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    ...following project is aimed ONLY at creative developers. Please don't waste our time, we are a private firm looking for a true developer. The project we have in line is to create our front page. We want a tidy, slick and creative design for a creative and humerous blogging site. The site will only have a number of bloggers, so the front page will

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    Graphics help Beendet left

    Need someone to create a logo with an oldtime theme - using girls that look similar to the Vargas girls of the 40s. I will upload a sample of the kind of girls (design) I'm looking for - will discuss in detail once we decide to work together. Just need help with the one graphic image. Thanks!

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    ...Login to your websites control panel and create a database (do not forget to have a user, and grant the user permission to use the database). For information on how to create a database visit [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Step 2. Open [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and edit the variables for your information. Step 4. Upload all the files to your server and run

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    ...need you to design the look of the pages. I do need you to create the dynamic parts and use a look I create. We would have to be able to work together. Marketing copy. (nothing you need to do) Area with link to "Find Service by Zip Radias area". - users can search for free but must create user/pass Vendors Signup area - Marketing copy. - vendor

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    logo and web site Beendet left

    Logo and Web Creation Stages: 1. Logo Create 3 text only logo variations for buyer to choose 2. Finalize logo Once buyer has decided upon preferred logo: Finalize logo design and provide 300dpi large format pdf 3. Create web site with: A. Short Flash Intro (5-10 seconds) B. Home page C. Business Sectors (5) pag...

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    10 PROJECTS FOR U Beendet left

    ...Software Buyers -------------------- -> Request bids -> Search coders -> My Buyer Account To access your buyer account, you must create it Create a buyer account ---------------- Advanced Search Newest Open Work Latest News ------------------ we dont need a exact copy of the sites but

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    ...visitor sees first since the database is the product/service being offered. People can join for free just like the go4millions system. With us they would create their profile and upload an image and other information onto their profile. Do not confuse the two profiles. There is a profile for the mlm side and there is a members profile on the database

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    ...uploading of current images and image descriptions to the non-public portion of the website "chart engine" Therefore, when adding a content section to the website, as set forth below, changes must be made to these administrative pages as well as the main site page. I will later input the actual text of the pages and upload new images through these administrative

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    ...visitor sees first since the database is the product/service being offered. People can join for free just like the go4millions system. With us they would create their profile and upload an image and other information onto their profile. The profile will not be added to the main database until they have confirmed their membership by paying. This is

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    10 PROJECTS FOR U Beendet left

    ...Software Buyers -------------------- -> Request bids -> Search coders -> My Buyer Account To access your buyer account, you must create it Create a buyer account Buyer help Buyer articles Buyer FAQ Latest news Bid Request Search ---------------- Advanced Search

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    ...avoid making them log directly in to the back-end administration tool. I need investors to be able to upload their logo. This will probably be similar to a banner ad, jpg or gif only. I am specifying this because I don't think Mambo can upload an image from the homepage, so I need custom code written for this functionality. I need investors to be able

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    ...concept work that has already been done and to provide me with a fully working finished? system.? The first phase of this project is to create a pretty standard online photo sharing site, where users can register, upload photos, arrange them into albums and? invite friends to share the photos.? The? present state of the site can be seen on this url: pixs

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    ...left with four or five of oscommerce's options, etc. I will provide the logo and graphics needed and will provide anything else needed, I just need the code altered to fit my design. I will be using my own images so don't need anything for others to create accounts and upload photos. i can do that when adding products. I need some opening text displayed

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    1 Angebote a guide and list of my wishes that I would like incorporated into the site. I welcome all recommendations and expect the developer to use their own creative talent to create a graphically attractive site. I would like to have a developer selected by January 1, 2005 and I would like to have the “New Site” completely operational by February 1

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    1 Angebote work. I want a clone of I want the same layout and cart design they use but I want a different graphic design. *I want an elegant look and my logo ([Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) incorporated. *I want to be able to add and delete products and categories in the admin/cpanel. *I need to be able to define and edit all product

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    I want people to apply for free membership of my site and for the information they supply to dynamically create a web page for them on my site. The information they give should also be searchable using chained menus and word search. 1. A membership application form which draws information from the database for applicants to select from and also

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    ...of a bit less boring gui than this is appreciated, however logo is-as-is). ------ *Home *News **activities ***FAQ ------ *References Contact (a mail form) ------ * = editable with one of the many rich wysiwyg editors available, with file upload option for image upload for gif/jpg use in individual pages, and pdf or .doc files

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    ...TITLE" as default See this page [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] When you join and do not upload a picture, if you visit your profile at [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] there is an image that does not load to the right Search option does not work at all. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    ...and publish content to your site as easily as typing a letter. An easy graphic interface allows you to rapidly develop pages, manage your online images with the built-in image manager and set permissions and viewer preferences. News Publisher – An excellent tool to share announcements of new features and content on your site with guests and

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    25 Angebote created (if they choose not to delete it, and they've selected the weekly backup option, the seven days worth of backups will be saved) and the option to choose where to create / save the backup(s) created on the local hard drive. Finally they will choose a time of day to execute the backup, this is not a full calendar, just a clock, where they choose

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    ...directed to visit a page on our site where they input the following details: Login: - Enter your client username: - Enter your client password: - Upload a logo / image ability to browse & upload - Enter your name / company name: - Enter company slogan - Enter your address: - Enter your phone number: - Enter your email address: - Enter website

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    ...autoupload of the page to the client webspace) - Upload a logo / image (not mandatory): browse | upload - Enter your name / company name: - Enter your address: - Enter your phone number: - Enter your email address: - Choose a layout: - Select background / text etc: START AGAIN | PREVIEW | CREATE Based on the details that are entered, a simple page

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    1 Angebote create full web site difrent design but have the same perform a function Customer profile 1. Set up your business information Business name and address, business web address. 2. Set up Contact Information Contact name, email address and phone number 3. Select shipping and payment options Customers options when they order products. 4. Upload your

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    PHP modification Beendet left

    ...noted) or whatever other files or create new ; so that the business card image created is saved in the MYSQL database....preferably in .jpg file form. ( 300 dpi) card 54 x 85mm 2. Modify or create a new [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] file so that the user can upload their own images or logo. MYSQL database 3. Alter the form or create a new one for [...

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    ...would like a custom website "template" that could be to create multiple stores at no additional expense. The system must be fast and modern, and very EASY to use and set up. I am not a programmer, but I want to be able to use this template to create multiple stores. I would need to be able to upload the sites myself to different web folders : [Zur Anzeige der UR...

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    ...through Macromedia Contribute 2.0 Have a basic logo. This logo may be required to be converted into vector format so that it can be resized in flash without loosing clarity. There is a sun behind some mountains in the logo. Envision the sun rising in the logo. High end flash splash intro page: Using the logo as described above the sun may change to a

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    ...application. Not only do I need to be able to do these simple image size modifications, but also the app actually post over with a form post and allow for me to grab and upload the images, just like a file select form box. I need the app to create a thumbnail and also send over the larger image with the form post, with thumbnail based on settings on the

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    1 Angebote The basic Idea I have is that the gallery would add an artist to its online database. They would then upload images and details of the works by the artist and some details about the artist. They would then create an exhibition and add artists from its database to the exhibition. They can also de-select any individual works by an artist

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    ...own advanced search form and maybe search results display template. *able to upload/import csv or xsl database to store - I already own 2 such programs - one in perl and one in php. *images uploaded automatically create thumbnails - I already have that programming *if image name matches product ID, then images are automatically connected to the proper

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    ...calander form, you can select date and it will show you info of the requests, etc) *Assign an Operator to multiple departments *Canned Responses *Canned Commands (push, image, etc) *Pull visitor (allows you to view who's on your site and are able to force chat with the user) *Operator request order (set order in which calls will come in) *Operator

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    website design Beendet left

    ...templates and create a basic theme for the site. The business Our business is based on a customer supplying us with a photo, that we then hand carve into a piece of granite. We traditionally have contacted the customer after the sale to arrange to get the image, but it would be nice if there were options to have the customer upload an image from his PC

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    ...that sells South American Shrimp and Venezulan Blue Swimming Crab in the United States. The site should be Professional and Trendy. The site must utilize the provided company logo and must remain unchanged. Over 200+ images will be provided of the products and of the processing that you may use as you wish. I would like this website completed by March

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    38 Angebote The design of the website has to be clean, simple and pleasant for readers. Create a logo and artistic theme for the web site. Create a site map page. Add a "refer this site to a friend" in every page". Create "If you like this page" link at the bottom of every page. Standardize Font types and si...

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    14 Angebote update my site's layout & function. Keeping in mind a design that is simple and user friendly. Will need the following: basic web site pages, a new logo, a stick man response card "help" image/button, would like you to incorporate these prebought scripts: Freelancers, Equotes, Smart FAQ, Smart Frame, Smart Search, Intellink Pro. (They are already

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    ...[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Your should review this site befor bidding. 1) Add a create a page funtion. This will be as simple as adding a table with two fields link ID and a memo field and some input form pages. The intent is for users to be able to create a page (if they do not have a site) that will be indexed in the engine. The page will be

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    automated updater Beendet left

    ...resize them to 800 x 600 and add a watermarked logo. Then we use another program to create html or htm pages that creates thumbnailed images of each image available in that portfolio. A “gallery page?? if you will. When the thumbs are clicked on they show the original image. Once that is done, we upload the folder with all the html or htm pages, images

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