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  • emrefaats Profilbild
    Freelancer in Haram, Egypt
    188 Bewertungen

    English <===> Arabic translation Success comes in cans,, Failure comes in can'ts In other words "I can do" the requested task with an excellent quality, free of errors, and on time. I offer translation from English to Arabic in an excellent quality. and 24/7 service

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  • DanielVeliz12s Profilbild
    Freelancer in Puerto Piritu, Venezuela
    97 Bewertungen

    Skills to design electrical systems. Advance knowledge in the use of AutoCAD, ETAP, Dialux, Proteus, Power Factory, Power World, SolidWorks, Mathlab. Experience translating technical documents and using Microsoft Office. Knowledge of petrochemical systems. Also, I work as a radio announcer, so I have a good voice...

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  • upendra169s Profilbild
    Freelancer in Jodhpur, India
    156 Bewertungen

    Our Services : ► Photo Background Removal (Clipping Path) ► Photo Cleaning and Enhancing ► Photoshop Coding (Batch Scripts) ► Images to Vector conversation ► Web & Application Development ► Logo and Business Card Designing ► Poster and Flyer Designing ► Video Editing (Enhancing Old Footage) ► Video Cleaning...

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  • shiffless Profilbild
    Freelancer in Berlin, United States
    124 Bewertungen

    I am recently retired from a long career in marketing, in which I generated proposals and edited all of the marketing collateral for the firms at which I was employed. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from the University of Connecticut. To capitalize on my passion for the English language, I have...

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  • anumehsans Profilbild
    Freelancer in Toowoomba, Australia
    79 Bewertungen

    I am an excellent writer and have completed several dissertations and assignments that have been graded A. I am familiar with the referencing standards - be it APA, Harvard, Chicago. I am a motivated achiever who has the ability to combine program excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and...

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  • perthuniversitys Profilbild
    Freelancer in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
    163 Bewertungen

    Hi, my name is Mark Harrington, a 37 year old Australian citizen living in Thailand (happy to prove everything), and a professional researcher, writer and editor by trade. I've completed a Juris Doctor of Law at Murdoch University, Perth, Australia graduating with a 5.5 GPA. I have also completed a Masters from...

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Word processing is the term used to describe the creation of a document using a computer. Before word processing, documents and records were handwritten or typed on a typewriter. This electronic method allows for much easier editing, printing, duplicating and recreation of documents.

To carry out a word processing task the operator needs a computer, a computer program (Microsoft Word is a highly popular word processing program) and a printer. Word processing provides the ability to create a document, store it on a disk or hard-drive, show it on a screen, make small or large changes, send it to another user electronically or print off a ‘hard’ copy.

No matter what your industry, providing quality documents promptly will increase overall efficiencies within your organization which will enhance your results. A competent word processor available through Freelancer.com will give you a professional service while keeping your budgets low to improve your business.

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Requesting that an existing staff member creates word processed documents will take their focus away from their highly important day to day tasks which will be at the detriment to your business.  It’s important that a specialized word processing professional is hired to ensure that there are no interruptions to your daily operations.

A word processing specialist found through Freelancer.com will set a budget in advance so you won’t be faced with any hidden costs once the project is complete. They are not a permanent employee of your company so you won’t have to pay recruitment costs and nor will you be responsible for paying them once your word processing project is complete.

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