Why is Working Outside Freelancer.com NOT a Good Idea?

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Sooner or later, you will get an invitation to work outside Freelancer. You may even wish to do it yourself. It sounds like an exciting idea to be able to experience the ultimate freedom of freelancing, doesn’t it? Yet, there are some things to consider before you decide to step out from this platform.

The lose-lose scenario you can’t avoid

Let’s imagine the following situation. You have decided to follow your client outside Freelancer. In the beginning, everything runs smoothly. Your client treats you as his best friend. You have proven your willingness to follow him to the world’s end. Before you know it, the time has come for you to get paid for your work. What’s happening next?

All of a sudden the client shows his true face. There’s a series of excuses why you can’t get your well-deserved payment. You can’t complain or protest for a simple reason. There are no milestones outside Freelancer. Even if you got an upfront payment as a condition to begin with the work in the first place, you are still in trouble. You’re tired and ready to give up. You think that you have learned your lesson the hard way and that’s the end of it. Sadly for you, your client has other plans.

Have you ever been blackmailed?

You are ready to let it go and forget the work you did for free, but your client would like to get some more. So, you get an email where the client threatens to report you to Freelancer for breaching the Terms. Unless you don’t provide more work for free, you are going to face the consequences for working outside the platform. What can you do about it? Well, you don’t have much of choice. Either you will become a freelance “slave” as long as your client wants you to or lose your account and all reviews on Freelancer.

Don’t WORK, but feel free to LOOK FOR new clients outside Freelancer

Every now and then, I like to check out the writing jobs on Craigslist. Also, I’m still in touch with some great clients I used to work on Upwork, before I decided to leave it for good. So, what is that I do with the potential clients I find outside Freelancer? I invite them to follow and hire me here. Freelancer is a fair player when it comes to these situations. I will pay 0% commission for every new client I bring here. That’s more than enough to keep you motivated, isn’t it?

If a client really appreciates your work, then he or she will follow you wherever you want to work – not the other way around. Right? With the hundreds of five-star reviews and a portfolio that includes almost a thousand projects, I can tell you first-hand – don’t work outside Freelancer because it’s just not worth all the risks you’re facing!

There’s no excuse to even consider such option, at least not a reasonable one. Do you want to keep your client? I told you already. Where you go your clients follow, as simple as that. Do you want to avoid paying a project fee? Why? For the amount you can barely order a pizza, you’re risking it all. Seriously? Stick to the good old Freelancer and have a peace of mind because you know you will get paid for your work. And yes, report every single “indecent proposal” you get. Let’s keep our workplace safe. You owe it to yourself and your colleague freelancers.

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