How Dating Can Help You Transform Your Business

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For a relationship to blossom and grow, it requires channeled effort. Dating involves the establishment of a romantic relationship between two people who have decided to trust each other, invest their time and feelings, with a possibility of spending their future together.

This is similar to business, where people come together either as investors or partners, investing their time and money in creating a product or service they believe is profitable for them, and possibly their future clients. It is because of this similarity that we are relating dating to business. Steps to successful courtship can be used as steps in growing your business.

1. The importance of commitment

One thing that leads to the failure of relationships is lack of commitment from one or both parties. When it comes to establishing and growing a business, commitment is necessary. Everyone needs to commit to ensuring the success of the venture, and they should be willing to go the extra mile beyond their comfort zone if it brings growth to the business.

2. Be seen

The first step to succeeding in the dating scene is making suitors know you are available. This can be done through approaching them and starting conversations, going to parties,  events; basically, anywhere you think your potential suitor could be present.

This works in business too. Make sure you are always where your investments and target markets are. Make sure you are on the attendance list of industry meetups and start-up meetings. Engage in making pitches, and learn from the competition. This is where investors are found in high number. Pitch your idea to companies involved in the same area you are, and use social media platforms to create buzz for your business.

At these events, be sure to give off something unique about yourself and your business. The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to get investors and find a market for services you offer. Be sure to network, start conversations with people; you never know who your next investor will be.

In dating, when someone is looking to start relationship, they go to places they can find suitors. When investors are looking for new areas to invest in, they will attend business forums and start-up conferences, because that is where the fresh and new ideas are. Make sure you are not left behind when investors come knocking.

3. First impression     

The first impression someone has about you will land you a date or not. In all the meetings and pitching you do, make sure that you are making a good first impression. Try as much as possible to show the qualities of your business, and your knowledge of the target market, through just a conversation.

Always put your best foot forward and exude confidence in growing your business. Show that you are trustworthy, that you can deliver, and that you have potential to ensure growth and maximize profits.

4. Become sought after         

One thing most people enjoy in courtship is winning over someone who is sought after by everyone, but is choosy about who they want. This quality wakens interest in others. This skill is very important when it comes to attracting investors for your business.

As you put yourself out there, create an illusion to the investors that you are highly sought after by other players in the game, even when you are not. When you do this, they have the impression that others also believe in your business, and are more likely to invest. You can create this by randomly talking about other investors who have shown interest in your business, including those that said they would think about it.

After getting an investor who is thinking about backing your business, you can use crunch base to get more investors simply by searching for investors they have co-invested with in other projects, and approaching them with your venture.

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5. Be fast in closing the deals

In dating, there’s a stereotype that a man always goes for what they want, pursues it and gets it before anyone else can. Regardless of gender, you need to grasp the essence of this principle and pressurize the investors into closing the deal with you, citing the benefits they will gain from it.

Talk about how it is bound to make them good money, and highlight your ability to deliver on what you have promised. Tell them you have other investors on hold because you trust and want to work with them, and if they falter in closing the deal, then you will have no other choice but to side with the others.

6. Have a Plan

As we go into relationships, we go in with an idea of what we want from them. With time, we set goals of what we want to see through. Just as in a relationship, be sure that you have set out goals, objectives, and strategies for your business that you will put into use to achieve outcomes. Is it getting investors, creating a loyal market, or advertising your business - which is vital?

On most dating websites, people are required to write down what they would like in a partner and what they would like to gain from the relationship, be it short or long term. Similarly, as an entrepreneur, you need to have already set out ideas of what you want your business to be, and what you would like it to grow into. This is one of the surest ways of attaining success.

7. Dealing with rejection

Rejection is one thing that makes people shy away from dating, or even discourages them from approaching someone they like. What most people don’t understand is that it is a stepping stone, and they will probably get over it with time. In dating and growing a business, the word ‘NO’ has always been part of the vocabulary, and probably always will. What you need to realize is that some people will just not get what you’re selling, and will neither like it nor believe in its success.

What you must do is take that in as positively as you can, and move on to the next client or the next investor. How you deal with rejection in your business life will have a direct impact on the success you accomplish in the long run.

8. Communication

On almost all dating websites, dating advice channels, and relationship therapies, one thing you will always be taught is the importance of communication in a relationship. In most therapies, couples are taught the art of communicating, as it is always important to share your feelings, future goals, and plans with your spouse.

This is the same in case of business. Communicating with your business partners and investors is important. You must be on the same page at all times. This does not mean you will agree on everything, but just make sure there are well laid-out plans on how to solve disagreements. Even when you are hunting for investors, do not just pitch plans you know you will not be able to accomplish. Be truthful on the skillset you have, and the experience you have attained over the years, in case they give you targets you cannot fulfill.

Communication with customers is important. Let the communication on new services be prompt, and set out in a way that is easy to understand.


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