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    ...Hauptjob. Der Webshop und der Prozess stehen zwar schon, lieferen aber nur unzureichende Ergebnisse. Bin für Vorschläge (andere Lösungen) offen. Beste Grüße Thomas Hello, I run an online shop (Wordpress Theme). I would like to optimize a service in which customers' shopping lists are automatically analyzed and the corresponding products are packed into the shopping cart. The main task is the algorithm for searching and comparing products in a JSON document. The result should be a php template for my Wordpress site, the following ones Automated process: 1. Customer takes a photo on the website or uploads a PDF file (- done 99%) 2. Photo / file is analyzed via OCR (currently MS Azure Cloud) (- done 99%) 3. OCR results (JSON) are checked, optim...

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    ...important key terms (keywords) on which the website should then be optimized. • Technical SEO: These are all measures that ensure that the Google algorithm can read and understand the content of the page. • Onpage SEO: This affects the components that are implemented directly on the page: For example, meaningful meta information, internal links and enriching the page with multimedia content (such as videos) ensure a better ranking. • Mobile SEO: More and more people are accessing the Internet with mobile devices such as smartphones. It is therefore important that the website is optimized for mobile display. • Editorial content: The Google algorithm recognizes better and better whether a page offers useful content for the user. Therefore, high quality co...

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    1. Power Point Übersetzungen 2. Jupyter Notebook Übersetzungen 3. sonstige Texte (FAQs und Beschreibung) von englisch nach deutsch. Inhalt ist algorithm und big o. Die ppt sollen auch sauber formatiert werden und evtl. bestehende Animationen übernommen werden.

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    Ladner-Fischer† parallel prefix sum algorithm

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    Präsentation Beendet left

    Folgeaquftrag 2018-0802-1737 Hallo, hier ein Auftrag für Sie: Zusätlich dazu muss ich eine Präsentation über eines der folgenden Themen halten am 2.3. wofür ich eine Präsentation brauche im groben, auch so schwierig, dass man sie kaum verstehen kann, aber der Algorithmus an sich ist nicht so kompliziert.) 8. 3/2-Approximationsagorithmus von Christofides für metr. Steinerbäume. (Da muss man Algorithmen für MST und allg. Matching implementieren, allerdings nicht die schnellsten, Poly-Zeit reicht mir) 9. Primal-dual-Algorithmus für Edge Cover (Murty–Perin, ähnlich Edmond's matching algorithm). Umfang: 10 Folien Art: Präsentation Honorar: 90,00 Euro Abgabe: 24.02.2018 ...

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    Implementierung in Java Algorithm Algortihmen "Apriori Algortihmus" und "Divide and Conquer Algortihmus" Bitte Bescheid sagen ob Sie Interesse haben! VG kay

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    ...architecture with SysML and UML 3. Ensuring compliance with the defined architecture during 4. Product development process 5. Support other departments, in particular, software development, 6. Functional safety, Integration and Testing 7. Development of SW solutions based on architectural model Tasks 1. Software development and implementation of camera-based driver assistance functions 2. Algorithm development in collision warning, emergency braking and Fusion of traffic sign recognition with map data 3. Development and implementation of product-specific simulation tools 4. Requirements analysis and application of software for customized driver assistance systems, together with the validation team 5. Test runs with customer and the validation team 6. Adaptation of sp...

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    Google Botguard basically takes a given set of bgdata, does a bunch of complicated stuff with it (the code is written so that it would be extremely hard to decipher), and then returns a value depending on the original data which is needed to complete a registration process. I need somebody to write me an algorithm that can successfully replicate the process and generate working tokens based on the bgdata.

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    Implement Trie Algorithm in c++ using Visual Studio

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    Implement Trie Algorithm in c++ using Visual Studio

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    Implement into an existing code base that includes tests, the algorithm body. The instructions will be provided in German. The task needs to be finished before 14:00 GMT.

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    Recover Back From Google Penalty 6 Tage left

    My site has a sudden drop in traffic and all top-ranking pages have disappeared. There has been no change in site structure or code and content has been posted in the same style as back when it was ranking high. It has dropped since the last Friday. I need someone to investigate the site and other factors and guide me on what has gone wrong, is it google's algorithm of other content quality issues not meeting google benchmarks etc. Only experienced people with knowledge in Recover Back From Google Penalty apply I will supply all necessary access to do the investigaion once we find you fit for the job.

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    Optician Webapp 6 Tage left

    The web app must be mobile responsive and has the following main features. 1. Image processing algorithm and animation that will enable user to run a quick fitting test of eye glasses. Either for user to take a picture of the face and upload it, then select various eye glasses that will show how it fits on the face of the user. Real dimension of the face and the specification of the eye glasses mu be taken into consideration. 2. Payment gateway will be made available on the web app for users to make payment 3. Chat is required 4. Other features such as booking for consultation and so on will be required too.

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    Implementation of hashing algorithms for analysis (without the use of libraries) Single program able to call on multiple hashing algorithms ready for analysis. Hoping to brute force the hashes created and don't have that much processing power available to do so, if it is possible to weaken the hashing algorithms to allow for this that would be great .

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    Build a system to monitor crypto market We are looking for an experienced data scientist with a deep understanding of cryptocurrency to help us build a private trading platform with algorithmic trading capabilities. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in data analysis and algorithm development, as well as a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Responsibilities:

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    Microprogramming -- 2 6 Tage left

    Designing a digital system, sketching the algorithm of operation of the the data flow subsystem…

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    Need to write a program code to create and convert back. It is a simple creation and conversion. 1. Type a set of four number for example 8724, total we have 10 numbers work with 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 2. There are 6 possibilities 8724 will be generated AB,AC,AD,BC,BD,CD 3. Now we subtract from each other 8-7=1(AB) , 8-2...requirements is do not produce double numbers, 8861,5532(not accepted) 8. I want to use convert backward. Your job is to use a program code to generate a set of four number or may be many set of four numbers 9. I have a sample test I have a code of 532187 need to do a conversion, the answer is 5870. 10. You do this feature, I will add more features. Please check to see if you can come up with algorithm for this project. There is no prediction. Just a sim...

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    Matlab coding and simulation of signal processing research paper algorithm for distance estimation through coded frequency hopped signal

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    ...background in cryptography and a deep understanding of AES-CMAC (NIST 800-38B) to assist us in finding the AES key used to generate a specific set of outputs from known inputs. The successful candidate must have a thorough understanding of CMAC mode for authentication and be able to analyze and reverse engineer the algorithm to determine the AES key. Responsibilities: Analyze the input and output data to understand the algorithm used Reverse engineer the AES-CMAC algorithm to determine the AES key Provide detailed documentation of the process and findings Communicate effectively with the project team to ensure clear understanding of the results Requirements: Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a relate...

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    I will be requiring someone who has a good hold on MATLAB as well as has knowledge in the field of - Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) - Glowworm Swarm Optimization (GSO) - Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm (FFOA). I already have the algorithm ready, just need help executing it on MATLAB.

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    Build a crypto algorithm for me for my strategy and should be better with Binance

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    I am seeking a skilled C# developer with experience in OpenCV to help me create a high-performance scanning WebAPI. The WebAPI should be able to take an image as input, scan and process the image using OpenCV methods and image processing algorithms and return the scanned image. The project will involve the following tasks: Implementing a scanning algorithm using OpenCV in C# that can handle different types of images and produce high-quality scans. Optimizing the performance of the WebAPI to meet high performance metrics and ensure smooth and efficient image processing. Ensuring that the WebAPI meets the requirements of quality and accuracy. The successful candidate should have the following qualifications: Strong experience in C# and OpenCV. Familiarity with image processing tech...

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    This project is designed for an Auto Car Dealership. We have a DMS program with all of our inventory uploaded with make/model/yr/vin/costs etc. We need an algorithm system used to transfer all this data in a neat and visible form on Microsoft Excel.

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    shift efficiency algorithm 5 Tage left

    we need to develop an algorithm, concerning work shifts, to maximize the efficiency of one of our departments.

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    Maxicode Expert Required 4 Tage left

    Hi, I need a maxicode expert to inform me which encoding/decoding algorithm UPS uses so we can Implement similar system.

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    ...The objective is to develop a working algorithm that will report stocks (Securities) that are rising in price with increased earnings in a timely manor that will produce record gains in the future. This is not Rocket Science, but established practice. It is old methodology that has earned millions for many individuals in the past. will be your main tool to orchestrate data collection, parsing, and reporting from the previous days close before markets open at 9:30 am Eastern Standard Time. A single page report of New Stocks on Report, Stocks to Hold, and Stocks to Sell immediately with a summary of details as to why a stock should be purchased, held, or sold. I am preparing a new list of conditional statements that will build this algorithm and allow us to fine tune ...

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    I need a python developer to make a model that calculate point on an image .

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    Hello everyone, I have some idea which to discuss the creation of algorithm. Please message me.

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    CV Algorithm Integration 3 Tage left

    Review and issue-solving when integrating a computer vision algorithm for product recognition. The results received after analysing the pictures are sometimes wrong (the product is identified but its coordinates seem to be wrong), so the product is said to be in a different location than it actually is, and the accuracy of the product identification is lower than expected.

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    I would like to ...partner with someone to create a website whereby users can upload a real estate contract and have it reviewed instantly. I am a property lawyer experienced in reviewing these contracts and believe the contract review process can be standardised to a degree. I can provide the inputs that should be picked up by the algorithm as being in the contract and the output that should be produced depending on what the contract said. I would like to partner with someone who has skills in algorithm creation and testing, to create this new and unique product. The idea is that the customer buys the service through a website, uploads the contract, and then gets an instant review. If the contract has a high risk rating, it will be recommended that they speak to a lawyer fo...

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    We have an in-house algorithm which uses a questionnaire-based scoring to calculate the score for different personality trait. Those traits are mapped to various careers. We need someone to create an end-to-end web application which has a questionnaire in the front-end, based on the answers, the scores should be calculated for different traits. Then the suitable career options should be fetched from the data table. Based on this outcome a pdf report should be generated automatically for the user. We also need to integrate access codes and pay wall for generating the reports.

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    15 Angebote should be split into training and test sets to evaluate the performance of the model. The Neural Network should be designed to take a set of inputs (same as ) and make predictions for Latitude and Longitude. The inputs and outputs should be normalized to ensure that the model can make accurate predictions. The Neural Network should be optimized using an appropriate optimization algorithm such as Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) or Adaptive Moment Estimation (Adam). The performance of the Neural Network should be evaluated using appropriate evaluation metrics such as Mean Squared Error (MSE) or Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE). Once the Neural Network has been trained and its performance has been evaluated, it should be tested on an out-of-sample final set to ensure that it ge...

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    Build a private platform with an in built profit trade robot and connect with Binary API, I need someone good at algorithm and AI

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    ...some more information... I need help creating an Ai for Actors. The goal is level out the playing field in the lower level of the industry by allowing actors to have an Ai scene partner to assist with audition "Self Tapes" (Please research what a Self Tape is for actors) This product will be able to replicate human emotion through audio with adjustable qualities, and more Here are my initial algorithm Ideas: . A database of audio recordings from Hollywood films that can be used to replicate human-performed text. 2. Natural language processing algorithms to convert text into speech. 3. Image processing algorithms to recognize text from screenshots of scripts. 4. Algorithms to match the text to a database of films and recognize emotional patterns. 5. Algorithms to adjus...

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    - Algorithm to extract patient id and dob from pdf - Check information against first mdb and second mdb if no match - Rename & move pdf

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    Request details I am looking for a Python developer to help me implement a simple end-of-day trading system for stocks. Important: They must be able to explain to me how the program works, and how to make modifications to the trading criteria (I have basic Python knowledge). Please see requirements and specifications below: Screening function to locate stocks fulfilling specific price criteria Implement trading rules when to buy and sell Construct portfolio of stocks using specific criteria Ability to back test performance using historical database Integration with Interactive Brokers API

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    White Box anti reverse guidance 2 Tage left

    Do you know latesr autimatic white box tools like Or similar Needs expert familiar with White Box cryptographic anti reverse implementation yo help giide pritect C# software algorithm and license key verifications Fee negotiable. Time frame very flexible. Must be expert

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    We have approximately 1400 SKU's and we require Amazon listings made (titles, bullets and descriptions) that are as per the Amazon algorithm that will drive traffic to generate sales. with every SKU, keywords for the listing plus keywords for a manual ad campaign. WE WILL START WITH ONE SKU AND THEN PROVIDE THE ENTIRE PROJECT ONCE I FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THE SELECTED CANDIDATE. This one sku will obviously be paid. Providing Shopify SEO in addition to the Amazon listing is a huge bonus.

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    Thanks for considering my job. I am looking for a pro dev who handle 1 simple task for around 1~2 hours. The tasks are passing the unit test for following. - can perform breadth first search - can perform depth first search Required skills. Typescript React GraphQL, Jest, Nrwl, Neo4j, Mobx check the attached project & Read me and let me know if you can. After doing that, you can get long term tasks. Thanks all.

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    I need a python programmer who provide a working model of leaf disease detection of citrus plants using python, LVQ Algorithm with the program, the program must be working and should be in the format of Jupiter file of python. Dataset for the mentioned is Attached in the log.

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    defination of the PEAS for the given agent type, the choice of Algorithm , complexity, data structures chosen for representing the pEASin the implementation and the fringes neatly justified in the word document and represented in the python code. Neat and efficient code The required output (Solution, Complexity, Analysis) to be printed as mentioned in the problem. The effect of Hyperparameter justified wherever applicable.

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    We need to develop a function to analyse different types of real time series, representing phisical values such as temperatures, energies etc using AI and ML algorithms. The function should be developed using node-red and tensorflow or pytorch tools. Data are stored in influx db. As a first step a single time series must be developed, though the functio should be easily adapted to other time series.

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    Need Value iteration applied in an algorithm. The project is about a dice game where the only thing needed is the implementation of an agent that applies value iteration. There are already pre-built features coded.

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    Algorithm Developer 1 Tag left

    I am looking for Algorithm Developer who is good at mathematics - Geometry, Algebra and OpenCV.

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    We are looking for an python developer who can create an machine learning model using CNN algorithm to detect food and help us integrate the model through an api. Dataset:

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    We need a developer to create a web application that serves as a database for top influencers in small niches. The database should track and identify the content of each influencer a...presentation. The objective is to create a web application similar to the function with the difference being it is a private use application that only chosen influencer statistics will be displayed. The database should include a master list of influencers, daily updated social media statistics, links to social media posts, and a unique score calculated through a proprietary algorithm. We require a proposal outlining your approach, estimated timeline, and relevant examples of previous work that demonstrate your team's ability to deliver a web application with similar functionality.

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    €1396 - €2793
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    Finish incomplete project adding some additional processes to the car pooling module, fixing and connecting the web services in Admin Panel, and configure backend to make sure the calculation is according to the targeted algorithm and notifications always work without troubles. Fixing some bugs in UI´s, databases and connections. Required skills from freelancers: - Strong experience in Android based development or hybrid mobile applications. - Experienced in Node.js, SQL databases, GUIs, backend en web development.

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    I am looking for a YouTube video editor and channel manager, who is responsible for creating and editing video content for a YouTube channel. This will include editing the provided footage, uplo...managing the channel's overall appearance and brand image. Additionally, the YouTube video editor and channel manager may be responsible for optimizing the videos for search and engagement, as well as managing the channel's community and responding to comments and messages. Strong skills in video editing software and a creative eye for storytelling are essential for this role. Knowledge of YouTube's algorithm and best practices for maximizing views and engagement is also crucial. The role also includes managing and scheduling uploads, creating engaging thumbnails, and design...

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    improved fruit fly optimization's algorithm and applied on color image to get best x and y then hide a text in best location after that use PSNR and MSE to check similarity between two images

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