I need a Roblox Animator

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Hey, I need an Animator who can make an animated 'wallpaper' youtube thumbnail size full screen desktop wallpaper for my new ROBLOX game I'm about to publish, Flag-Capture EXTREME. The winning animated picture will receive 10$ NZD and the art will be published as the offical game art. As you can probably tell, this is a capture the flag game for Roblox. It needs at least 6 people (on red side and blue side, not each) racing towards a PAIR (TWO) of flags. one red one blue! So basically, you can be kinda creative with the picture, although it has to be 3D and actual roblox animation. The game itself will hold about 16 people a server. Team colors are red and blue, and called Vipers (red) and vultures (blue). My Roblox username is EpicPepper2001, I haven't really made a public game before, other than some experimental stuff. So feel free to message me on Roblox, and try and contact me on gmail, I might see it.

Never the less, just comment on this and I'll see your message here.

Ethan (EpicPepper)

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