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    Ace Infosys,a consulting practice focusing on leveraging technology and business strategy to solve business problems and meet commercial objectives,having association with US and Romanian [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] note 1)Specify your per hour rate. 2)Experence. 3)Previous work done. 4)Experties on MySQL data base. 5)Snape shotes of your work. If you are a Java developer

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    ...(Check/Uncheck) Fold (Button) Call (Button) Raise (Button) Cards are represented as: A = Ace K = King Q = Queen J = Jack T = Ten 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 respectivly Spades = s Clubs = c Diamonds = d Hearts = h Examples: Ace of Diamonds = Ad Queen of Spades = Qs 4 of Clubs = 4c Jack of Hearts = Jh 10 of Spades = Ts

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    Hi, for a Delphi software I need someone with experience with ASProtect and its hardware-key implementation in conjunction with sending the hardware-id to some keygen which returns the serial for unlocking the software. Please bid only if you already have done this, thanks. Dave ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    traffic lights for a "three ways junction" during daytime hours traffic will be allowedto flow from each junction for a set of [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] sequence will progress in a clockwise [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] a pedestrian wishes to cross,then the sequence will hold at the next time change over point-where all traffic will be halted for a suitable period of time,and th...

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    light logo Beendet left

    need a fast logo for a lighting product called DecoBrite....these are holiday (xmas/july 4th/halloween/hannukah/etc.) ornaments that are lit up from the inside. need to have final art furnished in vector format (illustrator or freehand) with specified spot colors. please provide url where we can see examples of similar projects you have done.

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    ...serial numbers and brand names and their manufactures of the different types of hardware that is in the computer. The mother board, Hard drive, video card, sound card, memory, modem, cd roms, dvd roms, cdrw and so on their could be more that one type of cd rom and other hardware that may not be listed here. This way when I build a new computer than all I

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    ...modify Perls scripts already written (public domain at [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]~joshua/Net-Telnet-Cisco-1.10/[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) in order to Telnet into and remotely manipulate Cisco hardware: routers, switches, PCs, etc. Major part will be to: save config, restore config, reload config, password recovery, etc. all done remotely via these Perl scripts. If

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    ...simple RNG hardware based on this design: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Must have PIC controller and RS-232 programming so C++ program can read the random values. We will build the hardware. What we need from you the developer is a complete parts listing (we will acquire parts) and support for assembling and programming this hardware, including

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    So I have a question.. What happens if I have some code developed, and I can't reach the original guy? Now, I'm not new at working with developers in eastern europe. I don't want to have all my code continually rewritten because "what the other guy did sucks". Its a trend I'm starting to see too many times now. Everyone's code sucks unless they wr...

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    Project target is to program software solution, wich allows to do described actions: CLIENT APP OF WEB ACTIVE X Audit computer and form an XML file send an XML to server and load to DB Client runs from web page or as exe from script Client must allow to add proxy etc data SERVER APP / WEB BASED Automatically import XMLS See audit reports (software info, hw info etc) Manage ...

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    ...Linux Server, accessible from the Net. The VB can be made available for download, however, images will not be supplied due to the sheer size of them all. The app is a hardware store i.e. *Hammers*, *Screws*, *Paints* etc cart, that utilizes '**Fine Line Classes**' (**FLC**), which are essentially sub categories within each Department. For example

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    ...for licensing management. The software we sell also uses a system called PC Guard for .Net. We will also need a web front end for generating unclock codes for our software using this system (only employees and distributors should have access to this system). PC Guard provides sample code to have this done, but I do not have the time to integrate

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    Need a DLL to provide the temperature, fan speed and voltages from an Intel 865GLC motherboard. I need all three temperature zones and all three fans and all the different voltage levels as provided in the BIOS. The paramaters required to read are listed below: Processor Zone Temperature Displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit System Zone 1 Temperature Displays temperature in Celsiu...

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    ...sometimes fix this as well. As you can see, I have a little insight into fixing these problems, but I am looking to get help establishing some additional solutions to guard against data loss and errors. **I need someone who has experience with mysql and phpbb, and who can help me to put some procedures or code in place that helps the forums

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    A Delphi frame must be written. The top of the frame consists of a combo box a ''new folder'' button and an ''up'' button. The remainder of the frame is a listview that should behave like the right pane of the explorer; i.e. it should display files and folders and allows drag and drop. A context menu, that displays 'copy', 'cut', 'p...

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    I need a stage 1 website for a hardware store. Drop down Menu and Index page banner. Pulldown type menus required because of possible expansion, eg DIY, Paint, Pergolas, Cement products, gardening hints, Trade person ordering area, PDF Download of technical bulletins etc etc etc. Database with categories and subcategories for product lines, thumbs

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    We require a clone of ClickYes! creating. ClickYes! is a small utility that sits in the taskbar and clicks the "Yes" button for you when Outlook's security guard prompts you that a program is trying to send an e-mail with Outlook or access its address book (ie, when doing a Word mail merge). Find the free ClickYes! program online at

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    ...really great too.** Typical "Java Cool", transparency, fading menus - look like a mac on a pc. **What we hate:** Selecting tables is difficult in ACE, requiring razor precision to grab a window. Ace requires you to click inside a cell and launch the table window over and over - and you cannot highlight multipe cells without selecting an entire table

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    Hello, I have a VB6 program that encrypts web pages. It is within an ace of completion. There are some issues with encryption and encoding the user configurable stop and resume encoding tokens... nothing that a talented VB6 coder could not fix. I,m more interested in fixing bugs and receiving a functional program than aestetics.. this

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    Basic functionality The object is to flash an alternative image on the screen, and then return to the normal display. The text displayed in the alternative image (ie Hello World) is not critical at this stage and can be hard coded into the program. The action of swapping back and forth should not interfere with the normal operation of the system, in particular any screen updates perform...

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    €86 - €432
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