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    Magis Americas seeks a freelance CRM Administrator to support the weekly administration of the organization's CRM (Salesforce). The CRM Administrator will implement and manage the CRM database, including, but not limited to transferring data, making sure data is ‘clean’ and up to date, and training other members of staff to use the system. General responsibilities include: &bull...

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    Plateforme ecology search modern designer

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    This is about sustainable architecture, and the primary agenda of sustainable architecture is to minimize the negative impact of buildings on our environment through a sensitivity and understanding of efficient design. In this task, you will have a responsibility to ensure that their designs are sympathetic to the immediate context, but also to the envionment at large. Considerations such as: ma...

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    Hello, I am Pierre, I live in Japan for one year and half. I have a project : create a national website in Japan to help people to give for free the things they don't need. I am looking for someone who can manage the marketing part (national promotion of the website, campaign of communication with press, with institutions, on social network, find partnership with institutions, find sponsors...

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    We run Tobacco Caye Marine Station, located on Tobacco Caye 14 miles off of the coast of Belize. Tobacco Caye Marine Station is a education and research organisation operating as a Non-Governmental Organisation and not-for-profit. We host students from Belize and around the world teaching them about marine ecology on the Belize Barrier Reef. We would like for someone to design and create a promoti...

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    It's all about wildlife population and coastal ecology

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    Please submit generic versions of designs so that we can choose one artist/illustrator to work with on a few revisions. We are looking for a 24"x36" graphic in landscape orientation that depicts the History and Ecology of a. Neighborhood Lake. A 4" margin on the right side of the graphic will need to contain 4 squares that contain the PixelStix logo (attached). NFC technology will...

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    Habitat of stream Beendet left

    It is all about stream habitat and having some short and long questions and it is related ti ecology

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    I have recently achieved planning permission for a new build in Crystal Palace, South East London (SE19). In granting planning a number of conditions were applied by Croydon Council. Two of the conditions apply to Ecology matters. The first condition is for me to appoint an ecological clerk of works (ECoW) and the second is to have a Biodiversity Enhancement Strategy in place. If this is a ...

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    Lorawan network and sensor integration. Required arduino and sensor programming for a small creative ecology project in London

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    Looking for a designer to design meat packaging mockups. These products will use insect protein instead of real meat proteins or plan proteins. We need to focus on sustainability, responsibility, quality, ecology, etc... Products are looking same as regular meat products. We need to show proteins are coming from insects, but not too much, so people don't think they eat insects. Some ideas: ...

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    I am working on a project titled: New contribution to the mathematical modelling of nanoparticles formation in metallurgical equipment using Ansys Fluent. The aim of the project is to increase Energy saving and improvement of ecology in metallurgical processing industries. I will be using Ansysy Fluent to model heat and mass transfer in the exhaust gases extraction system of a metallurgica...

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    Trophy icon Crypto Project Logo (BioCoin ) Beendet left

    We want a logo, that will be used also as Crypto Currency Coin logo. This logo must incorporate elements of Ecology mostly, but also the world, crypto currency. Similar to provided example logo, but we are looking for improved versions or even new proposals. This new CryptoCurrency will be looking to reduce carbon emisions, protect the environment and in general protect the ecology and the envir...

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    "Rivers Under Siege" Review Read the assigned book, Rivers Under Siege. Imagine that you have been contracted by the Director of TN Wildlife Resources Agency to evaluate this Tennessee channelization history and write a document specifying recommendations to avoid, in the future, the problems that the agency encountered throughout the process. You should describe and detail between 5 ...

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    We will need a logo in connection with the building sector. On it, we must see writing "RenovaEco". The company make renovation, so we are expecting a very modern logo with ecology spirit. The primary activity of the company it's to make the link between craftsmen and people who need renovation, so in the logo we can have a handshake but steel in the spirit of building sectors, with...

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    We are URGENTLY putting together a team to undertake a concise, but in-depth research study for a UK client. The study is a project with the objective of increasing the understanding of the ecology of forage fish (including sandeel, sprat and herring, etc) and any pressures upon them, particularly within certain parts of the Atlantic Ocean, off the UK coastline. The research will involve collat...

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    I'm doing a project on bee biodiversity in the urban environment. I have 10 sites that were visited 4 times and insects were collected and identified to species level. Each sites has multiple environmental variables measured such as temperature, size, age, soil quality etc. With this data, I want to answer some questions as: - is species diversity different or similar in these 10 sites? - if...

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    Trophy icon I need a rebranded Logo Beendet left

    Organizing For Change is based in BC, Canada. We're a backbone organization doing collective impact work with BC's best known and most effective environmental and conservation groups. We're updating our brand and website and want to present a refreshed, unique, and compelling brand. Can you make us a fresh logo? We'd like a logo for both print and digital with a transparent ba...

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    I am a marine scientist employed at an Australian University. My research focuses on the biology and ecology of coral reef organisms. Part of my work requires that I collect, assemble and analyse data. These data and analyses are used to create graphs, and in the writing of reports and journal articles. For this project, I am looking for someone with a science background to search the primary li...

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    I am a marine scientist employed at an Australian University. My research focuses on the biology and ecology of coral reef organisms. Part of my work requires that I collect, assemble and analyse data. These data and analyses are used to create graphs, and in the writing of reports and journal articles. For this project, I am looking for someone with a science background to gather data from vari...

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    Answer some questions

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    Logo design Beendet left

    Need a logo for a solar energy company called Folt, like in volt, but with F. I would like something to remember ecology, energy (to reinforce F and V misspelling thing), investment and of course, solar panels. If you think you have some good ideas, please let me know

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    Hello i need help with a problem in Ecology

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    hello I'm looking for an expert on ecology and evolution for an assignment.

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    Report about association of Ecology and Engineering through writing an ecological issue created or solved by engineering projects highlighting, how closely ecology and engineering are related. The example should be from the UAE or Arab peninsula. I suggest to write about an ecological issue UAE sanctuaries is solved with Civil Engineering solution. To prepare the report please consider the fol...

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    The design should reflect the nature, organic herbs etc.. I like this design [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] You can check those [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]:CbPloR7-2cCMIgiz5aEe_1tnAjCoSCbPloR7-2cCMEQrDn0jxsf8V&hl=tr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiw39WK773sAhUq2OAKHXhDAAUQiRx6BAgAEAQ&biw=1263&bih=610 [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    Write an essay of 3000-5000 (better reaching 5000) based on lecture notes(would be provided after hiring) related to landscape ecology. Aim at getting grade A.

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    I am a retired professor of horticulture with a lifelong interest in natural history especially of barrier islands along the Gulf coast of southwest Florida. I have written a self published book titled Island in the Sun, Reflections on the Natural History of Cayo Costa State Park, which focused on the geomorphology and phytogeography (plant ecology) of this barrier island. I wish to revise and exp...

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    I would like to use following message: "Hoping to connect with you as I am growing my network within the technology space. Thank you, Jimi". Target audience: I want to target people who are decision makers in buying headsets for their employees. Some examples include: "VP Information Technology" "Director of technical operations" Companies to avoid (do not connect w...

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    We need to add products with all info to [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] from the below websites and see docs or links next to it: 1. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]: Atosa (185 products): [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]:w:/g/personal/margaret_owens_wowfactormedia_ca/EWg439ouolNBvR7gvZYxJfMB-IHsNnZPFz2Rs2B9rj-32A?e=3IkRMm 2. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Canplas (99 products): [Zur Anzeige der URL...

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    Problem: At my school we have to make many different versions of test we give to students. This means that for the same test I sometimes have to make 3 different versions. This takes up a lot of time that I could use way more useful. The idea: I want to have a program that is able to make different versions of test by randomizing questions. The test should output to word and/or PDF. With the test...

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    We need a set of approximately 45 ecology/allergy-related icons. 1. All need to be high res, sharp, bold and clearly readable as the display size is small. 2. The illustrations must match the text. 3. Text style AND illustrations must be consistently similar for all icons! 4. The illustration positioned inside a light colour circle with the text just inside the circle running around the illust...

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    I am an aquatic ecologist with a passion for research and management of inland freshwater ecosystems. Lateral environmental is a consultancy service specialising in water quality and ecology of rivers, wetlands and estuaries. A logo which incorporates the theme of water and a fish would be ideal. Regarding the fish. They also possess a lateral line, which would be neat to work into the design too....

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    Dear all, you will find below a presentation of the task I need to be carried out: I have collected data for a range of 22 zoonotic infectious diseases, this includes their countries of emergence, ecological reservoirs, fatality rates and geographical distribution (region). Afterwards, I've classified these diseases into 2 main categories, namely diseases transmitted from wildlife, diseas...

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    Hi, this is my serie of ecology poster designed in Adobe Illustrator. Background is scaned aquarel. The goal of this posters is lifting global awereness.

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    We need a logo and emblem. We are Proposition, a Charity that has two objectives: 1. Provide low cost artists studios and facilities to grassroots artists and make artists independent from the gallery system. 2. Develop the public understanding of biodiverse farming and facilitate the spread of biodiverse farming through the provision of grants and increased exposure of the work being done to ...

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    Hello, Need someone to list me at least 50 websites each for this categories. The websites are online/elearning websites where the following courses are available, Free/Paid, please you will have to specify Since some of the elearning websitess can have more than one of each of this categories, please tabulate sites with similar categories together however with their different links. The catego...

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    I would like to use following message: "Hoping to connect with you as I am growing my network within the technology space. Thank you, Jimi". Target audience: I want to target people who are decision makers in buying headsets for their employees. Some examples include: "Contact Center Technology Manager" "UCC Technology Manager" "IT Procurement Manager" Co...

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    Trophy icon Logo design Beendet left

    Logo for a construction and conception company. The company builds ecological houses with African construction technology Company name : e-frikia ( e for ecology ) Colors : Blue & Green General concept : ifrikia is the first name of Africa, so the global concept must be african

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    Trophy icon Create My Logo Beendet left

    I would like to create a Logo. On it we must have our letters "PCP" and our tagline "Pro Clean Protec." We are expecting very modern logo with ecology spirit. Indeed Pcp offer a service of recycling for professional shoes

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo, Sport & Eko Park Beendet left

    This is an area where there will be different outdoor sports. for example: footgolf, mini golf, fitness stairs, camping area, restaurant, padel courses, etc. The great novelty is that the whole park is built as ecologically as possible, which at the same time serves as an exhibition field for the ecological solutions of different companies. The key words are sports and ecology. The name of the spo...

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    I need a standard text with some biology (botany / ecology) terms humanly translated from spanish to french. The text has 1652 words.

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    Trophy icon Logo for second-life battery system Beendet left

    For a product, a battery store made of used batteries, we need a logo. The company name is TWICE, the product name is Rhombus. See [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] The logo should symbolically represent the connection between battery, recycling or ecology. The logo should be able to be used as an emblem without writing and should be square. It is possible that the winner will be commissioned for...

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    Trophy icon Build me a Logo Company Beendet left

    The name of our company is CONVIERT3 (convierte means "to transform" in spanish), we modernize the culture and act of recycling through technology. We want to show through our logo CONVIERT3 the fusion between technology and ecology. The number 3 in the name is in reference to the three R's of reduce, reuse and recycle but we focus mainly on recycling. NAME: CONVIERT3 SLOGAN: Rec...

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    I'm leading the Unit of Human Microbiome of the Bambino Gesù Hospital and I work on microbiome ecology in human health and diseases. I would like to produce a paper, based on mathematical networks, to correlate operational taxonomic units and metabolites, measured by H-NMR e GC-MS in patient affected by lung cancer versus healthy controls. Please consider the uploaded file to provide a...

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    I own skin care line and a skin care clinic that had to be close due to the Coved 19. At this time I relay on my Shlomit Skin Ecology line for support . I need marketting attention to grow and spread awareness of the brand . It is a line that is therapeutic that I have for over 20 years. My website [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] also needs assisted in growth. I uploaded one of my product for...

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    The contest spans 7 big topics: Animal anatomy and physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution, Plant anatomy and physiology, Ecology, Ethology, and Biosystematics. The official textbook of the competition is Campbell. Successful participation requires a thorough understanding of materials covered in the Campbell textbook as well as a good grasp of introductory organic chemistry concepts. I&#...

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    i am looking acadmic writer ecology: populations to ecosystems 1200 words within 7 hours

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    We are bulding a travel site, and looking for green travel writer. we want to start by writing a daily "green" trip in Berlin. I would prefer the trip to be built by a local, with special and cool places and not the once we all know, but anyone with deep knoledge with the city can also do it. I want the trip and all the places to be green, and Eco friedly like writen below... example: ...

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