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    Bean Bag pt 2

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    attached is a simple java jsf bean for <h:selectOneMenu value="#{[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]}"> <f:selectItems value="#{[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]}" var="c" itemLabel="#{[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]}" itemValue="#{[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]}" /> </h:selectOneMenu> and <h:selectOneMenu value=&qu...

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    2d AnimatIon 5 Tage left

    2d character animation with character sketch. It should be like Mr. Bean

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    1.) To update current website Revolution Slider (in WordPress), with new graphics and layout. 2.) Create product page for purchase of new coffee products using WooCommerce. There will be one image – with the choice of “ground” or “whole bean.” I will update the shipping and weight info upon completion.

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    Trophy icon packaging for a metal box Beendet left

    Hello, I am starting a chocolate factory doing chocolate from the bean. the chocolate is hand made with organic high quality cocoa and natural ingredients from Switzerland. there is no additives . Our chocolates are 100 végétal. Chocolates will be sold in a metal box to keep them fresh. The box is reusable. I need a packaging for the top and the sides of the boxes. A packaging...

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    Design and implement (in Java) a basic graphical user interface (GUI) program for recording information about a family tree. You can assume that a family member has some immediate relatives: i.e., a mother and father (maybe unknown), zero or one spouses, zero or more children and zero or more grandchildren. A family member also has a first name, a surname at birth, a surname after marriage, gen...

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    We are needing an assistant to gather data and give us a report of the following. Top 5 Largest Vanilla Bean Farms in Madagascar in 2018. This will be judged by either total weight grown annually, or amount in USD produced annually. Top 10 Largest Vanilla Bean Exporters in Madagascar in 2018. This will also be judged by either total amount (in KG) of vanilla beans exported or by gross amount o...

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    1. Need to add the shipping address to the woocommerce checkout form. 2. Coffee Website: Need to add * Ground or Whole Bean question on the checkout form 3. If Standard Package in cart (for free gift): *Choose one Birthday or Christmas => If Birthday Month/Day Entered 4. If Premium Package in cart: Just Birthday Month/Day because they will get a free gift on both Birthday and Christmas

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    Hey Yolmary. This is Tom from Chocolates Dalila. I'm looking to get one T-shirt Logo and one logo for our social media (Instagram, FB, YouTube). The t-shirt logo design would be for the front and back of the shirt. On the front, I would like to use the image of Dalila's face with Chocolates Dalila written around it, maybe Chocolates on top and Dalila on the bottom, and for the back I wou...

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    R scripts should run correctly. PROBLEM: Larval competition of pest bean weevils can be crassified into either contest or scramble types. Contest larvae kill opponents and monopolize a bean. Scramble larvae share bean contents with others. Minimum requirement for scramble larvae should be smaller than that of contest larvae so that scramble larvae can escape from lethal battle with contest larva...

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    I am looking to create a new look for my existing online coffee company. I want a new logo and a new look for all our lines of coffee. There's one style for our drip coffee labels but for our espresso we have a different look for each type. Almost like how craft beers get creative with each brew they produce. For example we have a "Freddo" coffee which is based off of an iced es...

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    I'm a start-up business looking for an unique fresh modern design in a logo. I'm seeking a designer with the same vision as in my uploaded example. The branding name for the business is COFFEE WHOLE. The image is a whole bean with the COFFEE WHOLE name inside it. I want the whole bean image to be brown with pale to bright green letters of COFFEE WHOLE; needs to be easily read. The center...

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    I need to create a Logo for my brand COLOMBINO |HandCrafted Foods|. To Keep in Mind: 1. The Logo must be in oval circle presentation. look at the file "logo SC" to have an idea. 2. Use living colors like the ones we have in the current logo. 3. Base your design using the actual logo of COLOMBINO. FInd Attached Image. 4. Please convert the snake image in PNG with transparent ground, inc...

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    Hi everyone. We are looking for a reliable person stably based in the USA in one place who can still work remotely from home. It is for a vanilla bean packing and shipping and online selling company. You'll occassionally have to (not very often) receive and ship and batch and pack orders, but 99% of the work is totally online and at leisure. Common sense, love of writing, people ski...

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    1) Need to automate the deployments in STAGING and PRODUCTION 2) .Net MVC Platform 3) AWS Server 4) Need to do continuous daily deployment to Staging at 9 PM IST 5) Need to do Continuous Weekly Deployment to Production 6) Configure Soap and Selenium scripts to run validate results and if FAILED need to REVERT to an earlier version 7) We are maintaining Lean server but if the traffic increases sho...

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    Trophy icon create electrolyte infographic Beendet left

    I have attached examples (psd formats) of infographics that match our aesthetic. please use the KEY CONCEPTS of the electrolyte benefits overview to incorporate text into an infographic giving a general overview of the benefits of electrolytes " niKETO HYDRATE (Electrolyte Supplement) When the body is operating in ketosis, the kidneys to dump excess water, leading to the excretion of impo...

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    Need a product sourcing assistant to help us arrange the full supply chain on roasted coffee beans. We currently have a supplier of raw coffee beans from Indonesia and we need to sell roasted beans in small sample size pack in the US. You will need to: 1. Find shipping and calculate costs and duties shipping out of Indonesia 2. Arrange suitable roasters (small to medium of about 500kg initialll...

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    The logo should includes illustration/symbol that combines coffee beans and mountain. The name of the cafe should be written 'Kopi Petualang'. Font can be either round or sans-serif. In Indonesian language, 'Kopi' means coffee and 'Petualang' means adventurer. The cafe is visioned for adventurers to gather in the cafe by enjoying coffee. We believe adventurers (hiker,...

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    my business helps kids to find matching tuition centre for their study Business name: Growing Beans Please refer to attached for my idea. to replace the "o" in growing with a growing bean, the font and design you can decide

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    Trophy icon LOGO FOR A BOOK CAFE Beendet left

    BOOK & BUN LOGO 01 : TITLE: BOOK & BUN 02 : TAGLINE: Nurturing Mind and Body. Spend less. Read more. 03 : COLOURS TO USE: MAHOGANY RED: 40030a BONFIRE: c50500 SEA BLUE: 009fb2 TEAL: 00707c BLACK: 000000 04 : FONTS TO BE USED: NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING CLEARLY READABLE. 05 : DESCRIPTION: The title of "BOOK & BUN" indicates the book element and the Beans of the coffee element....

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    I'm looking for a design for a patch hat. I'd like it to say "Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom". "est. 1947" "Bill Monroe's" can be in smaller letters with "Bean Blossom" in larger bubble letters that vary in size. I"m attaching an example of a patch hat in case anyone is confused.

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    Interface agreement provided; create a fresh FUSE project with a CXF Bean and ~5 endpoints as WSDLs. Code first or Contract first ok. Should include basic tests

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo! Beendet left

    I am the new owner of a home organizing and resign company called "The Tidy Bean". Essentially, I go into people disorganized homes, and make them look like something you would see on HGTV! I do closets, pantries. bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, etc. NAME: The Tidy Bean TAG LINE: Home Organization + Redesign Co. I am looking for: - A very minimalistic logo - company name (and ...

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    Trophy icon Logo for fitness website Beendet left

    We need a logo for my fitness website, The name was inspired by the anime, Dragonball-Z. The website is a general fitness blog and I'm looking for a logo with a transparent background to be used on the website as well as its social platforms. I'm looking for something simple, strong and possibly incorporates the senzu bean in the logo. If possible I want the logo to incorpo...

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    Need a logo designed for Region Rat Cornhole to put on Cornhole bean bag. Need a clean design that will look good as a logo on bean bag. Region rat is term used for Northwest Indiana, people that have lived in the Chicagoland area.

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    Hi, We have an application developed in Laravel with database as MYSQL. We have a repository on github for check in the code. Our application is hosted currently on Amazon EC2 instance using Elastic Bean Stalk What we want is to setup docker based deployment pipeline on AWS so that whenever we Push the code in master branch, it automatically gets build, execute the database scripts and deploy l...

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    Chicago wallpaper Beendet left

    I have found a wallpaper called Bay Area Toile and Brooklyn Toile. I want to create a Chicago version. I need high resolution images created of all things Chicago. Maybe 10-12. People and places such as Oprah, the bean, navy pier, chance the rapper, Mike Ditka, etc. Here are some examples: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I have no idea on budget or skills needed.

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    I need freelancers who could make my project. The main task is to cover a bean bag with my given images. I have a lot of bean bag styles and also lots of pictures to put on. If the project is successful it will be long term collaboration. I have all files with information that you need. So feel free to contact me with more details. The job will be interesting. ATTENTION! First of all, you will nee...

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    I need freelancers who could make my project. The main task is to cover a bean bag with my given images. I have a lot of bean bag styles and also lots of pictures to put on. If the project is successful it will be long term collaboration. I have all files with information that you need. So feel free to contact me with more details. The job will be interesting.

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone completing lab works. I did some work but Java is not my love so I will need someone to help me:) I will provide you with necessary pdf's there will be 8 labs but mostly will be easy, it is small project so I will prefer low bids:) You can find my example project below APACHE TOMCAT 9 must be used, you will have time till 8-9 may, if earlier i may h...

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    I am looking for a talented illustrator, who can complete a set of colorful illustrations for a children’s book for kids 4-7 years old. This children’s book is a silly story about a beautiful and kind rose and feisty little Bean character who have a discussion about how life has roses and thorns and that's what make life complete. The project scope is 30 colorful illustrations o...

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    Hi, We have an application developed in Laravel with database as MYSQL. We have a repository on github for check in the code. Our application is hosted currently on Amazon EC2 instance using Elastic Bean Stalk What we want is to setup docker based deployment pipeline on AWS so that whenever we Push the code in master branch, it automatically gets build, execute the database scripts and deploy l...

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    Trophy icon Brainstorm a product name Beendet left

    Hello! I am trying to come up with a name that would relate to a grow kit/grow bag. Things we have thought about using to create a name: Hummingbird, organic, natrual, nutrients, jack and the bean stock, farm, green, earth, Dr(grow/green/farm/etc). I would like help thinking of a name that is catchy, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and is fun! Submit your ideas, and please check that t...

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    We want to deploy an application to Elastic Bean Stalk in AWS. our stack is Rails + Vue.js and Postgres. We need 1 app server, 1 worker server + RDS. We use NodeJS and Yarn. As long as you know Elastic Bean stalk, it should be straight forward. We are facing some issues and would like to get an expert to help.

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    My Project is a game where a Bean goes on a quest to find all the missing pieces to the puzzle. It is also an FPS game. My business name is M.P. Gaming Co. I'm a newly founded company. This Company has been my Friend and I's dream. Hope you apply!

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    I require a cartoon bean (similar to the one pictured below) - image is not mine. To put in a logo Needs to be a vector image, no fill. Black outline and the leaf on its head remains green fill (please)

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    I need a logo based on the screen I attached below. It will be placed on this website [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It should contain Chicago's bean against the background of skyscrapers (please look at this photo below ) It should be a rectangle with inscription on the right (company name: Empire Cleaning Service) Colors to use: skyscrapers blue #5D95DB bean silver / gray ai, jpg, png...

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    Overview Google BigQuery as enterprise-wide analytics platform and currently has a number of projects for creating data pipelines which get data from various sources, perform necessary transformations and output data to BigQuery. The chosen technology for these data pipelines is Google DataFlow which has been open-sourced by Google and re-branded as Apache Beam. There are two Google Apache Beam S...

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    >Preferred cost of each SKU less than 2 USD or equivalent >High margin sellable product >Niche and immediate attractive product >If product content writing could be done would be added advantage. 1. Sports Jumpsuits Boxing gloves Printing machines Golf Gear Paddleboards Mini trampolines Hunting gear (binoculars, maps, etc.) Football Gear (sleds, ladders, etc.) Volleyball Nets Fishing ...

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    Judo Dummy Beendet left

    I require a professionally made mannequin pattern cut from free issued leather. The mannequin will be approx. 180cm from floor and consists of 1 torso pattern and 5 additional bean bag style base stacks. The internal filling will be taken care of by myself. The purpose of the design is for a unique judo training aid. Please refer to the sketches attached for further information. I would ...

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    Hello We would like to design the label for below products and we need a mock up how it looks. 1. Sugar 500g, 1kg , 1.5kg and 3kg - All will have same design and same looks. We have White Sugar, Icing Sugar, Caster Sugar and Brown Sugar In Paper brick bag and in plastic (both sample reference pictures attached) 2. Basmati Rice Bag Packaging 25kg and 50Kg. Brand Name Zaayka 3. Cooking Oil. ...

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    we have devoloped a bean bag large enough to sleep in ,SNUG ,this can take various shapes like a couch,chair,bed,rocking chair . we want to create awareness and understand the product fit and customer interest,before officially launching this product.

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    Bebas menggunakan bahasa pemrograman apa saja Support android jelly bean keatas Di aplikasi terdapat maps yang bisa melihat pengguna aplikasi lain, camera scan qr code, terdapat pilihan INGIN PINJAM & INGIN MEMINJAMKAN

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    I want to have a logo Name "Brazil Coffee" with brazil flags colors. Green Blue Yellow White and coffee bean inside old school style vintage and modern mixed style.

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    App para instalar en telefono movil android 4.2.2 (jelly bean) que permita bloquear el telefono movil por medio de llamada de un numero especifico. Que esta app No se pueda desinstalar, ni por medio del desinstalador ni por medio de "reset default", solo se pueda desinstalar por medio de alguna contraseña o algo (proponga).Si el telefono movil es reseteado que mi app continue co...

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    I, along with some others, are planning to launch a clothing line based on surreal designs and artwork imprinted on streetwear. We are in need of an initial design that we can prototype and survey with in order to get a more rounded out idea of the designs that would work best. We need a graphic designer to create this initial design so we can make this dream into a reality. I attached a very roug...

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    We need someone to build a driver package/kernel module for OpenWRT (trunk) for successful use of 8Devices QCA9377-7 BlueBean USB Wifi module. Currently it is not supported by standard ath10k driver module and 8Devices only provide qcacld source code (see [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    shopify website Beendet left

    Need a shopify website created. Monthly subscription based. Coffee bean orders of 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 5kg and quote amount

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    I need you to write some articles. Skip to main content   Search form Search You are here Home » General English  General English Magazine Read about special days and festivals in our Magazine section. These materials are for intermediate B1 and upper intermediate B2 level learners.  0 April Fool's Day April Fool's Day is a special day for jok...

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