Design a logo for a social media platform

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  • Preis: $100
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  • Gewinner: RanbirAshraf

Kurzbeschreibung des Wettbewerbs

My social media platform will be targeted towards live streamers (Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Facebook etc). So the logo needs to be recognizable for my target audience as something that is aimed towards them. I already found a logo on the internet I really like, unfortunately, I do not have the rights to use this logo. Feel free to get inspired by the design of this logo.

I want the logo to represent streamers, a sence of community and social media. The name of the platform will be StreamerHive. (Streamers working together in a hive). Preferred colors are black, yellow and gray/anthracite.

The logo should work well on dark and light background. Please see attachments for the logo's that I found on the internet that I really like.

Bonus: It would be great if you could somehow incorporate a bee or beehive in the logo design to reflect the name.

Visuals related to this category: microphone, headset, gaming equipment, joystick, house etc.

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  • rogerust
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    Hi, I am conducting a research on logo design contests. You have a chance to win US$200 if you help us complete a short survey. The survey is for contest holders only and takes approximately 5-10 mins. Please click the link to take part in the survey

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • afnanmahmood52
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    Plz check #199

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • menasobhy88
    • 4 Jahre zuvor


    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • aminahid2
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    please take a look at #192 & #193

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • RajwanRajvi
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    please visit #191

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • ShadyD
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    hello everyone, i tried to give some feedback. I rejected a lot of the designs that were not matching the criteria or were just too playful/ not in the style i am looking for. Sometimes there is no microphone used in the logo or the microphone is not recognizable. I have a few designs left, so if you want to submit a new design, make sure to be different from the ones i did not reject. Thank you very much for all the effort and sorry if i could not provide you for feedback. The amount of entries is overwhelming.

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
    1. shabnamahmedsk
      • 4 Jahre zuvor

      Thanks a lot.

      • 4 Jahre zuvor
    2. minimalistdesig6
      • 4 Jahre zuvor

      Please check #180 #181 entry

      • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • manhaj
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    Please check #138

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • sajjaninsan777
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    plz check entry no. 136

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • igenmv
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    please check entry #121 #122 #123 #124 #125 #126

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • hussain0594
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    hi..check my entry #118

    • 4 Jahre zuvor
  • jonymostafa19883
    • 4 Jahre zuvor

    sir, please check my entries #23 & #28 and let me know if you need any kind of modifications. Thank you.

    • 4 Jahre zuvor

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