Improve the top green banners in our website.

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We would like to improve the green banners in our website

There are 4 green banners, one in each of the four pages. Everything can be changed except from the green feel. Since the technology is considered green, we would like to keep the green theme... but the type of green etc can ofcourse be changed.

You can read our website to get an idea of our company, and so the writing on the green banners can also be changed accordingly.

Please make uploads of all 4 different banners one next to eachother in a single screenshot so it's easy for us to award.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions :)

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  • Skeirys
    • 4 Tage zuvor

    Hi there, perhaps you have some directions or samples on what kind of style you are looking for. As I can see you already rejected all of the entries without commenting on them. That makes it harder for us to find the right style.

    • 4 Tage zuvor
    1. ajbbar00
      • 3 Tage zuvor

      Hi Kipras, all the entries i have rejected were really no different from the current banner, and so feedback would have been useless. But if you check Ventseslavs entry, his one was the only entry that made a couple of changes.. and so there i was able to give feedback.

      • 3 Tage zuvor

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