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    Hallo, wir von der Death-Metal-Band "A Crown of Entrails" suchen einen kreativen Designer für ein Bandshirt. Uns schwebt folgendes Bild vor: Oben ist zentral unser Schriftzug (ist als Datei angefügt, Farbe kann aber auch variieren). Darunter ein dunkler See vor einer düsteren Berglandschaft. Aus dem See ragt ein Arm mit einer Krone in der Hand

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    Hallo, wir von der Death-Metal-Band "A Crown of Entrails" brauchen jemanden, der unsere Homepage einrichtet. Das ganze ist ein einmaliges Projekt, den weiteren Support übernehmen wir dann selbst. Eine Domain haben wir bereits. Was wir benötigen ist jemand mit Know-How und Vorstellungskraft, der eine ansprechende Seite mit klarem Menü (News, Tour

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    ...[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] existiert und es wird bereits eine csv erstellt, jedoch enthällt die csv keine Daten. Ich benötige ihre Hilfe bei dem Problem. Ihre Aufgabe ist es täglich mittels Crown Job eine Google Feed csv aus Magento heraus zu erstellen....

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    EVENTAGENCY CROWN Beendet left

    Ich brauche eine Homepage für meine Eventagentur I need a Website for my Eventagency

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    14 Angebote pressed. 5. Send email to user (who did the update) say thank you. 6. Add „update-check“ for admin asking admin for notice „update-email“ and sending to users 7. Add crown graphic on two places 8. Add a extra menupoint into my account and link it 9. Send email after registration is done, need to check not working 10. When a user is deleted

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    Trophy icon M.A.J.E.S.T.I.C 6 Tage left

    ...“WW” logo which I have inserted some pics , not that I want it like that but just an idea! I love cursive font! I would like to have a crown or something that symbolizes a crown and royalty within the logo. Maybe a crown can be in conjunction with the "M" on Majestic with similar font style like the "Wonder Woman" logo. open to innovative ide...

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    Trophy icon Design a fireplace accent wall 2 Tage left

    ... Importantly, I want the whole wall to be involved in the design, not just the fireplace. The only feature that is staying the same for sure is the floor (a shiny marble-look porcelain tile). Everything else can be changed if needed to fit the design - for instance the two pieces of crown molding that frame the TV can be removed, the baseboards on

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    Create a logo 6 Tage left

    I want to create a logo for T-shirt printing. It’s basically a crown on a head ...

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    Mascot Logo 5 Tage left

    ...looking for: A jacked Panda from the chest up. I want him in a suit with the sleeves ripped off. Headphones around his neck and possibly a crown on his head. My last name is King and my username is King so having a crown in the logo would be nice, but not required. Since it is a mascot logo it does need to be a cartoon. The username is KingsKompany. Any

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo 5 Tage left

    Need a logo for a hospitality staffing agency (hir...'elite hospitality'. Please see the attached photo. I need this logo modified. The people holding hands on the top of the crown need to look more like people. Text 'elite hospitality under the crown. I thought of gold or silver crown on black background but Im happy to take suggestions. Many thanks

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    Hi, I need help with creating 4 three different fonts, I have some old signs that the font doesn't exist ...long...but for me a non-expert it does. Thanks and look forward to working with you... the first set should be for the [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] take note that the dot over the i is a crown..that's the detail I am looking for, I will pay $25 per font set

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    Stick figure 2 Tage left

    A stick figured guy with the word Messiah and a crown on the ground (concept is we are all kings and queens, we just need to pick up our crowns) design in all one color(black). Pls create 2-3 different concepts and I will choose 1.

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    Trophy icon Church Logo Beendet left

    I need a church logo done. Must be as on the attached picture but only a lot more crisper and clearer. It's the Globe with a golden crown on it. The writing that is on the globe should read: Jesus is King. The name of the Church is Kingdom Influence Ministries.

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    Lion re-work 1 Tag left

    ...not want a rope type circle on the Lion as I pointed out, graphics artist must come up with another concept but not using a rope theme. 3) Must make crown on the head of the Lion different kind of crown than the one you see. 4) I prefer this job to be done using CorelDraw high resolutions so I can later edit myself if need be. So in essence I need the

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    My new small business needs a logo, then hopefully a full suite of designs for letterhead, business card...and direct sales product selections. Loosely, I'm looking for simple/clean/modern designs that include black, gold, silver and purple along with themes of Concierge (royal, crown, "keeper of the keys") and Consultant (executive, business-class).

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    Trophy icon Royalty in Texas Beendet left

    ...organization here in Texas. I like the color Royal Blue to be the word Royalty and I would like a crown/ Tiara (for women) and in the crown I want the word 'sisters" in small letters, Fuchsia pink I would like the crown and letters. Try to place the crown over the letter "o". Make the letter "R" very pretty and bigger than all the other ...

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    Crown Antiques is a newly established entity with links to many antique and vintage goods suppliers in the UK. We want to use these connections to source and import British and European antiques into China and sell them to businesses with established customer bases. We need someone to plan an effective approach and contact these Chinese businesses

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    I need a t-shirt with the following text: Bride to Be with a crown. Text and crown need to be fill of glitter. Crown in silver on the Bride. and bride to be in golden. Letter type should be curvy and with design. Graphic design needs to be as per Merch guidelines.

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    10 Angebote shirt and white or red shirt. Second most used site, will be in documents and web. The name kihei in Portuguese has the sound of, what king, it would be interesting a crown in the logo or a sun, that in astrology the star king is symbolized by the sun, which continues is the inner spirit of each being. The personality in its essence. Light is the

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    I need a logo for my tech related website and yeah i need a crown also in that logo.

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    I need a drawing made. I want the word "ATARA" into the shape of a crown. Before you accept this project please google 'word world characters'. All the characters and objects are made out of the words. Example the character "DUCK" is a duck but his body is the letters DUCK made into the shape of a duck. Ill attach images as well. But once you've looked

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    Create a Logo Beendet left

    I need a logo for my business and I've been going to different designers and all of them have failed. My business name is "Atara" and it means crown in Hebrew. I want a crown made out of the word "Atara" like in the cartoon "Word World" where everything was made out of words. I'll attach a picture of the reference.

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    This design mimics a 'Scottish Thistle" design, but for a cannabis plant. Please refer to the document with the examples. The design will be on a shield. The design will have a crown. The design will have a wreath of vegetative cananbis leaves in a curve or fully around the interior of the shield. The design will have a graphical repr...

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    ...this design almost exactly the same. Note - some details will be different. 1. where is says 'metcard' keep the letter m as is but have it read 'Melbourne In A Box 2. do not include the hole punch see in the top right corner Sticker Two - Please see attached file named 'two-hour-tickets' I would like you to recreate this design almost

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    43 Angebote me a website for my Painting Company. I am a small contractor that will serve Residential and Commercial sectors of Paint along with small Residential Trim work such as crown molding and trim. My business is based in Charlotte, NC and I started a website on Wix that has carefully thought out wording of each service my company offers to clients and

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    Graphics Editing Beendet left

    ...example: Living room: need 3 different layers having different flooring, 3 different layers having various paint colors on the wall & 3 layers of different colors and types of crown molding. See attached PSD file as an example. The example file has only a few types of each different layer. I will need possibly up to 10 for each feature/layer for future

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    I need this logo made in black. I want this exact logo but on top of king I want it to say bud kings and the crown on top

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    need a custom crown designed to have it on a clothing brand needs to be a custom design different to other brands crowns its a male clothing brand so it needs to more of a male crown rather than a female crown i have put a sample of our logo with its current crown but we want something different, more unique this is a quick project this should be completed

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    ...[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Wordpress based site, with an eCommerce element for future-proofing. Animated Logo: I want like to split this into pieces: 1: I want like a drawn crown with Just Beckford being written underneath it 2: I want to make an Ident out of this logo, animated drawing of the logo for under 10 seconds. hope this made sense Thank

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    ...looking to start a small market stall I would like a logo/character designed around the name "Calamari King" I would like a friendly image of a Squid holding a Trident, wearing a crown. This needs to be vector based or a very high resolution jpg as it will be used for signage as well as other marketing material. The concept image was done by a friend but it

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    Website Logo Beendet left

    ...has began to look quite too simple and a bit amateurish to me. I'm looking for something a bit more.. fancy? I don't really know how to put that in words. I'd like to keep a crown in the logo and the name obviously, which can be seen on the screenshoot attached. I think I'd like the text to go inside the logo and become connected with it. Depending

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    I I would like an image of a black girl about 10 years old in black and white (no colour) and a crown above her head in colour. Just the head no body. Maybe her hands touching the head

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    Tru Blu Painting Beendet left

    ... The symbol is obviously a paintbrush that has the letter “T” as the handle and a crown for the bristles. The crown must be a 4 pointed crown as is contains within it the letter “M” and I think it looks more like a brush with 4 than 3. Also I’d like for the crown to be a shiny metallic gold. Our colors are royal blue, metallic gold a...

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    Tru Blu Painting Beendet left

    ... The symbol is obviously a paintbrush that has the letter “T” as the handle and a crown for the bristles. The crown must be a 4 pointed crown as is contains within it the letter “M” and I think it looks more like a brush with 4 than 3. Also I’d like for the crown to be a shiny metallic gold. Our colors are royal blue, metallic gold a...

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    26 Angebote of three players playing basketball (3 on 3) and one player finishing with a dunk. At the end of the dunk his other 2 teammates walk up behind them and all three have a crown on their head. Then the logo dissolves into the frame. Basketball dribble sound fx and sneakers screeching. no music [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Better animation

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    FleetKing logo Beendet left

    FleetKing power wash & detail was thinking of maybe a lion mascot with crown, power wash hose/nozzle, high end recognizable vehicle (older Porsche, corvette, etc...) American Flag incorporated into logo possibly.

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    ...word king to be a geometric crown. Please see very basic mock up of how I would like it on pictures provided. I have just made it on microsoft word but just to give a rough guide of the way I wanted it, please feel free to experiment and add to it. The other I would like a geometric wolf head with the same geometric crown used in the other logo. I would

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    Logo Design Beendet left and need a logo design to put on business cards and our website. I would like it to be clever, clean, and memorable. I don't really have more requirements than that because I'm open to the design. The company name is Crown Collaborations. I've been back and forth whether I want the logo to be literal and include a crown or not at all. I'm ...

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    Trophy icon Design my logo Beendet left

    I own an automotive performance speed shop . we are specialised in american muscle car... i have already a logo but i need a designer to modify my logo to make a new version. i need a high definition vector file I want more relief on the piston , gear and crown Check my facebook page for more informations about us : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    SCRAPING INSTRUCTIONS: ...which I will require with an example of what that data is from the first company on the list as seen on the website link above… Required Data Points: Company Name: Jordan Crown Company Location: Everett, WA Website Domain: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Contact Email: sales@[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Phone Number: 425.268.2718

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    Trophy icon Facebook Cover Beendet left

    I need to make some changes to the current facebook cover. I want the design to stay EXACTLY the same I just need wording to change on the banner. On the uploaded file I want the name underneath the logo to say Crown Jewels instead of Queen Adventures. Also instead of Serving Up Inspiration, Empowerment and Adventure For Single Women, I want that removed

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    A.L. East Crown Beendet left

    I'd like to have the attached sketch with a navy blue text. The crown should be a dark yellow color. The font I prefer is called Crappy Town by Woodcutter. The text should read: A.L. East Est. 1969 (with an oval around this text)

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    ...logo for the band "King of the Lost Boys" or "KLB". I have uploaded a picture of the general idea. I would like to see two variants: one with a regular "crown jewels" type crown and one with a crown of thorns. Whether the full name or the KLB acronym is used in the logo is up to you. I would like the colour scheme to be a simple white on black-...

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    I am looking for a 3-D graphic design of a pin with the following request details: 1. The pin is 30 x 24 cm and 2 cm deep 2. The size should be resizable 4 x 5 cm 3. All the details should be visible and made like a relief: the sphinx (just like in the drawing), the petals of the flowers, the details of the crown, the letters and the star around the

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    Skull artwork Beendet left

    ...aspect and with the same basic shape (eyes, nose, mouth/teeth and skull shape) as previous artwork (see attached 'Kingdom Skull file). However, the new artwork should have the crown removed and should have hair, glasses and a beard similar to the style in the attached 'bearded skull'. The artwork should be suitable for use on posters, album covers, and

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    59 Angebote

    This will be a boutique which will be selling Islamic clothes (Abhaya). it's a covering which Islamic women wear as a sign of modesty. The logo needs to reflect the below ...modesty. The logo needs to reflect the below characteristics: Rich and Royal(use of Gold and silver colour), Freedom (eg: wings), Love (eg: a Heart) Power/fame (eg: jewel-crown)

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    It is a group of young African American Christian girls that come together to share and learn how to conduct themsel...come together to share and learn how to conduct themselves in a educational, professional and social setting. I would like a silhouette of a young lady with big hair and a crown on her head and the name of the group somewhere on it.

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    i need a designer Beendet left

    theme for the year (based on GPS - heading in the right direction - keeping your true north Gratitude. Passion. Service. want to use crown (our mark) and arrow This will used on Memos, specialty items, etc

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Beendet left

    We are seeking an experienced and talented designer to create a logo design for an international trade company called Lux Comercia. We have a design concept in mind: A lion wearing a smaller version of the same crown and a necklace with a gem pendant, sitting on its hind legs or laying down with it's paw rested on top of a globe. The globe should

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