Tips for Creating a Great Landing Page

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Any individual or company with a website needs to focus on converting site visitors into leads; otherwise, there is very little point in having a website at all. This is not always an easy task, but there are certain aspects of your website that can help to boost the chances of generating leads. The landing page, for example, is one of the most important parts of your website, as it helps to direct visitors to more targeted pages.

How can you create a better landing page?

Given the importance of the landing page, it is important to make the best possible use of this element of your website. Knowing how to create a better landing page can make a major difference when it comes to converting visitors into customers, which should be the goal for any business.

Some valuable tips for the creation of a great landing page are as follows:

·         Make sure you have the right elements on your page: It is important to have the right elements on your landing page. This includes a headline, a description of what you are offering, an eye-catching image, and some type of form that will allow you to easily capture information from visitors.

·         Make sure the headline on the page fits in with the CTA: You should make sure that the headline on your landing page fits in with your Call to Action. If there are differences, it may cause confusion or even result in you losing the trust of your visitors before they have been converted into customers.

·         Embrace simplicity: The last thing most people want when they land on these pages is to be overwhelmed by information. This can instantly put them off before they even reach your more targeted pages. Therefore, make sure you keep your landing page simple for the benefit of visitors.

·         Use bullet points: Using a bulleted list on your landing page can point out the benefits of what you are offering without cluttering up the page with content that some people won’t want to read through.

·         Add social media sharing buttons: By adding these to your landing page, you will enable and encourage easy sharing amongst social media users. In other words, even if a visitor doesn’t buy from you but does share your site or offerings, you could still increase engagement and potential purchases.

·         Make forms short and effective: When it comes to the lead capture forms on your landing page, don’t try and get too much information, as this can be off-putting for customers. Keep the forms short and effective by asking only for the information required to generate and subsequently pursue leads.

·         Make sure the content is of excellent quality: The last thing people want to see when they get to a landing page is irrelevant or unprofessional content. Make sure that the content on this page is of high quality and informative in order to gain the confidence of visitors.

All of these elements combined will lead to the creation of a great landing page that can help to efficiently convert visitors into customers.

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