Write 5 copy.pastspecial macros, 2nd of 5 posts (I will pay $25 each to 5 "winners")

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Write 5 [login to view URL] macros, 1st of 5 posts (I will pay $25 each to 5 "winners")

Contractor Instructions for writing VBA code

Scope of assignment:
Write five (5) relatively simple marcros in VBA that are, generally speaking, [login to view URL] formulations, then combine the coding for all into a single macro.
The Code for two macros will have to identify with some complexity a paste location back into a database.
I expect the coding of the first four macros to consist of no more than 15 or 20 lines of code including an DIM statements.

I have written code myself, but I am looking for others to offer better, more efficient code.

I intend to make $25 awards to five different submitters, hence my posting of 5 iterations of this project.
I am in the midst of a large project. Strong Responses that demonstrate professionalism and technical elegance will allow me whom to contact for future help on a negotiated basis.

The Workbook has 5 Worksheets, of which three will be used in the coding.
Worksheet2: "Database for Analysis and updat"
The currently set-up database has two components. (1) a Status section {10 rows x 83 columns of data} and (2) a Timelins section {10 rows x 13 columns of data}. It is set up in a way to allow the Manager to look at every product's production history and each saleman's actvity including their pricing.
Worksheet3: "Status Update"
This worksheet is where the manager can see each product's status history and each employee with certain responsibilities will input data (those employees are either Field Monitors or Salesmen)
Worksheet3: "Database of Status Changes"
This worksheet is where the manager will see a record of New Status information (or edited older Status information). It is now set up to received [login to view URL] valus and formats data.

The code will do the following:
1. Create a timestamp for worksheet 'Status Update'L5.
2. Copy the new input date from the Status Update area [nine cells] and insert the copied data into the first line of Database of Status Changes data area, moving other records down.
i.e. copy 'Status Update'E5:M5 [nine cells]and insert at 'Database of Status Changes'D5:L5. [teb cells] (One column in the 'Database of Status Changes' worksheet is reserved to the copy range and paste range will have to consist of two ranges.
3. (This is more challenging) Write code to do two copy pastespecial actions
3 (a). Write code to identify the row and column (the cell) that is appropriate into which parts of the New or Updated Status Change data should be pasted into the 'Database for Analysis and updat'."Farm_products_data" range.
This cell location will depend upon the product being updated (the row) and the column apprpriate to (a) a New Status or (b) an updated status.
Once properly pasted the information will be reflected in the Status History shown in the Stataus Update page.
3 (b). Write code to identify the row and column (the cell) that is appropriate into which the Date Begun cell value of the New or Updated Status Change data should be pasted into the 'Database for Analysis and updat', "Timeline_Farm_procducts_data" range.
( I have created formulas that identify the offsets for (a) and (b) above, but you should not depend on them. I want new and orginal work that are altertives to my own. If you want to write formulas to identify offset paramters, please write them a way you think is best.

4. Write code so that on a new worksheet the manager can see the project history of any of the fields column fields and row inputs shown in either the "Farm_products_data" range or the "Timeline_farm_products_data" range.
This means the manger can using a macro, choose his colum field or row field, and see the results, eg. From the following he could choose Farmer Chang crops or the Category "Trees" records. Also he could see, Saleman Els's work, or a combination of two or more (a heirarchy of filtered choices.

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