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    Hi, I need some SEO for our homepage. It is a cardiology private practice in Germany. Keywords would include Kardiologie Augsburg Kardiologie Bayern Herzrhythmusstörungen Herzrhythmusstörungen Augsburg Vorhofflimmern Augsburg Telemedizin Augsburg I would require on and off page optimization. It is a WordPress page We will change the pictures (only the photos) Thanks for your help

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    ...potential customers to "click" and "stop" and of course buy the video. Attached please find more information as well as video material to calculate. In addition to our provided material it is absolutely necessary that you research further material of the same product as well as highlights like music, backgrounds etc. on your own. For example: browse online for the same massage pistol and use pictures and information. The video must be created with our material AND material you created yourself. We value creativity when it comes to creating/designing our product videos. Please also have in mind, we want to create a sales video for a massage device and NOT a video how to use massage guns! WE STRIVE FOR A LONG-TERM COOPERATION and are looking for a video creat...

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    ...eye-catcher/highlight and stand out from competition as well as animates the viewers or potential customers to "click" and "stop" and of course buy the video. In addition to our provided material, it is necessary that you research further material of the same product as well as highlights like music, backgrounds etc. on your own. For example: browse online for the same massage pistol and use pictures and information. The video must be created with our material AND material you created yourself. We value creativity when it comes to creating/designing our product videos. Please also have in mind, we want to create a sales video for a massage device and not a video how to use massage guns! WE STRIVE FOR A LONG-TERM COOPERATION and are looking for a video creat...

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    Erstellen einer einfachen Landingpage in Wordpress. Design mit Bildern und Text wird geliefert in gewünschtem Format. I got my own designer who designed the page already inc. Logo, Colors, Pictures and text. Just need a freelancer to install that content. Somebody form Germany would be nice.

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    ...platform Steam. For this I need several sales pictures. The images should have the following size: Width * height 460 px * 215 px; 231 px * 87 px; 616 px * 353 px; 374 px * 448 px; 600 px * 900 px and 3840 px * 1240 px. Furthermore, the logo of the game should be on all these pictures. In the attachment there is a picture of how I imagine the logo. The background of the pictures should be something from space. All images can be cut out of a larger image, but do not have to be. I dont have the background picture. You can make them by your self or we can look for them from somewhere... Its important for me, that i have the licence to use them for commercial purposes! (I want to upload them on Steam) And i dont want to write something like: I got the pictures...

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    Fügen sie drei Bilder auf ein Stimmiges Weihnachtsbild zusammen. Die Fotos bestehen aus ein Hintergrundbild , ein Auto und aus einem Personenbild. Es gibt zwei Versionen, einmal mit Kinder und einmal mit der Familie. Dies sollte zusammengebaut werden und Licht/Schatten, Geometrie anpassen und einen Look versehen sein . Merge three pictures into a harmonious Christmas picture. The photos consist of a background image, a car and a person image. There are two versions, one with children and one with family. This should be assembled and adjusted light/shadow, geometry and a look added. We will send you the two working files to download. We need this picture as soon as possible. in a print file and also as a PSD file with layers if the customer has any change requests. Die...

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    We support a client on a web project. We need to unque fonts etc which are loaded from Google to avoid the transfer of the customers IP from Germany to USA. We installad common plugins (OMGF PRO (active), Remove google fonts etc)to avoid this and load the fonts from local server, but Recaptcha and most likely google map loads the fonts even after using this plugins. So no easy way around to solve the issue. We need a solution to avoid this calls before the user consense is given or avoid this calls completely. The WP project is a property platform running with Estatik and Estatik Theme. We checked our page after adjusting few plugins and two requestes remain: Details Anzahl der Aufrufe: 2 Auflistung der Aufrufe: Font

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    Ich suche am besten jemanden der Deutsch sprechen kann ohne Google Translator! Good evening, I am looking for a product grabber for Woocommerce for the following stores: The following properties are excavated: - Product Title - Product Description (including Pictures and Format) - SKU is generated randomly - EAN / GTIN - Energy efficiency value (energy information) - Product brand - Price + Sale price - You can set Category + sub-category yourself - All product variants including price / images / EAN A demo is also available! It should be able to be exported and imported as a CSV file. Please contact only experienced coders, Who also understood what I am looking for

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    ...Dateitypen. Danke für den Support! Hello, I'm looking for a desinger/photoshop expert who will help me to redesign the Red Bull design (see pictures) for my Red Bull fridge. The image should fit proportionally on the Folil which I want to print and stick it on to the fridge. The refrigerator itself on the Side is 37.5 cm long and 60.5 cm high. The dimensions on the top are also 37.5 long and 42 wide. I would need the picture on both sides, so it should be mirrored horizontally and the blue and silver fields on the top should be appropriately finished. You can see more detailed pictures of what a Red Bull fridge looks like and how I imagine it in the pictures. I need the images in a format that is not too complicated, but also in all possible file typ...

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    ...the Excel table. What does this mean in concrete terms: - we receive documents often by email as a pdf file, which then have to be converted into Excel, into a certain appearance/structure/format, so that post-processing may be necessary. - in addition, there are pictures that were taken by camera and now have to be assigned to the individual positions of the Excel table, so these images must be numbered accordingly. - almost without exception, these are machines, equipment and tools that can be found in the table and on the pictures. - it is more or less a relatively stupid job, but it is still needed relatively quickly. - since we do this internationally, English language skills would be desirable in addition to German. Who would like to support us here? Vielen Dank! ...

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt '8 store pictures for Google Play Store for Crypto App'

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    Printer: Artillery Hornet Software: Cura (Profile: Hornet Fine 0.12mm) Filament: SILK PLA (ERYONE) As you can see on the picture ((two pictures from the end (it's the same part, just two different sides) and two pictures from the beginning)) there are still different things that I don't like. Who can help me here? 1. at the beginning the printer pulls threads, which he then incorporates. 2. some corners and edges are not filled properly. 3. the overhang of the holes is partly very unclean. Who can help me here? ***************************************************************************************************************** Drucker: Artillery Hornet Software: Cura (Profile: Hornet Fine 0,12mm) Filament: SILK PLA (ERYONE) Wie auf dem Bilder zusehen ((zwei Bil...

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    LinkedIn Ads Beendet left

    Wir suchen einen Experten für LinkedIn Ads. Wir haben verschiedene Formate (Videos, Bilder, Texte...) and wollen diese für LinkedIn Ads verwenden. Du solltest Experte für LinkedIn Ads sein und Deutsch sprechen. We are looking for an expert who supports us for LinkedIn Ads. We have different formats (videos, pictures, text...) and want to generate leads by LinkedIn Ads. You should have a strong background in LinkedIn Ads. German language is required

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    Ich entwickle eine Schatzsuche für das iPad. Ich habe aktuell ein Icon einer Schatzkiste, welche für den privaten Gebrauch verwendet werden darf. Andere Informationen gibt es leider nicht. Da ich meine App im App Store veröffentlichen möchte, möchte ich keine Probleme mit der Bildlizenz bekommen. Daher benötige ich ein ähnliches Icon für die Schatzkiste. Aktuell ist die Schatzkiste geschlossen. Ich bräuchte die Schatzkiste auch geöffnet. Das Bild kann gerne als png erstellt werden. Wenn es mit Sketch erstellbar ist, dann gerne damit arbeiten ansonsten reicht png völlig aus. Im Anhang findet ihr die aktuelle Schatzkiste. Bitte lasst mich wissen, was die Erstellung kostet würde. Vielen Dank im Voraus. Sven

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    Hallo, ich habe eine CSV Datei mit ca. 50.000 Datensätze. Diese möchte ich mit Hilfe von Load data infile in eine MYSQL Datenbank importieren. Wer ist mir dabei behilflich? Viele Grüße David

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    Wish you a nice day. I am looking for a programmer who can write me a script in Autohotkey that will automatically transfer the data of an order page into certain entries from the shipping company UPS. Basically: I want to automate the copy&paste process that is currently done by hand. That's a bit short in summary, I hope the pictures can illustrate it a bit better as my English is not that good. The order web page and UPS web page are in German, but tried to translate them to English, just to make it more understandable. If this makes any difference. Looking forward to offers and support you as much as I can. Translated with (free version) ------------------------------------ Einen guten wünsche ich Ihnen zunächst. Ich suche einen Programmierer...

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    2 Pictures need to be edited with gimp

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    ...be found in nature. What's so special? I need images of an object from different angles with little or no directed light (diffuse daylight). The movement is described in the appendix and should take place in a kind of spiral. A picture series per object should consist of approx. 20-30 pictures. Each applicant should read the instructions carefully. A sample package with a series of pictures decides whether I want to work with you or not. Should it come to a cooperation, I will buy many series of pictures from you. I can offer up to 8 € per picture series. If interested, just let me know :). Many thanks. ...

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    SO IM PLAYING A PRANK ON MY FRIEND. I PRETEND THAT I SET UP A WEDDING BETWEEN HIM AND A GERMAN SINGER. THEREFORE I NEED WEDDING CARDS. THE FRONSIDE SHOULD SAY „EINLADUNG“ (invitation - in a nice writing style) under that I would like to have their pictures, cut out, so only the upper body, on a white background, with wedding pigeons inbetween them. On the backside it should be the text below in the same wedding invitation card style The names on the backside should look like they both signed the invitation Frontside: EINLADUNG: Badmomzjay & Heritiér ( WIR HEIRATEN Backside: Liebe ist das was passiert, wenn du gerade andere Pläne machst. Zwei Herzen, zwei Seelen in Liebe verbunden. Wir wollen gemeinsam mit euch unsere Liebe mit unserer Hochze...

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    Es soll eine iOS App für das iPad entwickelt werden, die je nach User automatisch bestimmte CSV Daten aus einem FTP downloadet und diese Offline zur Verfügung stellt. Die Daten im FTP Bereich werden täglich aktualisiert und sollen auch in der App aktualisiert werden. Die Daten sollen auf dem iPad in Tabellenform angezeigt werden und es soll in den Spalten gesucht und gefiltert werden können.

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    ...Auto er mietet und wie lange, dass daraus dann automatisch ein Mietvertrag generiert wird und noch andere Dokumente. (alle Dokumente haben wir als WORD, die müssen dann im backend automatisch zu ausgefüllten PDFS generiert werden um die dann auf unseren Geschäftspapier im Lokal zu drucken. Die Fahrzeugübergabe und rückgabe, soll digital auf dem Ipad stattfinden, daher brauchen wir dann unser Worddokument für die Übergaben digital, dass wir die auf dem Ipad ausfüllen können. - Der Kunde soll dann für seine Buchung ein eigenes Dashboard bekommen, wo er seine Buchungsübersicht sieht, und zusätzlich den Mietvertrag und andere Dokumente bereitgestellt wird und der Kunde dann vorab schon Unterschreiben kann. Auch wie de...

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    At our next german exhibition we are running a competition. We need a A3 poster at the show to explain the rules. And for the users that do not use Facebook - we need a small A4 sheet they can write their guess on, take a photo with and post to Instagram. Enclosed the pictures used for the Facebook post. You can check our website here: and try ShoulderSink on youtube if you want to see more. Text for the A3 Poster in German: Wie viele Menschen werden die NUFAM besuchen? GEWINNEN SIE 4 TICKETS FÜR DEN EUROPA PARK UND 2 ShoulderSink Handhygiene-Stationen! Nehmen Sie am Wettbewerb teil auf: ODER posten Sie ein Foto der Antwort auf Instagram und markiere #ShoulderSink #nufam2021 #europapark Text for the A4 anser note (we provide

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    ...kostenloses und unverbindliches Angebot für Ihr Fahrzeug. Nach einer ausführlichen Marktanalyse machen wir Ihnen ein faires Angebot für Ihr Fahrzeug. Bundesweite Abholung und sofortige Bezahlung per Überweisung oder Barzahlung gehören zu unserem Premium-Service, der für Sie selbstverständlich kostenlos ist. this is the text, next to text the CONTACT FORMLUAR with Multiupload function for multi pictures. Formular: Ankauf Ihres Fahrzeuges Name E-Mail Telefon Hersteller Modell Baujahr Kilometerstand Erstzulassung weitere Informationen an uns (Nachricht, optional) under that, a highlight: So funktioniert es Die Philosophie der Premium Sport-Cars GmbH basiert auf Vertrauen im Sinne von Transparenz, ständiger Kommunikation mit unseren Kunde...

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    ...+Day Report + Setup of shipping methods + SEO basic optimization - by default, I only develop stores that are also search engine optimized from the start + Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Co.) by arrangement + Preparing the store for the live phase + Data entry + Equipping of the store with basic content (texts & images) which provide the system structure + Pictures and texts must be available from the customer in digital form + Order processing (invoicing, credit notes, etc.) as well as payment reconciliation and merchandise management via Template System + Shutdown of the store orders depending on the time of day (closed order process) + Allows simple DATEV exports for your tax advisor and also exports for controlling/monitoring + Le...

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    ...und erweitern dann gemeinsam auf weitere Shopsysteme wie Shopify etc. Das Projekt besteht aus mehreren Punkten: -- Server einrichten: Über einen firmeneignenen Serverzugang soll das Tracking zur Verfolgung von ca. 100 Millionen Seitenaufrufen pro Monat (ggf. mehr oder weniger) o 3 x App-Server o 1 x Datenbankserver o 2 x DB-Server: zweiter repliziert und als Reader/Slave konfiguriert o 1 x Load balancer o 1 x CDN o Serverauswahl nach Absprache – wir möchten nicht den von Matomo selbst nutzen - - Matomo ohne Plugin implementieren und zu einem Server hinzufügen o Tracking von verschiedenen Seiten sollen auf unserem in getrennten Containern gesammelt werden o Screensharing und Erklärung während des Einrichtens (als Weiterbildung für unse...

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    Hallo Sukanya M., mir ist Ihr Profil aufgefallen und ich möchte Ihnen mein Projekt anbieten. Wir können alle Einzelheiten im Chat besprechen.

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    ...user profiles (for both property owners and potential renters) - removal of adverts - contact property owners based on adverts - analysis of site usage (e.g. which parts of the site are used most, which functionality is most desired, are calls made locally, notifications for potential attacks, etc.) Additional requirements: - dynamic web page with a light, modern, professional design - quick to load and high availability - needs to be operable entirely through platform owner, who has full ownership of the platform and its contents ...

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    ...well as our company slogan) 2. content 3. short summary APS 4. Land Rover Experience Center + Preview LEC 2.0 5. off-road / on-road 6. mobile off-road course 7. smart cone 8. road shows 9. tailor-made experiences 10. travel 11. promotion 12. personnel (incl. shuttle) 13. service overview 14. our contact Starting on page 4 of our catalog, we would like to have a design that primarily includes pictures for illustration and a text section that explains our featured activities. ...

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    ... Hey, a few words about us: as a young German start up, we at WLDOHO have set ourselves the goal of making a plastic-free shave a matter of course in every bathroom. Besides our sustainable razors we also have the matching accessories in our store. We are currently looking for a photographer for our new product photos. Our online store will soon get a new design and accordingly our product pictures should reach a new professional level. We are looking for someone who has a good technical know how and an eye for aesthetics, because 90% of our customers are female. If you can imagine to implement our ideas professionally and in a style that suits us, then we are looking forward to a few work samples from you! ...

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    ...I have to proove GDPR-compatibility. Usability: Client wants to be able to maintain most of the page himself afterwards. Don´t expect HTML-knowledge on Client-Side, so we should develope it in a way where a client can edit the content without any HTML-knowledge. ACF is allowed and pretty welcom to reach this goal. It would be nice to have some elements animated like we had on other pages like pictures or Navigation for example. Translation: At the end I´ll assist you to translate the appearing english elements. White Label: Besides, fast progress is very important here. The whole thing has to happen "White Label". So it can not be used by you as a reference (public!). GDPR: Also it´s important to accept GDPR, so there can´t be loaded elements (...

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    ...JomHoliday integriert werden, da diese Komponente schon einen Kalender mit verfügbarkeit und Preishinterlegung sowie eigene Möglichkeit der Zimmeransicht hätte. We are looking for a partner who will also look after the site with us for further programming. 1st priority would be an interface that is directly connected to the channel manager of the accommodation and pulls the data such as rooms with pictures, prices, availabilities and then passes the booking back to the channel manager. This would be our first project. This must be integrated into the JomHoliday component, as this component would already have a calendar with availability and price deposit as well as its own room view option. ...

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    Guten Tag, wir vertreiben Kosmetik Produkte über einen Online Shop, Amazon und Ebay und würden gerne Bilder von ein paar Produkten machen lassen. Aktuell geht es um 10 Produkte. Wir bräuchten von jedem Produkt 3 unterschiedliche Bilder. Zusätzlich würden wir gerne Bilder vo...paar Produkten machen lassen. Aktuell geht es um 10 Produkte. Wir bräuchten von jedem Produkt 3 unterschiedliche Bilder. Zusätzlich würden wir gerne Bilder von ein paar ausgewählten Produkten zusammen haben. Danke! Viele Grüße We sell cosmetics products through an online shop, Amazon and Ebay and would like to have pictures of a few products made. Currently there are 10 products. We would need 3 different pictures of each product. In addition, ...

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    Our online shop at currently has no clear URLs. So we want to solve the problem with ModRewrite and I need help with that. We have a CSV fil...f26606866477eb09362fdd968 additional url Structure "Artikelbezeichnung"/"Hersteller"-"Artikelnummer " I have a CSV file with "current url"; "article description"; "manufacturer"; "article number" The CSV file could then be used for the ModRewrite since all information is there. I would then load a CSV file with the current data onto our server every day and a script would then have to create the ModRewrite and create a new CSV file with all the URLs I created so that I could make them available to the search engines.

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    Our online shop at currently has no clear URLs. So we want to solve the problem with ModRewrite and I need help with that. We have a CSV file w...097f26606866477eb09362fdd968 additional url Structure "Artikelbezeichnung"/"Hersteller"-"Artikelnummer " I have a CSV file with "current url"; "article description"; "manufacturer"; "article number" The CSV file could then be used for the ModRewrite since all information is there. I would then load a CSV file with the current data onto our server every day and a script would then have to create the ModRewrite and create a new CSV file with all the URLs I created so that I could make them available to the search engines.

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    Trophy icon Schlafcoach Melli Onay Beendet left

    Please look our pictures and give us a idea for our Sleeping Coach company. We need a sketch.. but not copy the picture:-) Wir möchten unser Logo erstellen lassen und eine separate Skizze. Die genaue Vorstellung liegt uns bereits vor, so das wir es bereits von Hand gezeichnet haben. 1. die Skizze / Bild mit Mann/Frau/Kind soll eine Zeichnung sein, schwarz mit roten Herzen und die Verbindung soll erkennbar bleiben. Der Hintergrund soll weiß bleiben. / the Sketsch in black Colour and the background white Colour. 2. das Logo: der Mond soll gelb sein und das Kind und die Mutter nur eine Umrandung als Farbe haben. Die 4 Wörter sollen eine separate Farbe haben eventuell Blau? Der Hintergrund soll weiß bleiben. The Logo: please take the colour for the moon yellow. Th...

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    ...message, target audience): Für weibliche Führungskräfte, selbstständige und Powerfrauen. 3. (freebie message): Schnapp Dir 7 kostenlose Tipps für Deine Gehaltsverhandlung Attached you will finde my corporate colors (first bar on the 2nd side of the pdf) and also my coporate fonts design as well the google fonts for download. The freebie picture is also attached as well as my picture. The pictures which are attached needs to be covered. the background needs to be bright but not plain white, please. ...

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    Flyer Designer Beendet left

    Guten Tag für einen politischen Flyer benötige ich dringend einen Designer, der diesen nach "Vorgebenenen" Maßstäben schnellst möglich entwerfen kann. Vielen Dank Please note, that this is a political Flyer with special requirement. It is a special font and special color. Flyer Measurement are A4 half Site, both sites printed with 5 Pictures and contex. Please only make an offer if you are able to deliver within 2 days.

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    I need about 1000 amazon pictures for my products. Most Pictures need to be rendered. I want someone that knows how to make amazon pictures. I dont want to be your tutor. I have the same information like as you when I give you a picture to render. Examples of pictures you have to create. I want to hire someone on monthly base. I need you 120-150 hours a month. Please advertise with your hourly rate. examples: https://www.amazon.de/Wandhalterung-Schwenkbare-Halterung-Fernseher-400x400mm-Schwenkbar-Neigbar-400x400-6-Arme/dp/B07KF9TC3J/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=tv+beugel&qid=1609838596&sr=8-5 https://www.amazon.de/CSL-neuester-Standard-geschirmt-schwarz/dp/B06WGRJJP5/ref=sr_1_5?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3...

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    We are a leading German brand of pet products on Amazon. We have some new images of products. These need to be 3D rendered for Amazon. We need: 1. 3 product photos 2. 2 infographics 3. 2 lifestyle pictures Your task: 1. get familiar with Amazon product images guidelines. Freelancers who have already done such a task will be preferred. 2. make a competitive analysis of the following product images: a. https://www.amazon.de/Iokheira-Sicherheitsgurt-Sicherheitsgeschirr-Universalstecker-Verriegelungsstange/dp/B07ZYGYDY6/ref=sr_1_8?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=hunde+safetybelt&qid=1609247423&sr=8-8 b. %BCrs/dp/B01M8QCLOA/ref=sr_1_7?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=h

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    Hello, I am launching a rum in Germany, under the brand name FUZZY by Louie Louie. The word fuzzy should be written in big and "falschrum" in small underneath. The design should be "90s/miami vice" style like pictures attached and the logo should be upside down on the bottle (see picture). Font Fuzzy should be written similar to the ones attached. On the back should be written: Louie Louie GmbH Burgstraße 18/1 71672 Marbach am Neckar 500ml // 35% Wir haben generell gar nichts mit Rum am Hut, aber wir machen worauf wir Lust haben. Der erste "falschRUM" mit 100% regionalen Zutaten aus Baden-Württemberg. Genau deshalb müssen wir ihn "falschRUM" nennen. In Eichenfässern für weitere 3 Jahre gereift ist perfekt fü...

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    Hallo, ich benötige einen Programmierer für ein App in der Immobilienbranche. Die App wird für IOS (iPhone + iPad), Android und Web benötigt. Die App wird mit einer Vielzahl an Mieter betrieben (Anfangs 1.000, stetig wachsend). Funktionen wie scannen, pdf automatisch erstellen etc. werden benötigt. Sollte Interesse bestehen, sende ich Ihnen gerne ein Dokument mit allen nötigen Daten zu, in der alle für Sie wichtigen Details aufgezählt sind. Vorab schonmal vielen Dank Lieben Gruß Tim

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    ... Plugin: swk Produkt Konfigurator 4. Einbindung aller restlichen Produkte in den Shop 5. Die Erstellung und Bestückung der Webseite erfolgt in zwei Sprachen (englisch und deutsch). 6. Responsives Design für PC, Tablet, Android und iphone und iPad 7. Der Freelancer reicht eine zeitliche Übersicht zu den genannten Meilensteinen ein und verpflichtet sich, die Timeline (sofern vom Kunden keine Verzögerung verursacht wird) einzuhalten. 8. Übergabe der erstellten Webseite an den Kunden Streamline Seats inkl. einmaliger Einführung/Training zur Nutzung und Instandhaltung der selbigen. Folgende Inhalte werden zur Verfügung gestellt: - Shopware-Zugang

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    ...möchte ich jemanden beauftragen erste Möglichkeiten vorzustellen und zu erarbeiten ob der Platz für ein Eigenheim und Mietobjekt (vermutlich Richtung Straße rechts) ausreichend ist. Translation: I am planning to acquire an adjoining plot of land (approx. 870-880 sqm) and to use the garden of the new property to build a rental property by sharing the garden with the existing property. The attached pictures clarify the project and also show the dimensions of the property to be acquired (right property). The existing property (left) should remain unchanged. Since I am completely inexperienced in the planning and arrangement of, for example, houses, balconies and driveways, I would like to commission someone to present the first possibilities and to work out wh...

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    ...von Kunden und auftragsrelavanten Daten mit Anbindung an FirebirdDatenbank , Microsoft SQL Datenbank. Zur Erfassung der Daten gehören nicht nur Textdaten sondern auch das Anfügen von Bild + Video muss berücksichtigt werden. Die geforderte Lösung soll im WebBrowser abgebildet werden. Dabei sind mindestens zwei Versionen notwendig. Version A = Desktop Betrieb Windows PC Version B= Tablet Betrieb (IPad). Kurzer Umriss zu den Anforderungen: In der Firma ruft ein Kunde an und erteilt telefonisch einen Auftrag zur Reparatur. Hier werden alle Daten erfasst. Kundenkontakt, Art der Störung am Produkt. Hat der Kunde Fotos / Videos z.B. per E-Mail eingereicht, müssen diese Bestandteil des Reparatur Auftrag werden. Der hier erfasste Reparatur Auftrag wird i...

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    We have created a project report, which should be layout to a visual project report. We want to send these reports to partners and donators. The project is called "Sustainability Week Switzerland" and we are a student-led organisation. We have at the moment a word doc with texts and pictures. We do have logos and a corporate design prepared and just has to be applied in the end-result. The end results should be similar to this report and we would like to keep the format as word-doc, so we can use it for future reports. The actual docs are these to form to a magazine like report as one product: https://drive

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    mehr Struktur. Drop down Menü (optisch passend) Lazy Load im Shop. Ich möchte das die Produkte sich nach und nach laden und nicht "Mehr Produkte laden" geklickt werden muss. Vorschlag Seiten Struktur und Header more structure. Drop down menu (optically matching) Lazy load in the shop. I would like the products to load gradually and not have to click "Load more products". Suggested pages structure and header

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    ...Benutzer löschen fehlt Benutzerdetails ändern fehlt Passwort vergessen fehlt Optional und derzeit nicht wichtig: Das Dashboard besteht nur aus statischen Daten und muss aus dynamischen Daten von Unternehmensteilen bestehen ____________________________ We have programming on ASPX and urgently need 4 points solved! Hourly billing please. Login doesnt work (if you login, the page only reload) Pictures was not saved when you add a part Delete user is missing Change User Details is missing Forget Password is missing Optional and not important at this time: Dashboard is only static data, needs to be dynamic data from company parts...

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    ...selektion fields for the articels and categories) and put the information’s via API to Shopware 6. Inside of the product file, are also product-variants. Product-variants are identified by the same name at the column “main produkt”; product-variants also have information’s at the columns “attribute & value”. There are max 2 step variant like size and color each variant has there own itemcode ,ean,few pictures , price and text .. I am looking forward to hearing from you. --- --- --- Guten Tag, Ich benötige Ihre Unterstützung beim Import und aktualisierung von Produkten und Kategorien von einer CSV-Datei nach Shopware 6, via API (von Shopware 6) und exporting Bestellungen als xml an Ftp , import xml von shipping information an sh...

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    We need Plugin for Plentymarkets Marketplace. Plentymarkets is a SaaS for collect orders, different merchants use it for multichannel. We have own new marketplace for European countries. Plugin must synchronize Data from Plentymarkets Customers (Merchants) to our Marketplace. How plugin must work: 1. You load Plugin to Plentymarkets Marketplace. 2. Plentymarkets customer must be able to activate plugin in backend of Plentymarkets. 3. Merchant create API Key in backend of our Marketplace iKOOF 4. Merchant paste Keys from our Marketplace iKOOF in actived plugin on Plentymarkets. 5. All Data must be synchronised. What Data must be synchronized: 1. Inventory and prices updates for every merchant 2. Orders: Push orders from iKOOF to Plentymarkets for every merchant 3. Status update f...

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