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answered vor 4 Jahren
Beauftrage mich!

I would recommend against it unless you plan to continue your studies on your own. Leaving schools leaves you withouth a constant guide, and not everyone is cut to do study on their own. Sure, most of the knowledge you've collected in web development has surely come from your own readings. But, do you know anything at all about programming languages theories? Design Patterns? Can you make a sound argument on why PHP 7 is an improvement over the 5.x series?

Sure, most of that is not needed for poor to average coding. But if you want to do really fancy stuff, you should know the foundations upon which our world is constructed.

I hope you either don't leave school or decide to study on your own. Keep in mind that the former is a guided way and therefore it might prove to be easier.

As per your qualification as a Web Developer, none but knowledge is needed. And my recommendation for jobs is only to apply to a job where there's people who is more skilled than you. This way you get to learn new things :).

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