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    ...Language: English - You must have excellent English & communication skills Page Type: Plain PHP/ No CMS - You will be using our framework DB Type: MySQL Budget: $150 Task: 1) Create 5 Data Tables 2) Create 3 Data Entry Forms 3) High quality data insertion & update sql queries. You must be able to start immediately &a...

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    ...Programadores en Base de Datos Oracle para el Àrea de [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]:- Experiencia comprobada en Desarrollo de Bases de Datos.- Sólidos conocimientos de Oracle.- Manejo de Oracle Forms y Reports.- Conocimientos en Seguros (preferiblemente con experiencia en Rector y/o Acsel).- Conocimientos Modelado BD (Entidad Relación).- Habituado a documentar el de...

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    ...Language: English - You must have excellent English & communication skills Page Type: Plain PHP/ No CMS - You will be using our framework DB Type: MySQL Budget: $150 Task: 1) Create 5 Data Tables 2) Create 3 Data Entry Forms 3) High quality data insertion & update sql queries. You must be able to start immediately &a...

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    ...and filter data to reproduce a Gravity Form for each sheet. __A software is needed, not the end result__ The excel file (xls 2003 to 2007) will contain more than one sheet. Most sheets are forms, a sheet contains all definitions for selections. Step 1) Parse the excel file to build a PHP array with all extracted information: - data to reproduce

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    I need a developer to make a data entry system using codeigniter to enter data on my database

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    16 Angebote Also these screen/pages should be in form format where we can exchange values with asp .net json data calling from server Only bid if you understand fully, no time wasters please. Check this link for help. Do not hesitate to contact. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    Convert ecommerce admin display pages to MVC 6.0 bootstrap using purchased admin template as guide. Must be able to identify possible improvements to legacy UI for conversion to bootstrap. US East Coast hours preferred. See screen captures as example of what we are looking for. Large project hundreds of pages. No programming required, only working on display views.

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    Quote application Beendet left

    ... Java, PHP, MySQL Programming, SQL Server PROJECT DETAILS (Time Off application and Mobile app): To develop a DB driven web application to request a personal line insurance quote (car or home owner), rate the request based on 2 different rate engines (Choicepoint or ISO Verisk), create a quote, process to accept or decline a quote, create a policy

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    We have a site We are a Christian Ministry... We need a programmer 30 hrs a month guaranteed. We want to pay $5 a hour, give you a project to do now and see what you know. we have had bad experiences with so called experts. If you work out, you will be our consultant and programmer. We are a fast growing company.

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    need somebody help me to complete a a task in Gravity Form.

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    PHP Based Forms Beendet left

    We require few PHP based forms to be developed for a business application. Initial scope is 2 medium and 2 low complexity forms. Datamodel and UI designs are ready for a developer to code.

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    Design si functionalitate il avem trebuie doar partea de programare php mysql: pe scurt se introduc date prin forms dupa o anumita logica dupa care se genereaza si se listeaza pe imprimanta pdfuri, se salveaza datele introduse in baza de date de unde pot fi incarcate din nou pe baza de cautare.

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    ...meaningful project. Custom Gravity Forms feature has been developed and functions well (product addition in WooCommerce). The task is to make sure it successfully survives the latest vendor module update. Gravity Forms experience is a must. With you bid please submit at least one (2 max) most challenging Gravity Forms project you successfully completed

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    Support making info path and sharepoint software into highly professional site. InfoPath form and sharepoint design has been done but needs branding and someone to help make it professional packaged product

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to fill forms on my website. To enter data that I'm giving him and submit. Really simple. - YOU WILL CONNECT TO MY COMPUTER AND DO IT FROM THEIR. YOU WILL CONNECT WITH TEAM VIEWER

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    We have a number of application forms in pdf that we would like converting to interative pdfs with Adobe echosign functionality. There are 10 forms with approx 3-4 pages in each.

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    I have xml config files for IP Phones, I need a database that manage them and export the xml file in the correct format. I have worked with this but I can not get the VBA code correct to property export the xml file. I want to be able to manage the phones and use a form to modify information that needs to be changed based on the specific phone and generate an new XML config file. The file needs ...

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    Client Side Validation and Effects depending the client options selected using JQuery, Java Script, BootStrap, CSS 3, HTML 5

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    I have built a c# winform application that needs to access real-time updates. I need to access this real time data from more than one API and manage the data on multiple threads. I have done most of the work I just need to understand the architectural patterns required.

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    I need an expert php / mysql programmer to create a web based database application . It will include an admin page for entry of parameters for drop downs etc. Then there will be 4 other forms for data entry AND correction. There will also be a simple report page that will export a report to email or pdf etc. Time scale is very important

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    ...months. We are looking for individuals to provide UI/Front-end development. You should be able to create properly styled HTML5 layouts with supporting CSS. Portions of the application requires AJAX knowledge to process certain forms and data-entry validation. Basic knowledge of jQuery, JSON, and AJAX is a requirement. Additionally, we expect Bootstrap

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    I have the following Gravity Form with a page: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I would like this document converted to PDF with all content shown, not just the fields! I would like once submit button is clicked that : 1. The document is automatically emailed to administrator 2. A download to PDF option is shown in the thank you page for the person who filled out the form.

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    I need to create job description and performance appraisal forms for training manager and training officer based on the tasks and competencies in the first part of the project. I need complete job description form with job purpose, responsibilities, job authorities, key challenges, key deliverable and KPIs. Also the performance appraisal should

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    This is a basic customization to an already custom plugin i wrote. It has to "schedule daily" the syncing of a gravity form to an internal database. This connection is now continuous. It has to be recallable with a cron service, or on deband.

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    There is a field that is not sending correctly from the form. It takes information from all the fields and collates it into one entry.

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    We have several pre-printed forms we need converted to Excel and we need a Excel/Word quote template finished.

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    I already developed a mobile app and want to add the attached functionalities to it using JSON web service, the max. budget is $75

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    I need someone that knows how to: -search in Google -send messages through contact forms -copy and paste -follow simple directions

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    Need custom fixes and creation or modification of forms, db, validation and integration into existing CRUD application. Must be fluent in jQuery, core PHP and MySQL. You need to pass live competency trial on Skype with share screen. We provide the code necessary. Must speak excellent English and communicate via Skype voice (no text)No laptop

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    [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Contact Us Form] [Order Form] They Function, but I donot get a E Mail in my in Box.

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    I have a WP site and I require someone experienced in Optinmonster/ Campaign Monitor. Both are and ready to go.. - I require 3 pop ups to be created that will supply a message and then specific PDF document sent to email address. - I also require 2 Contact Us forms (for an existing link) plus another Contact us form with button.

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    I need a design for a script we created. I wan't something more professional looking and modern. Attached you find some images what i mean. I need a complete design for the 2 Fiels with the forms + then for the form below + the 2 big buttons and 3 small support buttons I need the elements ready to implement into the site!

    €33 - €272
    €33 - €272
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    Various projects from building order forms to organizing planning agendas for trade shows

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    We are looking for a Google sheets expert that can write required php code and guide us in the right direction to once again be able to export data directly from our PHP booking form to the (New!) google sheets. Previously this was done through ZEND framework, using "old" google sheets, but that option is no longer working. Pls note that we only

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    I have approximately 150 scanned forms that I need inputting into excel. The forms were used to collect feedback from testing a new soft drink with people. Each form asks the same questions and then has a section where the reader inputted numbers relating to how much they like the three flavoured soft drinks they tried. I need the handwritten

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    This small task is part of a bigger project, in that moment, we need some help in order to development an especific feature that is responsable to load an excel spreadsheet wit a big number of lines that contain credit and redemptions "fidelity points" for the customers in a specific companys fidelity program. Pay attention for de business rules that is so importante to be implemented ...

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    19 Angebote the Application Forms and Layouts only, NO VB Coding for functionality. Job 1. Developer will design the Application Forms and Layouts only, NO VB Coding for functionality. 2. The Project should be compatible with Visual Studio 2013 which creates .sln project file. 3. Developer should create attractive and professional forms design with own imagination

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    We are looking to create a mobile application for use in our company. the application will run on windows mobile 6.1 professional on the Motorola MC 70 device The application is basically a main screen where the user will select from multiple modules. each module is basically a form that will ask of the employee for data entry including barcode scans

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    Able Mabel is an I...out in the field to fill forms out and have them submitted to an email address for the office to print out and fill. We will also need the client to be able to sign or initial in certain areas. If possible we are also looking for a scheduling software. Something that can be done on a tablet. I will add a copy of one of our forms.

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    I will provide text for you to bulk post/submit on websites' contact forms. You post the text into them and submit. You do this in bulk. I will pay you $10 every time you get 1000 submissions. You must provide an excel spreadsheet report every 1000 submissions with the website, date, search term used, and a link to a screenshot. No duplicates from

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    Hi, am in need of pretty and creative login, registration, password reset forms and user profile templates (HTML5/CSS3). Available?

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    I need to design some forms in a very professional way in a website.

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    Rewrite this page [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and the forms results page [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] to any modern code that generates the same form. I will need to be able to alter the text over time.

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    We need to create a few mail chimp custom forms. Very simple job.

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    Hello, You will have to fill forms and surveys. You will be paid upto 10 Euros survey depending on the kind of offer. You will get free gifts and stuff along the way too. You need to do minimum three offers to get paid around 30 Euros.

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    I need a JavaScript for form validation and small CSS fix, SharePoint using Third Party Application.

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    I purchased a perl script for making banners. I wrote the PHP scripts necessary for the attractive delivery of the banner creating options - the forms for data entry to create the selected banner. I need someone to do what is necessary to integrate the perl into the PHP script so it functions as a part of the site, and not as an external stand

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    Hi, Wij hebben een gravity forms formulier nodig met ongeveer 16 vragen met conditionele logica. In de bijlage de vragen. Alvast bedankt.

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    I am using a paid wordpress template and have replaced the form it came with to the Gravity Forms plugin. Everything works and looks ok apart from the next/previous and submit buttons! (see image). Gravity forms own css "aligncenter" is being ignored. Ideally, I would like them "center", and next to each other in desktop and mobile. But I think

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    ...into a google docs to look the same. 2. write a script to: -every time a new response is submitted from a google from(ive created) enter the data collected into various fields in the google doc. -create a counter that goes up each time a form is submitted and add it into doc for unique ID on each doc. -convert file to a .pft - save .pdf to google

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