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Illisia Adams
Illisia Adams
answered vor 4 Jahren
Beauftrage mich!

Perseverance! "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is an old-fashioned phrase that truly applies here.

It honestly took me several weeks to be granted a Project, complete it, and earn my first payment.

Here are some tips that should help you gain more interest in your freelancing skills:
- First and foremost, ALWAYS write a Proposal. Do not ever leave it blank. Your Proposal is like a Cover Letter, and your Profile is your CV/Resume. You want the person who posted the Project to read your Proposal and become interested enough to click on your Profile and find out more about you.
- Personalise your Proposals. Trust me when I say that potential employers can tell a quick copy-paste Proposal very easily. Make sure that you read the description thoroughly and write a unique Proposal that states the reason why you are a perfect fit for that position in particular, and not just for ANY position. Include comments about how you like working with charities if the job is posted by a charity, how you enjoy science fiction if the posting is to edit a sci-fi novel, etc, etc, etc.
- Fill in your Profile! Make sure that the information provided therein is relevant and up-to-date, and make sure to showcase your talents with lots of great Portfolio items!
- Bid small, initially. You are new to the website, and it shows. You do not have any sort of reputation, and that makes you a risk. You can have ten years of experience in the industry, but still be a risk with your lack of Profile feedback etc. So, until you have lots of good Feedback on your Profile, your Bids should be low. Low bids are more attractive, let us be honest.

I hope that this helps! :-)

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Lobotus Technology

Try making Bid to small projects that is relevant to your experience. Get few good feedback by completing it in high feedback. Then move on bidding on to Bigger ones.
Please do not tell that you cannot even get smaller projects. You are in competition with the world and so act smarter and then harder..

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