Refresh, Not Redesign: Logo Update Needed

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I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer to subtly update and modernise the current logo of my company, while retaining its core elements. Key tasks include:

- Modernising the look and feel of the logo. It should still echo the original, but be noticeably updated.
- Keeping original color scheme and symbol/icon. These are core elements of our brand identity and need to remain intact.

The ideal freelancer for this project has a keen eye for detail, a strong understanding of contemporary design trends, and relevant experience in logo design or redesign. Meticulous attention to continuity while refreshing the design is crucial. In your bid, please include samples of logos you've updated in the past.

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  • kerlos0
    • 3 Wochen zuvor

    Please check #19

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  • graphicschemist
    • 3 Wochen zuvor

    Please check #211 and #210

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  • ayshasiddika82
    • 4 Wochen zuvor

    Hello sir,please check my entry no. #188 #189 #191 Thank you.

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  • mrsranu5
    • 4 Wochen zuvor

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  • HADIL9
    • 4 Wochen zuvor

    I'm a specialized logo designer, always striving to create a powerful visual impact that transcends mere imagery. Not only am I a visual artist, but I'm also a storyteller woven into the creative process. I strongly believe in the potency of logos in expressing identity and values; they epitomize the essence of a brand like no other.

    I meticulously attend to the details of every logo I craft because I believe a logo isn't just an image but a symbol carrying profound meanings that should evoke the right impression among viewers.

    I consider myself part of the brand identity-building process, collaborating closely with clients to ensure their representation in the market is at its finest. With my experience and design skills, I can create logos that stand out with their unique style and inspire confidence and recognition.

    • 4 Wochen zuvor
  • shrahman089
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    please check my entry #42

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • Asifcomputer1920
    • 1 Monat zuvor


    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • AmrSheha8
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    please check #27

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • rajibhasankhan
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    please check out my work #24 #26

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  • ammarjanjua786
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    Would you like to tell me the reason why you want to re-design your logo
    as I am an experienced logo designer who has in-depth ideas for redesigning a logo

    as I have specialized in logo re-design from the LinkedIn Learning platform and I have redesigned 3 of my clients' logos as well .

    And would like to Redesign your logo too

    I am available for a video call if you want to discuss live

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • avijitdasavi
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    Hello Sir,
    Can you provide the vector ai file of this logo ???

    • 1 Monat zuvor

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