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    iOS/Android Application Developer 4 Tage left

    We are looking for an iOS / Android Application Dev...within radius (will be 1 (typical) – 5) / Search just in case also - if NO GPS provides a list of all items and search - Select Show - Play pre show MP3 - Play HOLD MP3 till start time and stop at show time - Play show MP3 (No Pause or resume needs to stay in sync with show run time) - Play post show MP3 Admin - Put in GPS location - Put in radius 1 – 10 miles - Show start time (via GPS clock) - Cellular to GPS clock sync - Pre show MP3 - HOLD MP3 - Show MP3 - Post show MP3 Server - Must run on Azure - Collect users’ location - Collect users device information - Collect how many people listened and maybe markers every so often to know for how long, specifically starts and ends be nice. Please let me know if y...

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    Molecular engineering is a crucial field that is constantly evolving. In specific, molecular engineering is defined as the field of study concerned with the design and testing of various molecular and cellular properties. This includes different molecular reactions or behaviors needed to assemble systems and processes required for life .Your task is to write a 2-page research paper (in MLA format) about any relevant topic of your choice in the field of Molecular Engineering. And most importantly You have to use images and properly cite them internally and in the Works Cited .Your Works Cited should be on its own separate page. It should be alphabetized with hanging indentations.

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    I am looking to have an SMS Gateway devel...NOT virtual numbers. Web backend will need to communicate with physical hardware: (Moden huawei e303, 3131 FOR EXAMPLE) The system has to be the same as sms-activate, sms hub, sms pva, please if you have this experience I am searching for coders experienced is USSD/AT commands. Heavy experience with GSM/CDMA cellular networks and sms gateway integration. Look at the websites I've posted above, put together a compatible hardware list for the web frontend&backend that you can design, and let me know how long it will take you to create this. I need an accurate estimate of time to complete this project (+/-) what programming languages you will be using and what hardware you recommend. Coders with NO EXPERIENCE IN SIMILAR...

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    I am seeking an experienced C# developer to assist with the integration of a cell counter machine into my existing software application. The objective is to establish a connection with the machine via Ethernet, send and receive data, and handle periodic data ...updates. Skills Required: Proficiency in C# programming language. Strong knowledge of TCP/IP networking and socket programming. Experience with hardware integration in software applications. Familiarity with data stream handling and implementing timeouts. Attention to detail and ability to follow documentation and specifications. The Machine details are as follow :- Make - UniCel DxH Coulter Cellular Analysis Systems, Model - DXH-800, IP Address - , Port No. xxx. 9:16, Have you worked for similar type of the project ?

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    Looking for email contacts in the cell phone trade-in and repair industry for the purpose of Sales and Marketing. We require more than 500 email contacts for our outreach campaign. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in lead generation and data mining, with a strong understanding of the cell phone trade-in and repair industry. Att...The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in lead generation and data mining, with a strong understanding of the cell phone trade-in and repair industry. Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry is a must. We need someone who can deliver the email contacts in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Businesses of interest are those that buy, sell, trade or repair wireless cellular telephones within the UNITED ST...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to write a personal article about the cellular and molecular pathology of cancer. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in biology, with a particular emphasis on cancer biology. Requirements: - Experience in writing scientific articles related to cancer biology - Ability to write in a tone that is both technical and conversational - Knowledge of cellular and molecular pathology of cancer - Ability to deliver high-quality work within the given timeframe If you have the necessary experience and skills to complete this project, please submit your application with details of your past work and relevant experience.

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    ...and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Australia) are not an internet or cell provider but can provide cellular, WIFI, GPS, and video-teleconferencing. Our solutions have been successfully tested and deployed in multiple states. Over the past 7 years, our solutions have also been adapted to moving vehicles and ambulances, RVs, cabins, campsites, and remote homes, including in rural Utah. I...

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    I want to build a device that is a cellular modem with an integrated fingerprint reader, capable of providing a secure and authenticated internet connection to a Windows-based PC. The device will also host an NFC interface and a Node.js webserver for device configuration. The device needs to be enclosed in a plastic casing with openings for the fingerprint reader, a USB port, a reset button, and an RGB status LED. There is an option to focus on a Lite version first that only supports the model with filtered domains (a sperate spec was uploaded for that as well)

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    I would like to have a transactional website for selling cellular devices online. You may copy this website to help. The site must be in Spanish, English and French. I would like all the cell phone models to be on the website with the description of the models including photo of the models I would need access to be able to modify the prices every weeks. The buyers would make the payment to the web site and he would have to choose to pick-up the device at 3 different addresses with a date of delivery they will have to choose. The 4th option will be to ship the device with a $20 extra fee.

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    ...breadth of knowledge on a topic. You may like to represent this as 4 different sub headings, but that is not necessary. How You could use powerpoint to create your infographic or there are a number of free online graphic design tools, such as Canva that you could try. Here is a list of some. The topics you can choose from are: Week 1 - Chemical bonds Week 1 - Atoms and elements Week 2 - Acids and bases Week 3 - Organic compounds Week 4 - Macromolecules Week 4 - Energy cycle (just pick one) Week 5 - Eukaryotes vs. Prokayotes Week 5 - Eukaryotic cell tour Week 6 - Cellular transport - I'm doing this one Week 6 - Cell communication Marking criteria You will be marked according to the following criteria: Visual attractiveness (20%) Accuracy of information (10%) Ho...

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    Hi, I'm reaching out from a company called Keycafe () We create electronic Smart boxes for keys so that car-sharing companies, apartments, or even vacation rentals can have a place to check keys in and out. Our Smartbox connects via cellular, WIFI/Ethernet, we would like to do some testing on the WIFI and cellular at one of our locations. You'll take notes and provide us with feedback as to how the system is operating. This will require an ON-site visit. The client is located in New Hampshire, US.

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    I'm looking to use my UNO R3 as a cellular controlled gate opening device. I would like to use something like the Sim 800L module to recieve a command to open or close the gate via text message and have the R3 output power to signal the corresponding solenoid for a set period of time. I do not need the unit to send a response back to confirm.

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    ...category and add it to the associated equipment accordingly by category. App needs ability to work offline in the event cellular data is unavailable storing information locally on the users device then uploading that data to a secure cloud such as AWS once cellular data becomes available. Once written, tags can only be edited by the App. Any NFC app will be able to read basic text information written to the tag by the App. Once written and uploaded to the cloud, tag data is stored by its unique serial number to a master database. Anyone with the App scanning the tag would see specific information about the tag stored in the cloud, provided they have cellular data, otherwise only basic information stored specifically on the tag itself could be read. Us...

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    We have to ping from cellular device phone to wireless router smartphone and laptop. provide simulation design in Cisco packet tracer Not too much complicated just ping smart phone from cellular tower to home wireless router smart phone

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    I attached a screenshot of ICONS that I would like made very similar but they need to be custom. Make all of the icons in the screenshot plus the following. no calories, no artificial ingredients, heart healthy, increases cellular oxygen, increases energy, laser focus, faster recovery, improves mood, enhances endurance, strengthens immune system, sustained energy, no crash, no jitters, tastes amazing, fat burner Please use Roboto font in all caps. I need the files in png, jpg, adobe illustrator, and Photoshop with both white and transparent backgrounds. Please show examples of your work.

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    A 3d cellular automaton model is being developed in pure C, in Windows 11, Eclipse CDT. There are bugs that avoid the full working of the simulation. The goal is to fix the code.

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    i need a website Beendet left

    hey , i need website for a product i want to promote the language i need is Hebrew the product is cellular booster i would like site like this one but i will be happy to see a catalog and i need to add paypemt i add you the product photo

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    Trophy icon Design LOGO, brand name: Yamboo Beendet left

    I am looking for a creative logo for my business, Yamboo. The size and scale needed for the logo would be for medium/flyers. I am open to any ideas for a logo color scheme and do not need a slogan or tagline to accompany the logo. If you feel you can create the perfect logo for my business, then I invite you to get in touch! The main product line of our brand is audio products. intercoms, walkie-talkie, Wireless cellular phone headsets, TWS headset, Personal headphones for sound transmitting apparatuses,Speakerphones 。

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    ...every 5 minutes. Each container should sense its door every 5 minutes. Sensors data should be reported to an IOT platform every 5 minutes. When any container's door opened, it should immediately report that on the IOT platform. The IOT platform should identify the evacuation process by knowing the status of the door and fill level. The sensors data should be reported to the IOT platform using the cellular network available in Saudi Arabia. All data reported to the IOT platform should be timestamped. The IOT platform should visualize the percentage of the fill level and door status. The IOT platform should list all reported data in a table format the contains the following: reading ID. Date. Time. Fill level. Door status. The containers might be placed in areas that can re...

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    -- Budget - $50 -- I'm looking for an expert to help with a configuration issue on our Cisco Router. We plan to use a cellular interface as the primary WAN and make use of both DHCP and SSH. The project requires someone who has experience configuring Cisco Routers and is knowledgeable in networking issues. Additionally, familiarity with cellular technology and general security measures would be beneficial. We are a fast-paced company and need a swift turnaround, so must be committed to getting the job done. If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch! I have played around with different configs and at some stage, I was able to ping from the CLI using a combination of the config between the attached three text files. If you need further information to unde...

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    PCB Design and layout from KiCad project files and generate manufacturing files. Requires experience with layout for the following: - Cellular modem with external cellular and gps antenna - USB, Ethernet, Micro SD - Power supply and Battery Charger - RS-232/RS485

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    I am looking to have an IOT device created that is no bigger than a cellular phone. The primary purpose of this device will be for security purposes, so it needs to be secure and reliable. 4G, LTE and 5G cellular connectivity is required for the device for full GPS tracking, along with a battery capable of powering the device for up to 20 days. I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me create this device as soon as possible(in 2 -3 weeks may be). If you are experienced and have the skills to meet my specifications, please apply for this job. This should securely connect AWS IOT core MQTT broker. Need hardware, firmware and secure connect. IOT features needed: 1. Full detailed GPS tracking 2. Thermocouple connectivity with Internal and external temperature 3. Tilt ...

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    Build a data generation model using cellular automata for highway speed control to minimize carbon energy consumption and commute time

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    Pressure readings Beendet left

    ...communicate to relay boards via modbus to control 40 solenoids and collect pressure readings 1 time a day from the 40 solenoids with a 5-minute pause between each sensor. It will then need to take samples every 30 min to record the readings on the vent riser. • Will need remote access login to download the collected data via cellular. For the first step I need the Aurduino Opta PLC to read the Dwyer sensor. I am still researching what output board to use and cellular board....

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    ...and Construction and the Last Mile; this promotes safety and process efficiency for direct cost savings and higher overall profitability. Accomplished with our pre-configured, portable, extensively validated, cell/satellite interfaced, mobile HOO-nahTM devices, and/or tailored connectivity consulting, design, and installation solutions, specifically adapted to your needs. Our multi-patented solutions (Europe, United States, Australia) are not an internet or cell provider but can provide cellular, WIFI, GPS, and video-teleconferencing. Our solutions have been successfully tested and deployed in multiple states. Over the past 7 years, our solutions have also been adapted to moving vehicles and ambulances, RVs, cabins, campsites, and remote homes, including in rural Utah. ...

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    Build an ISO for a raspberry pi (v4 with cellular notecard) to scan for unique cell phones in a specific range and log the unique phone ID and timestamps/ping (distance) from the raspberry pi and store in mysql database.

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    planning a safe wireless network of the fifth generation (5G) cellular communication for the SCADA system in the oil industry. The fifth generation 5G telecommunication infrastructure in a SCADA system optimally provides the relationship between remote terminals and the monitoring system. *** No agents messaging please, I only respond to specialists

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    Off grid solar station with an inverter connected to an external 3-pin socket need to track how many kWh's are discharged via the plug. Current thinking is tis might be a raspberry pi with a cellular modem, ideally connected to a clamp meter or similar Data sent to an IP address that can be accessed remotely in Excel or similar format. Does this sound achievable? If so, do you have any questions to be able to provide a quote. Ideal person is based in UK and able to help with hardware procurement and testing. Potential for future feature development Paul

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    I have a VPS running Ubuntu with IPsec (Strongswan) providing a VPN for two Cellular Modems which are behind CGNAT. I need it expanded for more modems and also add access for a Win10 client. It's been suggested to add OpenVPN for the Win10 access.

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    BJM Controls (2375581 Alberta Inc.) is working with a major Canadian oil company to test an IIOT application to collect remote well temperature information, display the information on a user interface and to relay an alert to operators via cellular network in the event of an alarm condition. We are experts in the design and implementation of industrial sensor to edge equipment but are less skilled on the cloud side of the IIOTs. Therefore, we are requesting a quote to develop an application as described in the attached.

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    Bluetooth Application to run on any Android phone, tablet or other android compatible device. Should allow connections to any/all SensorPush and HT.w sensors within Bluetooth range. When data is received from a sensor (about every 15 seconds), data is to be formatted (json) and transmitted via either or both HTTP and UDP protocols to a central server via either cellular or WiFi connection. Application user interface must allow for dynamic assignment of IP and Port address for UTP transmissions. Application must also allow for central server to configure the IP and Port for UDP transmissions dynamically. The bluetooth connections specifications for SensorPush devices are available at:

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    Trophy icon Need business identity created. Beendet left

    Need a business identity created for a cellular phone carrier. Company name is "Ocean Cellular". Need logo, font, color scheme, etc. Open to suggestions as to the colors and design, etc.

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    ...factors for the disease or condition. Common causes of the disease or condition. Risk factors for the disease or condition. Impact of age, Prevalence based on gender, Influence of environment, Genetic basis of disease, Lifestyle influences, All information supported by current literature. Pathophysiological Processes. In this section, you will need to discuss and describe changes that occur at the cellular, tissue, and/or organ level that contribute to the disease or condition process. Describe any adaptations that the cells undergo or specific body responses to the disease/condition. Try to relate the disease processes to what the nurse might see during assessment (signs and symptoms of the disease). Clinical Manifestations and Complications. In this section, you will need to...

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    Trophy icon Company Logo Beendet left

    Company name is Texas Drone Works. I am looking for a logo. We create digital 3D models of cellular towers for clients. We also use drone in mapping/surveying of areas. Currently no color scheme is in mind. It cannot look in any way like the ones posted below. No drone or towers in the logo Colors blue and grey or dark red and grey. needs a Logomark. no large state of Texas. DO NOT ASK ME TO AWARD YOU. I WILL AWARD WINNER AFTER CONTEST IS OVER AND FOR THE BEST DESIGN

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    We are looking to have a carrier board designed for the Raspberry pi 4 Compute Module. Required Features: 1 X Ethernet Port 1 X USB Typer-C (Power Only) 1 X USB Type-A 2 X LED indicators (Power and activity) Potentially adding integrated cellular module with sim slot. Can drop USB Type-A connection if this works. Ability to do a custom aluminium case design for this project will see your application highly regarded. We have many more project to come and a successful applicant will see them highly prioritised for future projects.

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    Hello I need to refresh a view which controls and displays the phone settings state and the permissions granted to the application to be able to work properly. In this view, the user can see what action he must do and why he must do it. Phone settings control: - Power mode (not in low power) - Wifi or Cellular data (must be enabled) - Bluetooth (must be enabled) App permission control: - Bluetooth - Location access - Precise location - Notification - Background app refresh - Movement & fitness Must be coded in Swift 5, Xcode 14 and for iOS 14 to the newest.

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    1.a Wound healing; exosomes play a role in angiogenesis, cell proliferation and differentiation, cellular inflammation and death, so therapeutic possibilities abound 1.b Surgical reconstruction: exosomes have been shown to induce proliferation and migration of vascular endothelial cells and reduce cell apoptosis . There is a similar subtitle heading on the article that will be relevant to your subtitle below. Make sure you are keeping track of your references as you write. Rather than number the references, put the last names of the authors in parenthesis next to each relevant sentence as you write so we can align all the references when we put the articles together.

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    About Into the Dermis: skin care, injectables, skin, health, cells Project Description: Something abstract, shapes that you see under a microscope, layers of skin, cellular matrix, scaffolding (referring to collagen).

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    We have a website where we sell cellular phones, internet, and accessories. We need someone with extensive experience with Google Adwords and who can set up and manage our Ad Campaigns. I need someone that can START RIGHT NOW!

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    Preferred : Dusseldorf , Germany / Romania , can be other EU country as well Basic Tier 1 / 2 support with trouble shooting experience, basic backgroun...protocols, Linux & SQL/DB query ,pulling logs. Tier 1 / Tier 2 support Identify faults Troubleshoot problems Linux Software upgrade Knowledge with Kubernetes environment Basic Knowledge with Cellular network architecture , basic understanding of call flow. Basic knowledge with IMS, VoLTE Ability to work with DB (build and run sql query) SW Maintenance SW troubleshooting SW upgrades Basic Knowledge in cellular network Ability to work with DB (build and run sql query) Experience with Tier1/2 support Troubleshooting skills Linux Kubernetes Cellular 4G & 5G architecture Cellular...

    €18 - €36 / hr
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    €18 - €36 / hr
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    ...someone who successfully completes the test. You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: 1. What is your sex and age? In which country do you live now? 2. Do you play games on any of your personal devices? How much time do you play on each specific device per week on average? 3. How often do you make purchases/pay for services online (including utility services, cellular communications, etc.)? 4. Do you have any children? If yes, how old is the child/children who live with you? If you have more than one child living with you, please list the age of each child...

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    ...Another function you need to do not forget when buying a notebook is net connectivity. You will discover that a popular manner for humans to work in recent times is with a wifi-enabled pocket book at a wi-fi hotspot (which includes in coffee shops, restaurants, libraries and airports). If you're shopping for an older used pocket book, you may have to get an extra wifi-card if you want to have the cellular connectivity supplied via this era. Also, you may locate that most motels nowadays offer high-pace net get admission to but it's also thru a wifi connection. And finally, you want to remember what other options you want in your pocket book computer. Do you need a CD writer or will you need to report DVDs? Do you need top class sound? How massive of a disk drive do you...

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    codesys IOT library need help with programming a communication to a Cellular modem

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    Our concept is a Micro mobility system. Smart bikes are distributed around the city for customer use and the customer can access the bike through a mobile application. The embedded system control board installed in each bike connects the bike to the control room and performs various tasks. The board consists of the following sections 1. Cellular communication module with built-in GPS/GNSS receiver: The module should be 4G compatible and should have a built-in GNSS or GPS receiver. The main peripherals of the module will be a Sim card slot, GSM and GPS antennas, Status led indicators, and a reset button. This module should be connected serially to the microcontroller, consisting of a base application code. 2. Solid state relays: Four relays on the board ...

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    ...check the application logs created by the background process. The real to-do is working in background. The background process periodically checks the url (which can set and save on the settings page) Calling the Url gives as result normal json array output. You can walk away on the array, whitch contains messages and phone numbers. The background process have to send out the sms-s (using the cellular phone's api). From the customer (who will become an sms) will be seems if the phone holder sent the sms. (it is important, because this app will run on the customer-service phone. After sending an sms (and it has some status) it have to be send back to the REST api on the same url (to save the results). The background process results (started, found x items, item result is .....

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    3 files Beendet left

    Fix of 1. Console price sheet - 30 (Spelling Error) 2. New Apple - FREE (Spelling Error) 3. Apple Watch Price Sheet - 85 (A whole column was removed (AJ), which fully messed the formulas in P, plus names changed in G, for ex. Watch Series 7 (45mm) >> became >>Watch Series 7 (45mm) (Cellular) and Watch Series 7 (45mm) (WIFI) etc. )

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    I need assistance with a fairly decent sized project that includes accessing information on my cellular device, in addition to analyzing and editing a phone scan report.

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    Hi Hiroshi N., im looking for some one to setup for me rasbery pc with windows and cellular usb, i well send all the equepment you just have to setup and get payed mothly.

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    Hi Markus Karl W.,, im looking for some one to setup for me rasbery pc with windows and cellular usb, i well send all the equepment you just have to setup and get payed mothly.

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