Voice Actress Goes Professional With the Help of Freelancer.com

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When Dawn Maxfield’s voice acting career began to take off, she realised she needed to brand herself professionally. She knew she should have a portfolio website up and running to attract future employers. Freelancer.com was the natural place for her to turn to, as this is where she's finding many of her voiceover jobs herself.

When she first moved from the United Kingdom to Las Vegas two years ago, Dawn found out that people around her loved her British accent. “People started asking me to record their voicemails and DJ Drops,” she explained, “I did voiceovers seriously, got on some websites, and the orders came rolling in.”

Dawn has developed real passion for her work and love for the variety it offers. “Whether you need a professional public service announcement, an energetic and upbeat sales tone, a natural girl next door voice, I can do them all. I love recording,” she said.

Now it was time for Dawn to level up her freelance career with a website of her own. “I wanted my own platform to direct people to for demos and information,” she shared.

“I needed a website designed for my own business, and as a freelancer on Freelancer.com I used the platform for the project I needed completed too. There are so many talented people on the site and with today’s technology, it doesn't matter where you are in the world!”

Finding the perfect freelancer to create her portfolio website was easy on Freelancer.com, as she can access millions of skilled freelancers with the specialist skills required for the job. Dawn chose web development expert Cybrok for her project.

With over ten years of experience in web design and SEO, the freelancer from Pakistan impressed Dawn with his work. “He was absolutely amazing,” Dawn said about Cybrok, “He was in constant communication with me every day.”

“The ability to find a freelancer and see their reviews/past work was essential to me. The messenger portal is priceless, being able to chat or leave messages and files was awesome and the Milestone Payment process is perfect! The fact that everyone knows the money is in place and the outcome of the work is all that stands in the way of the Milestone being released is fantastic.”

Dawn was able to choose the colors and designs she liked for the website. Cybrok made the project incredibly easy and allowed Dawn to request any changes she wanted during the process. The web designer was able to create a professional custom player for Dawn’s voice demos, making it easy for future employers to browse her portfolio.

“The end result is amazing, I love my website and I think my freelancer did a really great job. It is a sliding website with all the sections I needed, a demo player, a contact form, [and] links to my social media. People love my website and have asked how I did it, and have actually recently received enquiries through it because it looks so professional. I then employed Cybrok again for the SEO content linked to my site and he even sent me reports to show what they had done, and with what keywords. It was amazing!”

Not only does her website look flawless and professional, it also applies advanced SEO to make sure Dawn gets higher visibility in search engine results.

Dawn lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her Canadian husband and their three French bulldogs. She now has her own studio and aims to be working as a voice actress full time by 2017.

Dawn’s advice to other employers:

“Take your time to look at profiles and reviews, send the freelancer a message asking if what you need is something they can do or would be interested in. Explain with as much detail as you can -- everything you want out of the project so they can bid fairly. Treat them as you want to be treated. Thank them. If they love your project you will see the results in the final product!”

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