Write a fictional short story set in or related to the Salem Witch Trials

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Kurzbeschreibung des Wettbewerbs

Write a short story with the following requirements:
- must follow the guidelines of a short story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_story
- length between 2000 and 3000 words. Must be narratable out loud from start to end without boring/tiring the listeners
- previous contests had some entries that resembled articles, study work or documentation.
This contest is specifically for fictional short stories. Please read this description carefully
- must be set in or related to the Salem Witch Trials en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salem_witch_trials
- you can find useful info in the following links, but please conduct your own research as well
- there is also a movie that could give a good view of that times
- must incorporate elements of mystery, suspense, folktale, legend and mythology genres
- it must sounds possible, even if it contains fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, etc. Like a myth or legend
- H. P. Lovecraft's short stories can serve as a good reference of the type of story to write.
You may also consider drawing inspiration from creepypasta stories.
- review our past contests to get a sense of the winning stories and our expectations. Link at the end of this description, and in the first comment
- target audience is English-speaking individuals aged 17 and older
- no sexual content
- no abusive, obscene nor bad language
- no abbreviations
- no excessive use of country-specific terms
- content related to love or romance should be minimal or zero

WARNING: entries with spam, copied from anywhere, or not an original new story will be rejected and reported.

NOTICE: we will own the copyright of the winner story. The author's name will be included anywhere we use it.

After the contest deadline, the winner will be selected by originality and quality.

You have a month, be creative!

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“This freelancer write a nice story for my project.”

Profilbild RhapsodeMonolith, Argentina.

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  • ntnkj
    • 3 Wochen zuvor

    To the contest holder:
    I accidentally withdrew my entry, after working very hard to write it and waiting for weeks to find out if it was chosen. I was browsing Freelancer.com on my phone and it is unfortunately EXTREMELY easy to withdraw your entry by accident when using a phone to view your entry.
    It is also non-reversible.
    So, in your own best interest, I kindly ask that you send me a message so that I get considered. I would accept a lower fee in this case, clearly.

    Just to point out: I reached out to the platform support team immediately, but to no avail.

    • 3 Wochen zuvor
  • Suptechy
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    Please check my entries #19 and #20
    I am sure this is the most detailed fictional story about this topic in this contest!

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • beatrizmejias77
    • 1 Monat zuvor

    I couldn't publish the short story Suspicion. Could you indicate how I attach it? Thank you.

    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • muhammad392004
    • 1 Monat zuvor


    • 1 Monat zuvor
  • incomenomaad
    • 2 Monate zuvor

    #55 So as you wanted me I worked on it and here is the 2500-word version. Please check it out #55

    • 2 Monate zuvor
  • Cimarron88
    • 2 Monate zuvor

    Hola soy nuevo e freelancer.com. como hago par5a enviar el cuento para que concurse

    • 2 Monate zuvor
  • incomenomaad
    • 2 Monate zuvor

    Please check #16
    So concerning everything you`ve asked for and already had a glimpse over the previous projects you left a link to, I`m here with this shorter version of what I`ve prepared. If you like it, let me know so I can extend to your needs between 2000-3000 words. Also Offered you my service at half the price.

    • 2 Monate zuvor
  • RhapsodeMonolith
    • 2 Monate zuvor

    Please, read and follow the guidelines. Not following them or posting spam could end on rejection and/or to be reported to Freelancer.com admins.
    I have no problems with the use of an AI as a tool. If you are going to post entries, take care of not just copy and paste the AI auto-generated text. I work on AI and I'll notice that. I'll directly reject that entries, and report them.
    Please remind that winner will be selected AFTER the contest deadline. Even when some entries could be reviewed or declined before.
    Depending on the amount of entries, the decision of the winner could be delayed up to ONE MONTH AFTER the contest deadline.
    Please review our past contests to get a sense of the winning stories and our expectations

    • 2 Monate zuvor

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