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    ********************************** Texto Italiano vedi in giù ********************************** Meine in VB.NET geschriebene Applikation, die WinForms und die Komponenten von DevExpress mit XPO nutzt, soll komplett auf Webanwendung in Visual Studio C# umgeschrieben werden. Die neue Webanwendung möchte ich auf einem Webserver wie z.B. Azure oder anderen hosten. Als Datenbank soll ein SQL-Server dienen. Anforderungen: a) Alle Funktionen aus der WinForms Anwendung müssen übernommen / umgeschrieben werden b) Aktuelle Access-MDB muss samt Daten übernommen werden (Optimierungen möglich) c) Einsatz der aktuellsten Programmierstandards in Visual Studio mit C# d) Zu diskutieren: GUI in ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET WebForms, Angular, Xamarin etc.? e) Trennung GUI von Bus...

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    Converting an existing VBA script to OpenOffice Calc Basic. Script compares column a with column b - > result is tab of ident field and one tab with unident fields Private Sub CB_Start_Click() Dim x As Double Dim y As Double Dim z As Double Dim a As Double Dim b As Double Dim c As Double x = 2 z = 1 b = 1 Sheets(3). Sheets(4). y = 1 Do For a = 3 To 4 Sheets(a).Cells(1, y).Value = Sheets(1).Cells(1, y + 1).Value Next a y = y + 1 Loop Until Sheets(1).Cells(1, y + 1).Value = "" Do y = 2 a = 0 Do c = 1 If Sheets(1).Cells(x, 2).Value = Sheets(1).Cells(y, 1).Value Then If Sheets(3).Cells(z, 1).Value <> "" Then z = z + 1 Do Sheets(3).Cells(z, c).Value

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    This contract includes a conversion from a zip archive to a ipa file. I have an app developed in Apache Cordova for iOS. Unfortunately, my programmer and I have no Apple Developer Account. For this reason, we can not export the app as ipa file. Now I need someone who can convert the app from a zip file to a ipa file for testing. About an offer I would be very happy. If you need more information, you can contact me. --- German version --- Dieser Auftrag umfasst eine Konvertierung von einem zip-Archiv zu einer ipa-Datei. Ich habe eine App entwickeln lassen in Apache Cordova für iOS. Leider hat mein Programmierer und ich keinen Apple Developer Account. Aus diesem Grund können wir nicht die App als ipa-Datei exportieren. Jetzt brauche ich jemand, der zum testen die App von ...

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    ...Design/Customization can be choosen between print and embroidery. If embroidery is choosen the uploaded picture or text of the customer has to be shown as an digital embroidery (just like , you can take a normal .JPEG and try it yourself) on the product they have choosen. And of course the location of this customization can be choosen by the customer. The hardest point is the digital converting of the JPEG to an embroidery. I uploaded a picture how it looks on ...

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    9 Angebote on is a smaller one and theres just not as much demand for a tool like this. Heres the link to the existing project (it's all in english): At the end of the first post you can find the C# Source for download. The Program has a few small bugs when it comes to converting the money, probably because of some small things that the developer didnt notice right away when he developed the program. So i.e. if a player has exactly €10.00 the poker platform doesnt show it in this format but as €10 and since the program matches the values with regex its probably getting confused at this point because it shows 10€ = 1,00 instead of 10€ / 0.02 = 100 BB I have also attached

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    Dear Applicants, currently we are looking for someone / team that is capable of converting a homepage concept (see Appendix) with design and implement/program work. Design and implementation/programming must come from a single source/provider. Ideally with a German speaking contact. Price by negotiation VG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Liebe Interessenten, derzeit suchen wir jemanden / Team, das in der Lage ist folgendes Konzept (siehe Anhang) zu designen und umzusetzen. Idealerweise mit deutschem Ansprechpartner. Umsetzung im Ausland um die Kostenvorteile zu nutzen. Preis nach Verhandlung VG

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt 'Converting a iPad-App into a web-App V1'

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    Video Converting Beendet left

    Wir suchen jemand, der uns mit ffmpeg oder mencoder ein einfaches Bashscript schreibt, welches ein beliebiges Video in ein H.264 Video umwandelt. Was nach einer einfachen Kommandozeile aussieht, ist mehr viel Know-How. Das Output Movie sollte best effort sein, aber gleichzeitig eine so kleine Datengrösse wie möglich aufweisen. Das Projekt ist also mehr ein Beratungsmandat mit diversen Vorschlägen.

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    pdf to word 6 Tage left

    i am change and converting to pdf to word can you send me a file i cconverting to word

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    We are getting a back log and cant keep up building cad models from 3d scans. Looking for someone that can help us speed up the process. Prefer to use fusion 360 to build the models so we have design history. These are propriety models so NDA will need to be implemented. Please do not contact us unless you have extensive practice at this process as dimensional accuracy is critical for manufacturing. If the right candidate can be found there will be continuous work, Ideally flat rate per model. Looking to build a long term partnership with the right individual/team. Must be able to speak clear English and provide examples of previous work. Must have Active Fusion 360 Account to pass files back and forth. Thanks For your time Jesse

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    Hi, I have a thinkscript indicator that I will like to convert into Pinescript. Let me know if you have this skill

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    USAmeriCare -- 2 6 Tage left
    VERIFIZIERT on Life Insurance, both Term and Whole Life including Final Expense plans. Success within these markets will lead to additional projects created for Fixed Indexed Annuities, Disability, Critical Illness, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Advantage plans. I have no interest in PPC programs, campaigns, or conversations. We're looking to generate and increase the number of "quality converting" leads for our sales team through Facebook with consideration of other Social Media programs. This project includes the following: - Outstanding creativity and communications through Social Media; Facebook driving traffic to - Creating outstanding email templates and SMS in support of our current "lead purchase" programs. I ...

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    I have about 290 lines of program code written in solidity. I just need to develop the same program using rust for solana blockchain

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    I have a current website on old platform that looks dated. I have started converting it to a standard squarespace design but just need someone to help with a list of minor things I can't be bothered working out myself. All static pages. I have all the words just fine just need some help with a few formatting things etc. Current website is

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    We’re looking for a developer to convert our existing Create React App website into NextJS for the purpose of improving our website speed and SEO. Our Tech Stack * React * Redux * Firebase * Node What we’re looking for * NextJS * Redux * Firebase

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    I have small 6 lines htaccess and I need some one expert converting that htaccess into nginx config. This is my config Options -Multiviews <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-s RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1 [QSA,NC,L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [QSA,NC,L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -s RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [QSA,NC,L] </IfModule>

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    need someone to convert 1 simple slide from psd to ppt. Need this completed now.

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    My query is : I want to make a project that works to convert any website / webpage into Readability view mode. Example Like see in the image '' and '' Now i want to done this task Via two option : ...for understanding purposes. Final Word : i want output of any website webpage content URL like i showed in '' and '' Means in output there will be three things only : 1. Main Heading 2. Main Image 3. & Content / Details Additional Tip : 1.) This project may be done in any language Like PHP, JS, jQuery, ASP according to developers 2.) Speed of task (Converting to readable) must be very Quick and Fast. 3.) Some Libraries i found on Internet and GitHub may be useful for you

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    Looking for a MicroStation / Autodesk REVIT experts to convert the files for 3D printing and 3D Model.

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    I have a tradingview pinescript code for an indicator that I would like converting to Ninjatrader 8. If you have the skills to then turn the ninjatrader source code into a strategy based on parameters I give you then please let me know as that will help your application.

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    We have a new design that has already been converted in to HTML. We need this converting into a Prestashop (v1.7.8.1) theme. Here is the new design: All the other pages e.g. CMS pages and checkout pages need to match our existing design at

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    I want a specialist to promote my affiliate link, knowing that I do not own a blog or website or anything else. I want to promote my affiliate link. I will give it to you directly without converting you to a blog or site. I work as an affiliate marketer. Please help me accept the person who promotes through Facebook ads or other sites Ways to promote I want to get the highest percentage of sales

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    I have an assessment on Typeform and would like to automate the result to a customised email with customise report. Preferable converting the individual report into a radar chart. The workflow will be as such: 1. Once the person complete the assessment in Typeform (we're open to suggestion to use other suitable user-friendly platforms), they will receive an automated email acknowledging the receipt of the assessment and the result is being tabulated. 2. Another email will be sent to show the result of the assessment (Radar chart) along with some suggested "solutions" for them. 3. The result will also be stored in my Google Drive for reference and some details will be stored in Mailchimp

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    All code prepared according to display 16*2 CONVERT into 6nos 7 segment display

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    Converting Industrial Sketches in 3D perspective Prototype with render's perspective Project. from Purses to Blankets Furnitures etc... Price budget goes from small to big! lets say from $50 to $300.

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    Javascript (Front End Developer) 2 Tage left

    ...include design, development, testing and launching of high-quality front-end pages. Send an artifact of your work or link to a website or portfolio developed using the following: JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue. Qualifications: - Proficiency with JavaScript, jQuery, React, Vue (other necessary JavaScript libraries and frameworks) - Familiar with Git, MemberStack, Webflow - Comfortable in using/converting PSD files (photoshop) as objects to the website - Keen eye for detail and design aesthetics - Excellent communication and collaboration skills Plus points for: - Attention to UI and UX details - Knowledge and/or interest in music...

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    We have a large WPF application that we want to make cross-platform(Win7-11 + macOS). We have chosen to use the UNO platform to achieve this. As none of the team is skilled in UNO/winui we want help from an experienced developer that can get us up and running quickly.

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    I want an Animation video designer to design a small video for about 5 or 7 seconds, and a logo inspired by the animation design The idea: The beginning of the video will be in a lecture hall wit...student heads in the lecture hall and when it sits close to the professor, He will throw the stick away then start to transform into a muscular shape with fire and lighting effects, shreds his clothes and doing the muscle flex pose like in the picture in the attachment, then lastly the scene will get blurred around the professor and the text "الخلاصة مع Shady" appear as same as the attached photo converting this last scene into the circle logo. Note: The professor's clothes are white trousers and black pants. Note: The professor's face will look like the person in th...

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    I have some JSON with an order number and a project ID. The project ID is part of a download URL. For each order number I want to download artwork from a URL, generate a PDF barcode and zip them together into a zip archive with the order number being the file name of the archive. shell_exec isn't an option to use for this project, so...generate a PDF barcode and zip them together into a zip archive with the order number being the file name of the archive. shell_exec isn't an option to use for this project, so there's two options for this: 1) do it entirely with PHP 2) create a shell script If you do it with a shell script barcode is installed on VPS. I've been using it like this for example ode -b 10035 -o Then converting postscript to PDF ps2pdf Sample ...

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    I have amibroker formula already coded and i want to convert it to an indicator with trial version for one month

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    ...restart this business and make it slowly profitable for the long term. The shops should be able to sell in the European market with products in demand, as well upsell products. The main targets: - Good margin products - Fast delivery - Great quality - High customer experience As the project manager to kick off this project, you will be responsible for the following: - Oversee selection of a high converting, customer friendly and SEO attractive webshop template design - Oversee the developer team to implement and set up the Magento webshop with this template - Oversee selection of the first product sourcing, select the market segment and find good products which help to get the first sales - Oversee the marketing set up, with e-mail marketing, as well social media marketing - Ma...

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    I am looking for a virtual assistant for day-to-day official work. Job Description: - Work status Update - Attending Online Meetings (Zoom, Google Meet Calls) - Making Notes and converting them to Schedule tasks and points to remember - Online Research (Google, Amazon etc) - Reading and Sending Emails (Gmail) - Social Media Post creation - Listing and Posting Work (Ecommerce Portals) - Maintaining Social Media Activities - etc We prefer candidate know: - Photoshop - Social Media Presence - Word Excel - Email Handling etc. Mention "Social" in your bid proposal so that we know that you read the project. This is long-term work. So bid only if you are a good and responsible VA and agree with all the terms. - Please bid if you are an individual VA and can work 3-5 hrs. a day....

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    We have a new product which will be launched as a SaaS applicat...(Source File and Map File) and fill few fields. 3. Run an existing python Count function to count the number of elements used in the Source File. (This Function is written already) 4. Creating new invoice based on the number of elements extracted from step 3 and send invoice by email to client for payment 5. When payment is done, application will run another existing Python function which will be converting the Source File and Map file to a Target File. 6. Customer can look at the exchange_job portal and download the target file. At any time customer can see the previous jobs ran in his/her profile or see the previous exchangedJobs, invoices etc in his/her account. Few Forms are already written as you see in uploade...

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    Hello there, Paytr has released a payment module for xenforo. We are looking for a person who can organize this module according to iyzico APIs and run it for iyzico. The module is here and it's free, you can download and examine it and decide if you can.

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    Data entry 1 Tag left

    Do data entry typing work and data entry. Do you need someone to execute your job as if you have done it yourself? Indeed, you are right where administrative tasks with extensive skills in any type of data entry, data analysis, data mining, data collection, web research, virtual assistant and admin support work. My basic Gig is for 10$ only. My administrations incorporate yet not constrained to: •Data Entry Typing Work •Data Mining •Copy Paste •Data Entry Job •Data Scraping •Internet Research •Data Collecting Job •Document Converting Job •Manually typing data. •Data Entry Copy Paste Contact Details from Websites •Data Entry •PDF scanned paper to Excel For further clarification kindly contact me so we can ...

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    PDF to excel -- 2 1 Tag left

    * Data Entry & Virtual Assistance * Database & Information Gathering * Translation & Transcription * Converting PDF files into any other Format * Editing PDF Files * Research & Web Search & Internet Research * Copy Typing * Microsoft Office Suite* en français * info graphiste

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    PDF to excel 1 Tag left

    * Data Entry & Virtual Assistance * Database & Information Gathering * Translation & Transcription * Converting PDF files into any other Format * Editing PDF Files * Research & Web Search & Internet Research * Copy Typing * Microsoft Office Suite

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    Product Description Writer 5 Stunden left

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me write some product descriptions. I would like the descriptions to be professional, persuasive, emotional with the objective of converting a sale. Please quote me your rate for 2000 characters. Product descriptions must be close to 2000 characters but no more than 2000 characters. Here is an example of the end result that I would like: When we were growing up, things were always made from scratch. We all sat down to eat dinner together and mom made the best pastries on our street. Inspired by the beautiful family recipe books handed down from my mother, I dreamed of helping others to create the kind of handwritten memories that spoke so deeply to them. We've taken great care to create this recipe binder to ho...

    €2 - €7 / hr
    Versiegelt NDA
    €2 - €7 / hr
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    We are wanting to take our proposal to the next level. Our proposal outlines our specific job duties. We are wanting...change. -The pictures under "[Company Name]" can be changed/upgraded as they are just downloaded images as well. If you like the idea of having images on your design, they must be accounting/bookkeeping related images, professional, and clean. Your design does not have to have images like this, it was just what we did as a first draft. -We will be converting the Word document to a PDF, so please make sure your formats will not be messed up when converting from word to pdf. -We want the proposal to remain in Word, so that we can make edits if and when necessary (i.e. pricing could change, company name can change, job duties might have to be moved aro...

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    20 Einträge

    The profile in Telegram PC contains a folder "tdata" with encrypted files. I need to decrypt the files in this folder in order to get the keys to access the telegram api. In other words to authorize in telegram without using the client. I need a working tool for this.

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    Converting XD Design to Flutter

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    We need a rockstar social media marketer who is proactive and can take charge and execute monthly marketing campaigns for a voice technology company. Must be fluent in English for writing copy. Must also know how to create social media posts that are engaging and converting Ongoing monthly marketing campaigns for a voice technology company. The campaigns include marketing collateral creation for organic and paid social media, email campaign, digital ad creation for online magazines, holiday messaging, daily monitoring, weekly analytical reports. The platforms used will be LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Posting frequency will be at minimum 3 times in a week (days TBD via strategy). Marketing collateral will include graphics and video, plus messaging. You will follow a campai...

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    Video Streaming Beendet left engineer with expertise in implementing and optimizing minimal-delay video streaming solutions using technologies such as RIST, SRT, RTSP, and RTP, including transmission over peer-to-peer connections. Experience using Janus WebRTC Server, GStreamer, and FFMPEG is also a requirement. The ideal candidate would have reasonable comfortability in processing streams from capture devices and converting encoded streams for playout. Ideally, this candidate would be familiar with transport protocols and may be asked to implement custom transport protocols or tune existing protocols. Familiarity with third-party streaming service APIs such as AWS Chime, Agora, Zoom, and MS Skype are additional bonuses. We could use a freelancer to help out on this project, but we are also conside...

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    For this project I’m asking for those Individuals that are familiar and experienced with PDF and converting template file. We need a fill in template, similar to an application you would fill out on paper. The only difference with this is that we need it be viewed through an email where applicants can fill in the app without altering any questions or the design of the fill in template. I will pay a flat rate of $25.00 for this simple project. I also have 1 already partially done. If you fully understand and get the concept please apply for this job. Thanks!

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    I need help converting a basic excel template into a functioning tool. Tool meaning something that has various automated features and looks beautiful, including dashboard etc. If risk assessment is unfamiliar to you, you will have to discuss with me a lot to understand the purpose. It would important to understand that I would need 2 or 3 iterations as we test certain ideas and add/remove functions as the concept develops. (But the concept for the first iteration is already defined). In terms of excel, I am looking for help on programming functions ranging from drop-down menus and automatic greying of cells, to having functional buttons and the ability to generate reports (or summaries) based on data entered elsewhere in the sheet. I'll share more detail with potential bi...

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    Hi, Please: if you do not have an idea about CFG, then do not try, becaus...Type. CloseCurelyParenthesis } Statements[7]= { 7, {}, {}, {], Type. CloseCurelyParenthesis } I hope this explains the idea .. _________________________________________ There are many tools that could be used to generate a CFG such as: Frama-C, CLang, Understand Code (SciTools). _________________________________________ The input is any C project code. The output is data structures, without converting it to Basic Blocks. _________________________________________ Article about CFG: _________________________________________ Please, if you do not have an idea about CFG, then it is better not to submit a proposal _________________________________________ Thanks

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    12 Angebote, you will get recurring work from us. We are a company, NOT END CLIENTS. So don't expect end client level of pressure, behaviour or payment from us. You are joining an honest team for recurring work. Its not a get rich quick scheme. 1. Payment to be done: a> INR400/screen for API+UX b> INR300/screen for API and backend integrations & dynamic widgets implementation c> INR100/screen for converting figma or XD UI into UX. d> INR 900 per project for rebranding codecanyon flutter ecommerce project, usually takes 2-6 hours to complete. e> INR 1800 per project for rebranding codecanyon 3 app system projects - usually takes a day to two to complete 2. Must have experience with Dynamic Widgets package of Flutter 3. Must be able to complete UX and API imp...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 Angebote

    I have an access form that I programmed many years ago and I need some assistance with setting up some arrays and calculations, and converting time entered as 5th of a second to 10th of a second for calculations. I haven't worked with VB in about 10 years so I'm rusty and need some assistance. Thank you.

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 Angebote

    Converting the Figma files into Responsive HTML website using bootstrap, Jquery, Javascript. I created a PPT with all pages ( All pages from a similar website just for reference) - so you need to create all pages similar to the attached PPT with a new look from Figma. Desktop prototype – Mobile prototype – Please login with into Figma info at inreach1234

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    Blog Ghostwriter Beendet left

    I am looking for a blog writer who can write me articles related to the following: Preventing Vibrating Noise Within the Workplace Face shields VS Face Mask What is adhesive Converting? Not All Masking Tapes Are Created The Same. One of our main competitors for flow ideas is I would like these articles to be both technical as well as communicate to the general public. Size between 1000 and 1500 words min This could turn into a regular contract depending upon results. Please provide bid per blog. Can you help me with this?

    €27 (Avg Bid)
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    39 Angebote