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  • LoisPatons Profilbild
    Expert Finale Sound Producer
    24 Bewertungen

    Several years of experience as a cinematic and video game composer. Have worked on commercials aired on Sky Movies, award winning films, animation and video games.

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  • Vlajkovics Profilbild
    Finale Music Designer
    8 Bewertungen

    Have been composing and arranging for various music styles and genres. Active solo violinist and a chamber musician. Fluent in softwares like Finale, Vegas, Sibelius.

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  • BravoPs Profilbild
    Freelancer in Lagos, Nigeria
    134 Bewertungen

    Welcome to BravoP's profile. I am a super-fast typist, accurate, and an attentive listener. I have an excellent command of English Language, written and spoken (native English speaker). Are you looking for a reliable freelancer for your transcriptions (.SRT), and Microsoft Office related projects? Then you have ...

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  • savokostics Profilbild
    Sibelius Sound Composer
    54 Bewertungen

    Well trained musician with 17 years of experience in composing and producing music. Author of compositions which were broadcasted on MTV, RTS, RTRS national televisions.

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  • sebastiananuss Profilbild
    Finale Software Expert
    64 Bewertungen

    Great client-designer relationship, made sure client was happy and satisfied with work. Provided transcription, composition and other audio services. Records voice and instruments.

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  • jarturs Profilbild
    Freelancer in Maracaibo, Venezuela
    64 Bewertungen

    I’m an Electronic Engineer with experience designing projects. I’m designing a lot of prototypes with Microchip microcontrollers and analog electronics Circuits. I’ve worked with hardware and software from multiple platforms: -Microchip -Atmel -Mplab -CCS -C# -C++ -LUA -Java -Eagle -Altium -Matlab -Arduino ...

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Finden Sie Finale / Sibelius-Produzenten auf Freelancer

Finale and Sibelius are the two music notation softwares. The sheet music can be produced, edited and printed using music notation software. Alternative names given to notation software are music notation processor or scorewriter. The relation between music notation and scorewriter can be simply understood with the example of connection of word text to word processor. The latest versions of scorewriter from 2000s and onwards aided with virtual and synthesizer instruments are capable to record and sound out notes.

Top Two Music Notation Software

Finale - MakeMusic developed Finale that is the leading and most prominent proprietary notation software for the use of Microsoft Windows and OS X. The software was first introduced to the market during 1988, with the latest version released in 2013. It is also known to be the top notch music standard complying with industry benchmarks.


  • MIDI files can easily be shared (import/export) using Finale

  • An immense range of music samples is present in Garritan library; Finale is efficient in executing play back music from library

  • AU plug-ins with VST can be used in the 2009 version of Finale

  • Audio files with mp3, aif or wav format can be easily exported via Finale

  • Equipped with exceptional feature of Human Playback uses ornaments, accelerandos and ritarandous give a less motorized feel.

  • Synchronization and pairing with other instruments like guitar tablature is simple and easy and contain similar Real Book jazz font

  • Ways to input music are multiple like simple key board, mouse clicks, MIDI keyboard or MIDI piano keyboard

Sibelius - Sibelius software which is now merged in Avid Technology developed music notation software with the name of Sibelius to be used by OS X, Microsoft Windows and in past RISC OS. Ranging from jazz to television music Sibelius is known to have profound implication in diverse fields and is claimed to be used by different professionals like teachers, performers, composers and musicians. Producing legible scores for the purpose of printing and editing, publishing scores to be accessible by internet user and by means of synthesised sounds generating play back music has made it a popular choice.


  • Magnetic layout and Dynamic parts are exceptional tools of Sibelius enabling entry of voice to notes with much convenience

  • Developed and up to date interface help in quick composition

  • You can tailor the rhythm according to your mood and feel

  • Surface Pro 3 tablet of Microsoft found extraordinary pairing and working with Sibelius

  • Composition can take a giant leap with amalgamating Pro tools

  • Easy to compose and pair with variety of instruments

  • Complete toolbox is present in Sibelius to professionally craft beautiful and perfect scores

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