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In what hourly range should a Professional Accountant be bidding?

gefragt von GoToGuy 17 Januar, 2016

I am a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with an MBA and forty years experience. I have been on this site for a few years and have bid on quite a few projects but have yet to win one. This is very frustrating?

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Mohammad Iqbal
Mohammad Iqbal
answered vor 5 Jahren
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Rather than the hourly rate, the more important issue is how you bid and approach the client. For your specific situation, you can:
1. Forget for the moment that you are very experienced and seasoned because employers are more concerned with getting something done than your expertise. This will bring you into right mindset.
2. Mention that your rate and delivery time is flexible.
3. Offer to work first few transactions for free of cost or on paid trial.
4. Choose the right bidding time and be available for an hour or two after bidding. Most of the bidders from US and Europe are posting projects by midnight. If you are posting your bids in the morning after 5 to 6 hours of gap, chances are that they will already finalize someone.
5. Certify yourself from Xero, Quickbooks, and Wave. Show this certificate on your profile.

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Illisia Adams
Illisia Adams
answered vor 4 Jahren
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Having briefly browsed your Profile, in my honest opinion your main issue here is that there is no evidence to back your claim of being so experienced. You absolutely need to add items to your Portfolio! I am sure that you have lots of great work to share :-)

Other tips to help you get paid work are:
- ALWAYS write a Proposal. Do not ever leave it blank. Your Proposal is like a Cover Letter, and your Profile is your CV/Resume. You want the person who posted the Project to read your Proposal and become interested enough to click on your Profile and find out more about you.
- Personalise your Proposals. Trust me when I say that potential employers can tell a quick copy-paste Proposal very easily. Make sure that you read the description thoroughly and write a unique Proposal that states the reason why you are a perfect fit for that position in particular, and not just for ANY position. Include comments about how you like working with charities if the job is posted by a charity, how you enjoy science fiction if the posting is to edit a sci-fi novel, etc, etc, etc.
- Bid small, initially. You are new to the website, and it shows. You do not have any sort of reputation, and that makes you a risk. You can have ten years of experience in the industry, but still be a risk with your lack of Profile feedback etc. So, until you have lots of good Feedback on your Profile, your Bids should be low. Low bids are more attractive, let us be honest.

I hope that this helps!

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