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  • TahmeedUrs Profilbild
    Freelancer in Dhaka, Bangladesh
    35 Bewertungen

    SPEED and ACCURACY, that is my motto! I speak English as a second language and have an excellent listening ear. This makes me your ultimate go to person for transcribing, writing and research needs. My transcription styles range from strict verbatim (everything written down as faithfully as possible) to clean ver ...

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  • EfficientMans Profilbild
    Ghostwriting Research Expert
    88 Bewertungen

    Certified in numeracy and academic writing. Fluent in English and Filipino. Specializes in research and ghostwriting. Knowledgeable in both articles and technical writing.

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  • RSUKANTA2014s Profilbild
    Freelancer in Jagaddal, India
    250 Bewertungen

    About me: This is Roy from Kolkata, India. I am 24 years old and completed Bachelor degree in Science(Barasat University '2014'). I am an expert in this field. I have excellent command over English. I am a hard worker, productive and worthy of your attention I hope, I would be the right candidate for your project. ...

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  • profkims Profilbild
    Business Trend Research Expert
    665 Bewertungen

    Certified in Numeracy. Specializing in Academic Writing. Expert in Report Writing, Research, Powerpoint, and Psychology. Knowledgeable in Technical Writing and Ghostwriting.

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  • khnh55s Profilbild
    Dedicated Financial Research Analyst
    117 Bewertungen

    Five years of experience. Specializing in Academic Writing. Professional in Research, Finance, Accounting, and Payroll. Experienced in Report Writing and Financial Research.

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  • EmeryDuffeys Profilbild
    Research Analyst and Reviewer
    19 Bewertungen

    Professional experienced in multiple genres. Skills including Technical Writing, Research, Academic Writing, and Creative Writing. Comfortable writing both fiction and non-fiction

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The “careful or diligent search, studious inquiry or examination” aimed at discovery, interpretation or revision of theories is how the Encyclopedia Britannica defines research. The importance of research cannot be overemphasized. Effective research is vital in understanding the world around us, and research integrity is paramount.    

A failure to adhere to the highest standards of research can dramatically affect results, understanding and business outcomes. Common features of inaccurate research include misinterpretation of findings, selective reporting of facts (or “spin”), incomplete or inadequate results, or even nonreporting of important effects. Any of these common problems can have a marked impact on resultant actions formulated post inquiry.

Research falls into two broad categories. Practical research is the empirical study of a topic, generally requiring a hands-on experimental approach. Typically, this demands methods that include observations, interviews, surveys or discussion groups. Conversely, theoretical research is more attentive to the examination of a defined topic through published works and literary archives.

The method of research, data collection and analysis can be considered qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative research takes a more exploratory approach and is tasked with understanding fundamental reasons, opinions, and motivations associated with specific trends. It is typically more in-depth than quantitative surveys, involving a smaller sample size and selected respondents.

Quantitative analysis, on the other hand, is used to estimate a problem using statistics and numerical data. Typically, quantitative studies involve larger populations and seek to uncover patterns in data.  

The use of experimentation is universal, prevalent in almost any field. Academic research, scientific studies, business and customer exploration and sociocultural research are but a few of the common research areas.

Specifically, business research is critical to the success of almost any organization in order to provide an understanding of customers, markets, strategic opportunities and business performance. For this reason, habitually, successful businesses will employ the services of a researcher to undergo research and analysis tasks.

Research may be completed via a third party research agency, using internal resources or through engaging the services of a professional freelancer.

Acquiring the services of a freelance researcher is becoming increasingly common due to the ability to hand pick skilled researchers, at a time that is convenient, to achieve a strong research result for a cost effective price.

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