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    ...a keen eye for detail, and be passionate about the Gambling industry. The US Sports Betting Content Editor works closely with Content writers, editors, managers, and SEO Team to produce and publish relevant, SEO optimized content for owned websites. This is an exciting opportunity for a talented individual to contribute to our growing team. Responsibilities: Publish, write, and proofread articles, ensuring published content follows overall SEO strategy, market specifics, and best practices, coordinating SEO optimizations and improvements for published content Review and fact-check published content, aligning with the latest information, market trends, and regulations. Align content with market trends, regulations, and relevance for the targeted audience. Provide feedback on...

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    16 Angebote / article properties / product type: installation terminal. All data provided as download must be downloaded such as under "Downloads" and under "Approvals". 2.c : Area "Compatible products" all article no. of the listed products. An example is attached. If articles contain further or other information not listed in the example article (technical values or media data), these are to be exported as well. This is e.g. the case with the category Total number of articles to be searched and exported: approx. 6500...

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    Wikipedia Editor Beendet left

    As the owner of a historic building in France, I would like to correct some information on wikipedia: In addition, I would like to create a new Wikipedia article about our Chateau n German and French. I can provide you with the content of these articles in both languages.

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    I have a wordpress site with a lot of articles that I have published. To make these articles more unique, I want to rewrite them with Chat GPT. Instead of copying everything one by one and pasting it on the website with ChatGPT itself and then reformatting it, I want to do the whole process directly in my wordpress site. Formatting needs to be respected as well. If a section is an H2 heading, I want it to be an H2 heading again after the rewrite, etc. I also want to be able to define my PROMPTS myself. So that ChatGPT can execute my PROMPTS better and the results are simply better, I would like to provide the text passages that are to be rewritten with a start and end shortcode. The shorter a text, the better it can be rewritten. Example: [Start_Rewrite] As we get older...

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    7 Angebote class(es) and 3D data. The legend (e.g. for article "KRJMSSA23E" must be exported as well. The media data must be designated the same as the article number. - Product description: All listed technical data - The additional products or optional accessories are not to be exported An example is attached. If articles contain additional information not in the example article (technical values or media data) these media data) are to be exported as well. Total number of articles to search and export: 8775 Article numbers which do not lead to a result in the search may be skipped (e.g. KRJZWD)....

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    15 articles with manually/tools and will spread over the keywords among every article and will give backlink to your money website. That will give maximum juice to your website. Will give backlink with keyword and sometimes direct link. All work will be done within 10-12 days will provide you report for all 15 links, all for 1000€

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    Hey guys, I need someone who can work together with me on a design project for a website. I currently have a website I made for myself by using squarspace, For me, the possibilities of the Design in Squarespace is very limited. I wonder if it is possible, to create...for myself by using squarspace, For me, the possibilities of the Design in Squarespace is very limited. I wonder if it is possible, to create something more unique, with a good design and still let it be hosted in SQUARESPACE, so I can change it by myself if necessary. The website should be very clean, simple, but still great in seo. I want to post news on the website in articles that can be found in the web and I want to give information about my firm. Thank you for conta...

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    We're looking for an experienced translator with Search engine knowledge to translate 88 texts about constellations and 12 texts about zodiac signs. One example is The job is ongoing as more articles will follow

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    Wir suchen einen Blog-Autor, der uns hilft, 1 Blog-Beitrag pro Woche zu schreiben Wir suchen jemanden, der gut recherchierte, professionell geschriebene und SEO-freundliche Gesundheits- und Schönheitsartikel schreibt. Wir verkaufen Gesundheits- und Schönheitsprodukte online in Deu...SEO-freundliche Gesundheits- und Schönheitsartikel schreibt. Wir verkaufen Gesundheits- und Schönheitsprodukte online in Deutschland. Blog muss also natürlich auf Deutsch sein. Deutscher Muttersprachler wird bevorzugt. We're in need of a blog writer to help us write 1 blog post per week We are looking for someone who will write Well-researched, Professionally Written, and SEO-friendly Health and Beauty articles. We are selling health and beauty products online in Germany. So...

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    We’re currently on a mission to create awareness on Vast majority of World Cup sponsors fail to offer support for Qatar’s migrant workers, so We’re currently seeking a native speaker of the Arabic language to hire to translate our written articles.

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    We are looking for developers in the field of Wordpress, who are very familiar with the affiliate theme and also know the Rehub theme. - Adaptation to the loading time - Automatic import of articles which have been lowered in price at Amazon. - Automatic creation of offers via CSV. - Automatically scan the web for offers etc. We don't know exactly what possibilities you have to build a great affiliate project. We are looking for ideas to make a project more efficient, but not having to write new texts or offers all the time. Furthermore, the theme would have to be set better, because some functions are unfortunately not available. Please name affiliate reference projects in your application and feel free to contact me directly in person. The project should have been star...

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    I run a woocommerce shop and want to develop a ndew shop on Magento 2 and move all details, design, data etc. I want to keep the design My current shop - A Woocommerce shop with ~300 orders/month and ~1300 articles in German and English has to be redesigned based on Magento 2. The design and all data have to be transferred. The customer accounts should also be taken over, including orders that have already been placed. I want to keep the domain too

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    Hi, we are searching for a freelancer who is familiar with the shopify app matrixify. We want to import thousands of articles with product data, variants, category etc. in a shop. If you did this already a couple of times with matrixify please drop me a massage. Best, Michael

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    ...move away from this impression and find a new, much younger identity, with curved and odd lines and generally more "pepp". The technical functions of the current website will remain mostly the same. Additionally planned is perhaps a store that displays a list of categories through which you can then purchase the respective items. As well as a blog subpage on which self-written blog and news articles will be presented. If we then have found a cool look, it must of course be built and also programmed with a functional backend to be programmed. If you are interested in our project, please have a look at the briefing and feel free to send us an offer. It would also be important for us to know how long it would take to complete this project. Also, it would be great if ...

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    needs skilled native German speakers to translate, edit and proofread our machine-translated German content. You will be editing and proof-reading content like this: There are English versions of these articles. These are machine-translated versions and you will be improving them by editing. Only apply if: You are a NATIVE German speaker. You are NOT an agency. You are Fluent in English Fake Bid Spammers will be reported.

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    2 Excel Dateien ins benötigte Format setzen, um diese auf Accointing hochzuladen:

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    2 Excel Dateien ins benötigte Format setzen, um diese auf folgender Plattform hochzuladen:

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    2 Excel Dateien ins benötigte Format setzen, um diese auf folgender Plattform hochzuladen:

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    I will work with an experienced freelancer conducting SEO activities at I am interested in getting backlinks from various sources - catalogs, articles, forums, accounts, entries, other valuable thematic links. We will set the details in the order, the budget is 750 - 1500 euro once. Ich werde mit einem erfahrenen Freelancer zusammenarbeiten, der SEO-Aktivitäten bei durchfü interessiere mich für Backlinks aus verschiedenen Quellen - Kataloge, Artikel, Foren, Accounts, Einträge, andere wertvolle thematische Links. Die Details legen wir im Auftrag fest, das Budget beträgt einmalig 750 - 1500 Euro.

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    We are looking for product managers and marketplace managers. Amazon, ebay, otto, zalando and other markets have to be set up, articles have to be created and values have to be linked. ------------- Wir suchen Produktmanager und Marktplatz Manager. Amazon, ebay, otto, zalando und weitere Märkte müssen eingerichtet werden, Artikel müssen angelegt und werte verknüpft werden.

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    €11 - €17 / hr
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    ...script which transfer the orders from my online store (ecwid) to my accounting system (sevdesk). Both systems have an API. What should the script do: If there is a new order then check if the customer already exists. If not, create the customer (name, address, email, phone). After that create a new order (with paymentstatus, delivery costs, vouchers...) to this customer in sevdesk including the articles with prices and orderdetails. The script should run afterwards on my webserver. Attached you can find the documentation to both APIs. ...

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    I am looking for a German content writer who has a really good grip on the German language and has a good idea of SEO content writing. It's a year-long project in which I promote my gambling client on different types of websites based niches such as Technology , Finance, Business , Sports , Entertainment etc, with the help of articles. So from the content writer what i am looking for is an article in which my client link is placed naturally. It should not look forced or just for advertising. So by naturally what i mean is say I want a tech article from on the below Topic - How technology revolutionized businesses. Anchor Text - online casino link - Like a normal article first we talk about different aspects of businesses which are revolutionized by technology

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    needs skilled native German speakers to translate, edit and proofread our machine-translated German content. You will be editing and proof-reading content like this: There are English versions of these articles. These are machine-translated versions and you will be improving them by editing. Only apply if: You are a NATIVE German speaker. You are NOT an agency. You are Fluent in English Fake Bid Spammers will be reported.

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    Hallo Amarjeet C., I want a sample XML, or several necessary ones, for the facebook-API which we can call from our administration (PHP on our DomainServer) to upload articles in the facbook-shop. Access data to facebook or domain server will not be disclosed. The code is tested by ourselves. The job is finished when the code works

    €95 (Avg Bid)
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    facebook shop: php-script for the facebook-API for article upload to a facebook Shop I want a sample XML, or several necessary ones, for the facebook-API which we can call from our administration (PHP on our DomainServer) to upload articles in the facbook-shop. Access data to facebook or domain server will not be disclosed. The code is tested by ourselves. The job is finished when the code works

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    ...Responsibility: • Develop and maintain relevant technical and procedural documentation. • Patch management and Updates for Enterprise (Core) and In-House Applications • Test environment maintenance, UAT coordination and reporting • Application packaging and deployment adhering to SLA and KPIs • Provide support and advice to colleagues and level 2 team members through one on one training and knowledge articles. • Liaise on behalf of the client on significant, complex, or technical issues with service providers, external practitioners, and industry representatives. • Lead, plan and manage service provider activities and work streams to deliver project outputs • Manage a range of stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure operations a...

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    ...Automobilhersteller in Deutschland. Für den Aufbau einer Wissensdatenbank (System: Salesforce) suchen wir erfahrene technische Redakteure für die Erstellung von Wissensartikeln zu Technik- und Produktthemen. We are a service provider for a premium automobile manufacturer in Germany. To set up a knowledge database (system: Salesforce), we are looking for experienced technical writers to create knowledge articles on technology and product topics....

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    Was wir möchten: 1. Youtube Video Synchronisation und Schnitt; 2. Verständnis der grundlegenden Funktionen von IOS- oder Android-Software für Mobilhandy 3. Fließende Hochdeutsch-Umgangssprache 4. Die Fähigkeit, Videos aufzunehmen. Besser! oder 1. Die Fähigkeit, hochwertige und weit verbreitete Inhalte entsprechend den Markenanforderungen zu schreiben 2. Kenntnisse in SEO und Erfahrung in der Übersetzung von englischen Produktwebseiten 2. Verständnis der aktuellen populären Themen. Besser! Wenn Sie ein Deutscher mit Videoverarbeitungs- oder Artikelschreibfähigkeiten sind, heißen wir Sie herzlich willkommen!

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    Translation from German into Arabic or from Arabic to German with the translator Abdul Hakim, who holds a certificate of fluent in the German language both speaking and writing Translation of articles of books, research letters ... 300 words $ 1 Übersetzung vom Deutschen ins Arabische oder vom Arabischen ins Deutsche mit dem Übersetzer Abdul Hakim, der über ein Zertifikat verfügt, das die deutsche Sprache sowohl im Sprechen als auch im Schreiben fließend spricht Übersetzung von Artikeln aus Büchern, Forschungsbriefen ... 300 Wörter $ 1

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    Hello, We are a start-up that trains thousands of employees every day through videos, articles and podcasts. Today, we need someone to help us add content in German for HR topics as follow : - Personnel Administration (database analysis, labor law) - Remuneration and Payroll (basic principles, compensation packaging, performance, salary negotiation) - Social relations (history and sociology of organizations, role of HR in social relations, role tomorrow, design of social policy elements) - Recruitment, Mobility, Diversity and Inclusion (Recruitment policy, new modes of recruitment) - Quality of life at work (Building a great place to work, non-monetary incentives, ways of working) The aim would be to find online quality content (free of rights) regarding those topics in germany. ...

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    ...who can manage our blogs. One blog is about fashion and travel. Two blogs are about social media and business. And oter is for an apparel store. Start your bid with FASHION so I know you have read everything and understand that I need someone who knows about fashion. I also need someone who has knowledge in Social Media and Business. Also I am searching someone who can write articles on weekly basis. 3 blog articles with 3 diferent topics. How long do you need to write an article which is about 800 words? Thank you all very much for bidding....

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    I need to hire a German part time writer. Your task will be to just write articles and multiple texts Requirements is to know how to write without any spelling or grammar errors. Language of the text would be German

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    Only native German speakers will be considered for this job as a blog writer! We are a 100% remote IT & Human Resources services company with a team of 100+ people living and working remotely in 17 countries around the world. Our company was founded in Germany 27 years ago. We are looking for a motivated writer who can write blogs about IT and remote work. We need monthly around 10 blog articles with 400 to 500 words. Please place a bid for 500 words. We look forward to your detailed application and your portfolio. ----------------------------------------------------- GERMAN Seit fast 10 Jahren arbeiten wir fully Remote. Unser Team besteht aus 100+ Mitarbeitern, die in 17 Ländern leben und remote arbeiten. Wir suchen einen motivierten Texter der Blogs über IT...

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    Wir suchen nach einem deutschen Content-Writer, der uns dabei hilft, Beiträge für unseren Blog zu schreiben. Themen drehen sich um Reisen, Remote Work und Familie. Wir brauchen ca. 20.000 Wörter pro Monat. Rate liegt bei 0,015 € pro Wort. _________________________________________________________________________________________ We are looking for a German content writer to help us write articles for our blog. Topics revolve around travel, remote work and family. We need around 20,000 words a month. Rate is € 0.015 per word.

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    The task is to scrape links of child sex abuse articles, automatically reading the details and putting them into an excel sheet in all languages like in the example attached. This must be in all major languages for all countries in the world. One idea is to scrape all newspapers in combination with the keywords child abuse and the names of the cities in each country: ädte_in_Deutschland Please send me an example for the scraping with these key words: Südkurier, Konstanz, Kindesmissbrauch

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    16 Angebote

    Research Articles for Videos German & English Anhand des Buches Blockchain 2.0 soll eine sinnvolle Einteilung der Themen für eine Videoreihe erfolgen. Texte so geschrieben, wie sie später gesprochen werden. Alles in Deutsch und Englisch.

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    Artikel anlegen Beendet left

    Artikel bei Amazon und Ebay über JTL Wawi einstellen The freelancer should publish existing articles in our merchandise management system JTL these articles on Ebay and Amazon. So from the JTL software to Ebay and AMazon. This requires good knowledge with JTL Wawi.

    €496 (Avg Bid)
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    Hallo Abhijeet B., ich habe Ihr Profil gesehen und möchte Ihnen mein Projekt anbieten. Wir können alle Einzelheiten im Chat besprechen. As discussed its 2 articles 500 each and price will be 15 euro fixed

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    Crawler Program Beendet left

    ...Abfragen pro Stunde sein. Wer mehr erfahren mnöchte, bitte mich persönlich kontaktieren. Ich freue mich von dir zu hören. *English* Beautiful good day, Anyone who understands programming technology should contact us. to the order: I would like to get developed a program, which crawls from a certain side the article conditions and the prices of the respective articles. The dealer is a competitor and I would like to match my articles to his prices, or make them cheaper. There are two problems. A safety program is used. If too high or too fast a request is made, there will be a captcha query. The second problem is the amount. There are almost 1,000,000 items. These would have to be compared every day or every two days. That is, in one hour the program would...

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    Hello, we have a very big text, which is already created as a "master-syntax" text. The Mastertext contains 355523 words. We created it with "TheBestSpinner". You have to do two things: 1) create with your spinning-software 2500 unique-texts from this one big mastertext 2) create 25 xls-files. Every xls-file should contain 100 of these unique texts, in every single line there has to be one of the texts If you are skilled, i think your spinning-software can create the 2500 texts and you can write a program or macro that you can create automatically the xls-files containing the 100 texts per xls-file one per line. Our problem: - the master-syntax is to big to create the texts automatically - we don´t want to do it manually to open and copy+paste every single crea...

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    ...German market for 20 years. We help our customers 1. to overcome the skills shortage 2. Halve the personnel costs 3. in the transformation to an agile company To support our marketing team we are looking for a blog writer and content marketing specialist. Your tasks - You independently select the keywords that suit us, set the topics yourself and write the blog articles (So super freedoms at work). - You publish these blog articles on our blog, in Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Xing. - You make suggestions for a professional content marketing that we decide together and then you are responsible for the implementation. your profile - Several years of professional experience in blog writing - Very good IT understanding (for clarification: we are not looking for a pro...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €8 / hr Gebot i.D.
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    Submit some Articles: We are looking for someone to add 400 products to our onlineshop. No additional texting - copy & paste only: - category - producttitle - productdescription - terms & conditions - price - upload images Thats it. It doesn't take longer than 1 minute to upload a product. Total estimation: 6-8 hours of work. Condition: german-speaking -------------- Wir suchen jemanden, der ca. 400 Produkte in einem Onlineshop einstellen kann. Kein Texten etc. erforderlich - copy & paste von: - Kategoriezuweisung - Produkttitel - Produktbeschreibung - AGB - Preise - Bilder hochladen FERTIG. Thats it. 1 Artikel dauert nicht länger als 1min. Gesamtaufwand je nach Schnelligkeit: 6-8 Stunden. Voraussetzung: deutschsprachig.

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    ... => Der Sinn soll gleich bleiben, aber der Text soll nichts mehr mit dem Original zu tun haben, d.h. jeder Satz anders. Quellen-Angaben bleiben natürlich gleich, auch Personen mit ihren Zitaten. Grundtenor der Artikel : die Abzocke der Online Shops unter die Lupe nehmen. insgesamt jetzt: 4.981 Wörter articles do provide some anger, reveal some secrets about tricks of amazon, booking and others to grab higher prices from us. Goal:make readers also angry about this bad tricks. articles are already in that style but by rewriting this style should be kept upright....

    €397 (Avg Bid)
    €397 Gebot i.D.
    15 Angebote

    ...natürlich einen Admin Bereich für den Inhaber, als auch Umzugslieferunternehmen und ein Login für Kunden. Die Umzugslieferdienste sollen nach Mitgliedschaften vom Administrator freigschaltet werden. Die Seite Move24 finden Sie auf folgendem Link: Das Frontseite soll vom Designaufbau natürlich ausstechen und eine Suche beinhalten wie bei: Am besten schauen Sie sich die beiden Portale an. Bitte nur deutschsprachige Freelancer ...

    €1203 (Avg Bid)
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    37 Angebote

    ...deutsches Sprachverständnis. Verständnis für technische IT-Themen. Beispiele der Texte: Dauer: ca. 5 Stunden die Woche. ---------------------------------------- We are a software company that provides its customers with information via its own information channel, creates small articles on specialist topics and publishes them in specialist magazines and their online forums. To write these articles, we seek support for our marketing. Prerequisite: 100% German language comprehension. Understanding of technical IT topics. Examples of texts: Duration: about 5 hours a week....

    €30 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €30 / hr Gebot i.D.
    15 Angebote
    Trophy icon - Design eines Logos Beendet left

    ...of this logo 1. A social media friendly square format logo 2. A Logo for the official website - Social media friendly square format logo should only consist of the letter "B". The design is up to your individual interpretation. - The Logo for the official website should incorporate the entire name (see examples below) The logo should be easily printable/ transferable on merchandise articles Edit: No Music Notes or Guitars on the "B". No Instruments. Drum & Bass is electronic music. More the way like Vinyl, Turntables, Mixer Components, Fader, Basslines, etc....

    €227 (Avg Bid)
    Featured Garantiert Top-Wettbewerb
    153 Einträge

    Wir suchen jemand der aus den Angeboten unserer Webseite professional überarbeitet. Die Seite finden Sie hier. Unserer Vorstellung bewegen sich in Richtung Verkaufsbrief.

    €102 (Avg Bid)
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    11 Angebote

    Rédiger des articles Buch schreiben

    €92 (Avg Bid)
    €92 Gebot i.D.
    3 Angebote

    We need german native speaker to translate articles from english to german fluently. Wir brauchen deutsche Muttersprachler, um Artikel von Englisch auf Deutsch fließend zu übersetzen. Wir bezahlen 3 euro pro Artikel aus 1500 Wörter (es gibt keine Fachwörter, die meisten Texte sind über Beauty und Fitness) und es gibt 10 Texte in der Datei. Bitte Leute, die kein Deutsch können oder mit der Bazahlung nicht einverstanden sind, nicht zu bewerben.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    31 Angebote

    Hallo, ich suche jemanden der mir 5 Dating Texte mit Spin Syntax erstellt. Es handelt sich um 10 Artikel zu dem Thema Fußball, Bundesliga, Fußball schauen, Fußball streamen, Fußball als Hobby, Amateur fußball Jeder Artikel soll 300 Wörter haben. Artikel sollen natürlich gut lesbar und eine minimum unique rate von 85 haben.

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    Top articles Gemeinschafts-Artikel