fleshlight cleaning, heating and lubricating device.

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  • Preis: £300
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I am looking for a 20 percent partner in my project. equity or profit share.

Look at the sketch and the text.
Don't be locked to that concept, but keep to the principle of no work on the users end. and easy installation. Design your own solution with your own thoughts

It would be great if the concept you design is portable. But stationary is ok too. Some people have no shame. I will market test both and the one that sells, is the one that wins.

i do not know where they will be used, but i can see in a drawer by the bedside, portable in a gym bag and mounted in bathroom. please think about use case when you design your concept

For now I need some nice sketches/cad drawings/mockup models./renders, realistic drawings that can be used for marketing purposes to get the first payments for market validation. (this money will also be used for further development(to pay you and others))

After market validation I need you to prototype a device that works and make a design that is ready for manifacture. We have to be able to produce a small quantity for initial backers.

I will pay for the development.

elegant, discrete and small might be keywords for the design.

even if you dont win the contest, there will be space for you on the team if you have what it takes.

I want some nice looking illustrations of a plausible design. hand/computer/render. you decide. even a mockup model, nice looking is ok.

[login to view URL] for some inspiration. see the heating stick for instance. or the fleshgrip can.

I dont know if see through is important or not. brushed and polished steel is certainly a nice material choice, but plastic is cheap. we should try different solutions and see what will work.

the exciting part would be if this could be somehow solved with a simple solution

also think about the space between the sleeve and the container.

looking forward to your entries.

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  • shubhamtrivedi09
    • 3 Wochen zuvor

    are you going to extend ? #extended

    • 3 Wochen zuvor
  • angellopez1
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    Kindly checl #4. If possible, rate! Feedback is highly appreciated

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • DodekaDesign
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    Good afternoon,

    For what i've understood, these are the steps of the whole project:
    1. Choosing different designs so you can validate with marketing
    2. Marketing validation (Once you do this you will pick a winner and pay the £300 GBP?)
    3. Physical working prototype of the device
    4. Create a design with all the components so that i'ts ready for manufacturing.
    Please confirm if this is right.

    I have the following questions:
    1. What exactly of the steps are included in the £300GPB.
    2. How long would it take you to do the market validation.
    3. If the phase of prototyping and development will be done as a project directly with the winner and are not included in the £300GBP.
    4. If there is any requirement in terms of the material and process that it would be possibly manufactured on. (Injection mold, 3D printing, etc.)

    Thank you for your time.

    - Industrial design team.

    • 1 Monat zuvor
    1. Skigudene
      • 1 Monat zuvor

      there is not really a requirement for manifacturing methods other than that the finished product must work, be safe, and look appealing. If fdm 3d printing can look appealing after some post processing and will work excellently , that is ok. metal 3d printing is just cool. however, I suspect traditional manifacturing techniques.

      • 1 Monat zuvor
    2. Skigudene
      • 1 Monat zuvor

      If several contenders have worked hard and presented concepts that likely work, I am inclined to have both contender (whether individuals or groups) on my team for further development

      • 1 Monat zuvor
  • Skigudene
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    for the first comment. you are correct. thus will he a market testing exercise first.

    for method the most important is that the result explains the concept and can be used to find capital. preferably preselling.

    • 1 Monat zuvor

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