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    I am looking for someone to assist with the creation of an eCommerce site which will originally just feature affiliated links. This is have limited writing and just focus of displaying the items and photos which will link to the purchase website. I would like to have the initial website/theme created and then be able to self moderate or add/remove products. I am new to the process but would like ...

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    create more effective work around with knowlegable experience

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    ...I would like a excel template that once data is entered it will forecast what is needed to achieve a goal. Specifically, Prior year has over 50,000 in sales. Need to achieve 100,000 in sales in next year. The prior year (say 2015) achieved 50k in sales with 8 people. It would be simple to say with 100k with 16 people. However, excel template should

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    I need someone to assist with a couple of formulas to calculate load leveling production requirements based on known demand and constrained capacity in weekly buckets. Existing spreadsheet is simple. Quick turn around required please. Please provide details/examples of previous work completed to support your bid.

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    I want to compare 3 buffer management Methods which are Most Forwarded(MOFO), First in First Out(FIFO) and Short life time first(SHLI). The comparison will be based on Delivery Probability, Overhead ratio and Latency Average. The simulations have to be done using Opportunistic Network Environment(ONE) Simulator and plot the graph based on the found results of Delivery Probability, Overhead ratio ...

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    Excel VBA. Create an automated machine shop capacity planning tool

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    Determine capacity of Mimo antenna with Matlab. More details to be provided.

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    THIS IS NOT A SCHOOL PROJECT!!! I need an article written about the upcoming technology called 5G and how the telecom industry will respond to 5G technologies especially how the DEMAND and SUPPLY for telecom tower climbers crew will vary over the next 3 years in North America. Telecom tower climbers are people who climb cell tower to do installation

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    build a mathematical model that shows the relationship between the hot-band transition and the heat capacity of the sample tested using spectroscopy tools, where is relationship can be observed by the peak transition in the spectrum diagram. Please refer to the attached file for more comprehensive explanation and once you are hired I will provide

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    we built a fixture to hold components while they go thru a wash system. Customer just decided he need a PE approval before starting the equipment, so we are in a bind. I can send you a drawing of the part ASAP. Need immediately.

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    Core knowledge of electric equipment (peltier)

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    ...Islamic hospital in Iligan city, Philippones. The feasibility should be good enough to attract investors and BANK etc The unique features of the hospital shall include: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Building Design must conform to international hospital standard [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Personnel Strength and Management shall conform to JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL(JCI) ACCRE...

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    I need some to re- write a CV for a financial inclusion project

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    I am an evolutionary sociologist and author of a new multi-species population theory. I want to model this theory to show how different kinship rules, responsive to local environmental feedback, produce different fertility opportunities, but I cannot write programs and I don't know how to write or run models. (Yes, I know that is surprising in a sociologist.) I want someone (probably but n...

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    ...manage a spreadsheet that utilizes a pivot table and slicers (CAPACITY VIEW). One very important aspect of the process is to capture notes at the work center group level during the weekly review. Problem Statement: The notes can be added to the pivot table / slicer worksheet (CAPACITY VIEW) but they are not dynamic. When a different slicer is viewed

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    Our site is a online stock education portal. built on asp.net and j query/ html. We are experiencing volatile speeds and our server is showing high RAM usage. we want an experienced developer/ architect to help us with this issue.

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    At the company there's a safelaunch location where there are 4 inspectors who inspect parts before they are shipped to the customer. I have included the part numbers on the left side of the spreadsheet. I have a column for number of inspectors, and the quantities that they have to inspect. For example, the third part number 2151173, there are 60 parts in a tray, and there are 8 trays per ...

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    You will be writing a simple program which calculates channel capacity. I'm happy to discuss the details of the project via message.

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    I need someone use IH2VOF (link: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) to analysis Overtopping wave capacity for sea dyke

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    My Project entails improving QR Codes data storage capacity. This is be done by separating data into 3 equal segments and then encoding as 3 QR codes. The white sections of the QR codes are then colored Red, Green and Blue respectively, they are then algebraically added on top of each other in Matlab to produce the combined QR Code that displayed below

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    Increase SBCSOFWA’s capacity to develop and implement Services Will hire a part time Executive Director Will hire consultant ED & Board members will participate in training regarding grant administration, fiscal accountability, Board development, Strategic Planning and Resource development.

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    Hi I need immediate help in finding the bearing capacity of an end bearing pile/piles. A small section (25 sq meters) of a planned foundation with end bearing piles resting on rock is going to be loaded with a building load of 4000 kN. Existing ground conditions (Soil layers) 0-1,5 meters friction soil (gravely sand). Designed Friction angle

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    Hello, We are a small company in Sheffield UK with a requirement for IT support. It would be a few hours a month I am guessing but would like to speak to the right, reliable person who is available for assistance & fluctuating requirements over time. Thanks

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    1- Ability to accept any video stream (live or stored) 2- Ability to mark any object in video to be tracked in the video, mark it by labeling, record position of object in the video. e.g. Video frame 1min 30sec. Object "abc" position "x,y" in that frame. Store this in the db for playback so next time no need to run the job again in CV. 3- Code should be written in a way that...

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    ...taking the role as youth capacity project is facing the problem of lacking budget that support People for Local Empowerment, PLE this month. thus, we are enable to continuous our project for the migrant school students coming next month and in the future. by the way we have been carry out those activity since 2004 this project need to be existed for

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    Leave voicemail without ringing the phone. You must have previous experience on rignless voicemail drop Please present your previous work you have done only get paid after delivering the job

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    i have a setup for manufacturing transformers upto 5kva and would like to expand my setup for transformers and chokes of 100kva ,having relevant certifications such as CE,rohs and [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] time consultancy [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] must be have relevant experience in transformers ,their construction and manufacturing and must be an amateur to try new things.

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    I need someone with solar expertise to tell me the all the equipment I need for the following ... 50hz 3 phases - 15 KW * Washing + Dryer combo machine x 6 machines each 15 KW We want solar capacity to run for 10 hrs for the above configuration. I want recommendation what we need for the solar system and how to calculate the solar capacity.

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    Leave voicemail without ringing the phone. You must have previous experience on rignless voicemail drop Please present your previous work you have done only get paid after delivering the job

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    Hi, I want you to create an excel sheet with: 1. Top 100 ports. I have uploaded one. Just copy past it to excel 2. second colum is current capacity 3. third is link 4. capacity planned/capacity being build 5. Link Simple, I want you to search for all those companies the current capacity with Proof and than the planned investments or planned

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    ...work. It is about material supply scheduling in a manufacturing system. Materials for multiple machines to be served by a mobile carrier with the help of AGV, with carrier capacity and fixed work time considered. The materials are to be supplied without idling of machines and the supply to be limited within the difference of buffer levels at each machines

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    Bulk marketing for email I can supply emails , this would be an ongoing job. Please reply with opening rate and cost per the maximum sendin of a month emails.

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    email campaign Sending bulk emails for multiple companies per a day. I can supply emails but need a secure sender. Please contact with maximum sending capacity and price.

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    We require additional development resources to help complete an Ionic 1 app on time. I have attached a document detailing the additional functionality the outsourced developer will be required to complete. We use PHP for API and MySQL on the DB. The app is in Ionic 1. We have a standardised way of creating stored procedures, API calls and factories, these will be provided to ensure the de...

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    We are looking for database regarding Car engine, transmission, brake fluid filling capacity.

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    ...implementation project in Lagos, Nigeria. TigerLogic is a reseller of BMC solution and we have an opportunity to deploy BMC, BCO solution for a leading bank. Hence we require a very experienced BCO technical resource to deploy, provide onsite training to the customer and also knowledge transfer to our technical resources on the project. The project should

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    Please provide me with solution and results

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    Need a report with detailed technical analysis on Cloud Capacity Planning for Backend Server Software. • Per network connection RAM and CPU usage o Without any data exchange o With varied payload sizes • Number of Servers needed for different concurrent connections o 1000 concurrent users o 100K Concurrent users o 1 Million Concurrent users

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    I usually pr...should look like this [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] The archives of the videos would also be at the bottom of the main video of the home page. I want this project completed ASAP. So, only bid if you are able to start work as soon as possible on it. Site must have very good response and quick loading time.

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    need to build an auditorium for 500 people. no AC unit or AHU unit is required.

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    Leave voicemail without ringing the phone. You must have previous experience on rignless voicemail drop Please present your previous work you have done only get paid after delivering the job

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    Leave voicemail without ringing the phone. You must have previous experience on rignless voicemail drop Please present your previous work you have done only get paid after delivering the job

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    We have an existing app that I need additional development capacity for. The app is an Ionic Framework V1 app and is functioning as it needs to. However we would like to add additional functionality which brings geofencing capabilities. The app will need to be able to maintain a large lists of geofences and trigger a local notification once the

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    Develop a drum schedule (pipeline) for multiple projects b...schedule (pipeline) for multiple projects by their priority and insert the capacity-constraint buffers (CCB) and drum (capacity) buffers as needed. The capacity of the drum resource is 2 units. The drum is resource B The priority of the projects is project 1, project 2, then project 3.

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    Hi, we need a simple sensor for our datalogger to measure capacity/state of charge (SOC) for 48v DC lithium ion phosphate battery packs - ranging from 10ah to 100ah in sizes. The unit/circuit MUST be able to output the signal as 3.3V. We have seen 100v coulometer lithium sensors and use of a shunt resistors to do this out on the internet

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    This project includes the development of a mainboard for the Raspberry PI Zero W. The PI shall be plugged onto the board through the HAT-compatible 40-pin header (see the schematic on top of the page). A complete project description can be found in the attached PDF. This is a very complex project, and the quality of the work will be checked carefully

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    ...methods and tools for capacity building of Startup NGOs. The tasks to be conducted in this assignment include: - in depth review of the Best Practices on startup Organizational Capacity - identifying, prioritizing and defining the fundamental areas of the organizational capacity - building the basic tools for capacity building Expec...

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