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  • happymarlis Profilbild
    Skilled Proofreading Expert
    2586 Bewertungen

    Professional editor and writer with experience in proofreading technical document, thesis, novel, statement of purpose, personal statement, resume and cover letters.

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  • Audreyvrs Profilbild
    Online Proofreading Expert
    174 Bewertungen

    Relevant work experience in copy editing, proof reading, transcription, newsletter writing, creative writing and technical writing in diverse array of niches.

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  • shiffless Profilbild
    Experienced Proofreading Freelancer
    116 Bewertungen

    Skilled in marketing with experience in proofreading, editing, resume writing, proposal writing, word processing and bid writing. Highly recommended freelancer.

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  • bret444s Profilbild
    Qualified Proofreading Professional
    255 Bewertungen

    Guaranteed high quality proofreading, editing and rewriting that meets clients specific needs. Expertise in academic writing, copywriting, review writing and content writing.

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  • Proofsolutions Profilbild
    Freelancer in Chichawatni, Pakistan
    290 Bewertungen

    Highly expert proofreading service provided with guaranteed top notch quality. 24/7 service is provided. I have completed MS ( 18 years education ) in Environmental Sciences and am very much conversant with the requirements of thesis / dissertation, academic / research articles. I have 5 years teaching experienc ...

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  • ProWriterHalDogs Profilbild
    Flawless Proofreading Expert
    672 Bewertungen

    Speedy, flawless proofreading and editing services. Also proficient in copywriting, article writing and article rewriting. Highly rated freelancer for proofreading manuscripts.

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