Counselling

·        Tutoring

·        Fitness instruction

·        Graphic design

These are just some of the industries and areas where freelancing has not only experienced significant growth but where earnings can be substantial if you manage to make your freelance venture a successful one.

Why consider freelancing?

There are many great benefits that come with being a freelancer, which is why so many people are now considering this as a career. Some of the main benefits of opting for a freelance career in one of the above or other industries include:

·        Increased flexibility: With a freelance career you can generally set your own hours and work to your own schedule, so you have far more flexibility when it comes to your working hours.

·        Convenience: When you work on a freelance basis you can work from any location, such as your own home. This means total convenience and the ability to avoid issues such as getting stuck in traffic every morning and evening to get to and from work.

·        Earnings: As a freelancer, you can build up a reputation and set your own prices. Of course, you should ensure that you remain competitive, but you will be earning for yourself rather than earning for someone else and just being paid a fraction of the money that comes in. Being able to work from home also saves you time and money.

·        Prospects: With a normal job, you have to wait to be promoted and to progress in terms of your career. However, as a freelancer you are in total control and as long as you do a good job you can enjoy enhanced levels of success without having to wait for someone else to acknowledge you are doing a good job.

With so many different benefits to look forward to, it is little wonder that more and more people are now turning to freelancing rather than being regular employees. 

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