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  • MiddayNicks Profilbild
    Experienced Cocoa Programmer
    38 Bewertungen

    A Mac OS X System programmer; has a deep understanding of the cocoa framework; built large-scale applications for Mac OS X and iOS; skillful in GUI design; attentive to details

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  • nguyencuongs Profilbild
    Freelancer in HO CHI MINH, Vietnam
    11 Bewertungen

    Professional software developer

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  • MisterMacintoshs Profilbild
    Experienced Software Cocoa Developer
    22 Bewertungen

    Excellent cocoa programmer skills and knowledge on Mac OS X; with several years of experience in Objective-C programming; has intricate knowledge on cocoa; works as cocoa developer

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  • nabhassytvms Profilbild
    Expert iOS & Cocoa Programmer
    267 Bewertungen

    12 years working as a programmer; specializes in object-oriented approaches with exceptional cocoa programming skills; more than 7 years developing iOS applications

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  • rogersgary11s Profilbild
    Freelancer in delhi, India
    4 Bewertungen

    We are a India based software outsourcing team highly focused on delivering Timely and Cost Effective end to end solutions without losing on the Quality. A rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop ...

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  • gurmeherchawlas Profilbild
    Freelancer in Secunderabad, India
    7 Bewertungen

    Skilled Developer for over 6 years. Choose to write elegant code over convenient code. Fluent in in Objective C, Swift, Java. Uploaded a self-innovative app on the App Store.

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Do you want your mobile product to be available to a potential 1 billion consumers in the world? That’s how many Apple users there are across the globe in 2016, all taking advantage of products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  

Cocoa is the API (Application Programming Interface) specifically used to create programs used on all of those devices. A Cocoa programmer has very specialized skills to meet the requirements of Apple, and they are in high demand in the freelance world.

If you are developing an app for an Apple product, it is vital that you have intricate knowledge of Cocoa. While it is a commonly used API as it meets Apple’s development requirements, it isn’t that easy to learn or understand unless you’re in the industry and have specific qualifications. For this reason, engaging with a Cocoa expert found on Freelancer.com will give your organization the best results without spending a fortune on ongoing recruitment costs.

The key benefits of using Cocoa include:

  • Speedy environment for developing
  • Framework with an object-oriented design
  • First-rate Integration with OS X development methods
  • Strong and sturdy feature range
  • Utilizes existing Objective-C and Java code.

Trying to learn Cocoa yourself will involve hours and hours of studying the guides written on the programming language. Outsourcing your project to a Cocoa professional found on Freelancer.com will ensure that it is completed within a budget and timeframe that suits your needs, and it will be completed much sooner than if you tried to do it yourself.

Due to the nature of the work of a Cocoa programmer, professionals found on Freelancer.com often have the capability to work remotely. This means that you don’t need to create a space in your office for them. It also means that not being bound by location, you can have access to some of the best Cocoa developers in the world who each have varying levels of professional experience and can give you the most competitive rate to complete your project.

Freelancer.com provides access to a range of professionals offering specific Cocoa programming skills. Sign up today to have your Cocoa development needs to be met so you can start exposing your product or application to any, if not all, of the 1 billion Apple users in the world today.   

Log onto Freelancer.com today to view the extensive range of freelancers available and ready to start working on your Cocoa project.