Looking for a professional team to re create a current 7 page website you would need to use the existing content redesign de Jobs


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    362 looking for a professional team to re create a current 7 page website you would need to use the existing content redesign de Gefundene Jobs, Preise in EUR

    1) Make a program for capturing current URL and page title from Chrome browser and other browsers that use Chromium engine. 2) Programming Language: Delphi. 3) Programming metods: Windows API, OLE, addons for browsers. ATTENTION: do NOT offer method based on copying through the clipboard !!! To demonstrate the functionality we ...

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    I need my files and databases transitioned from my current hosting company to a new account on Amazon Web Services. I will need both my stage site and production site transitioned to the new service and will need it to work seamlessly as it does today. I will also need the SSL certificate to transition as well.

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    Hi. Would like the current logo revised to the shape of a pentagon 2 logos - Pentagon Electrical Pentagon Group LTD Stationery Business card Thanks for your interest

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    Our current web, [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] is hosted in a provider not allowing us to migrate our webpage to another hosting service. We want to create a single Wordpress web with similar form and content, we will provide the current pictures. To be done in Wordpress with MySQL and PHP. Must be ready and up befo...

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    Have a current business card need to reformat to make a sign the new size is 18"x27" for vista print

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    Current project is using VideoScribe. Need someone familiar with program and someone who can illustrate using adobe illustrator. Drawings are completed, just need to clean up so that it will translate well in VideoScribe Program.

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    Currently category lists open by touch the tool and close and i need to show the lists firmly on all pages below the tool bar, please see the image. my site is [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] please leave messages any questions

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    Hi, I have wordpress base native android application, I need 2 bug fix right now. 1. Sorting blog as per date published (default) - currently its last updated 2. Add sorting option to UI Regards, Kanika

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    OK Im looking for the best wordpress developers only. Must be fast with code and pixel perfect. I want to add a few extra pages to my current website which is in wordpress and tweak a couple of things. Pretty basic in general though want to establish a long term relationship with someone who cares about my business and

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    I have a Centos auto.bot. program that does: Bypass captcha using human captcha solver service Auto fill form Keep track of completed registration. i would like to optimize it since it is not good as i thought. Or translate it to C++ and java using different libraries. Please contact me if you interested. Thank you.

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    Attached is our current logo, we want to have it animated that loops and has a modern smooth animation like the below - maybe have the iris swirl in like a painted brush effect - need to have the file available in .gif [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    I would like to "modernize" and upgrade my current site, www.hghplus.net. All of the written material would stay the same. I do NOT need any built in shopping cart. Site must be SEO and mobile friendly. Should be easy to use and most importantly, easy to upgrade and change images and written material. Woul...

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    I would like to retain the sidebar navigation on this current site: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden], but want to update the overall layout and graphics to be much more contemporary. It's a Wordpress site, so I'm looking for a template that won't require all our content to be reworked.

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    Payment Gateway and download count

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    We have a project that was outsourced to a resource that proved to be lacking in the skills we desired. As such, we have fallen behind in schedule. We have some assets and resources developed, but have opted to purchase an out of the box template system for Ionic that has many of our required features built in. Our hope is that a ne...

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    I have a current site that has alot of problems. So i would like to hire someone to start from new and build me the site over again. I would like for you to go in and make all the pages and everything the same as the old site.. But i want everything to be working perfectly and functioning.. Make su...

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    We currently have an invoicing platform in PHP and MySQL that we would like to make an IOS for IPAD version.

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    need to know how to use SVN (subversion download and update) .

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    ...freelancers. How are you ? Right now I have urgent project what is completed within 3 hours. If you have perfect skill, please apply. Our project is just downloader app for iPhone and iPad by using dropbox api. I have demo version source code. But I need you will add some function. I will share source code and video, specification for good freelancer....

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    ...designed a test that works on images and need these images to be redone exactly as it is now, but just high quality and in black and white (keeping with the image shapes etc). Please refer to the attached for examples of the 2 sections. There are 25 questions in Section A, and 25 questions in section B (I only added 2 examples per s...

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    Hi, I have the app cookbook "codecanyon" and I want to insert a filter in Homepage for select ingredients (with relative images) and I want to show only the recipes with ingredients selected. the app is already bought and I want only a customization

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    Need to have website [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] responsive and compatible for a wide range of mobile devices. Only application with concrete and personalized action plan will be considered.

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    We have a logo that was designed over 10 years ago and represents well what we do but looks dated. Like to see if someone can make it look more fresh, modern, interesting

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    I have a site working off of woocommerce and a ticketing extension. I have purchased Sensei to also have an online course available. I have added a course as well as a one lesson with an example quiz and a video. I need the Sensei part of my site styled responsively and looking similar to the rest of the site. As w...

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    ...software : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] We want to 1. add "upload attachments" function to each Transactions record, includes Income, Expense and Transfer 2. show the "attachments download link" to the Transactions List, Income List and Expense List * Show error message if same name file already

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    Film Reviews 2 a week - 500 words, SEO optimised - not necessarily current films.

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    need someone skilled in c# to help modify current program i have

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    We have created a website on an open-source learning platform at Moodle.org. The site teaches cognitive behavioral therapy to students. The website runs great but we would like to make the website look better, run more efficient, and make it easier to track student progress and homework assignments. The course inc...

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    I need a page added to our current website that allows people to fill out a simple contact form. We are selling franchise, so it should pop up as NOW FRANCHISING-OPEN A ROCKIN' CREPES I'd also like to replace some pictures and change some information, for example we currently have 20 beers on tap and will so...

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    I have a current logo, in which I have uploaded to this project. I am looking to get it more updated so that we have more flexibility when using in on our website and in marketing collateral. When it was created the designer simply gave us a jpeg, so it might have to be re-created from scratch. Another issue is that the...

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    We have a website that is made from Wix. I need a similar design made over Joomla or WordPress. You can use all the information given on the site. Site is pretty basic and simple. You may find the link to the site in the attached TXT file.

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    I need a current systems and technology inventory report for a company. You will have to select a case study and write the followings: Full descriptions Index report, matrices, and dataflow schematic Relationship reports Observations Recommendations

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    Hi. I need some help with the design Design of CE and CS Amplifiers and Current Mirror Current Sources. Details will be provided to the selected bidders. The milestone will be created once the project is awarded but it will be released only after I get mark for this work.

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    My current software was developed in Windows XP CE and I need to recreate my Code to run on Windows 10 CE. The software developer who created my code has decided to walk away from this project. My business offers a combination of hardware and software to help manufacturing operations improve their efficiency. I am looking for...

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    -Change cover -Add 2 new styles with Color codes - Create 2 versions, one for Europe one for the U.S saving to diff files with eh same info as last time) - Agregar el color (nude) piel al catalogo (qoute extra)

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    I am on a project right now and deadlines are very strict. I need help to support my deadlines and deliver quality project. I will hire on a montly basis and it will be atleast 6 months commitment. I have a daily scrum and the tasks will be on a daily basis.

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    General information for the website: Auto Ecurrency Exchange Script template design using smarty Kind of development: Customization of existing website Description of every page/module: Smarty Template System, you must know this or else you cant do it Description of requirements/features: I order a script called Auto Ecurre...

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    Modification on a current java program, on the part of the execution time by making some changes on the current code, adjustment of some bugs found. The time needed for this project is provided for 5 to 7 hours.

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    [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] is the site. very basic. need two identical sites with two unique urls.

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    We have a working dotnetnuke skin but we need it to be responsive based on the bootstrap framework. We will send you all the ascx, css and js files and you'll convert it to responsive.

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    When we try to make changes to current product titles or description it changes on the admin side but wont post the changes live! We need this to be solved asap! We have some product descriptions that have errors and e need to be able to correct them! Please only apply if you are SURE you can do this today!

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    We currently have a joomla website and i want it to be mobile friendly. it is just very ugly when we go to it from smart phones

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    Implement new mock design into current homepage Mock provided, must have excellent design skills and WordPress skills also.

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    Modify current app to display annotations of fire hydrants with information sourced from sql database online (own server). Annotations will on tap icon need to display other information such as (Full Address, Hydrant ID, Lat/Long and date installed if information is available). App is currently working showing users current location, requesting permission

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    ...I have a current website that does not look very nice and slick. I need someone to alter the website to be more professional. All the content is there. Also, some images come up with with the name #prettyphoto etc. Need all this altered. Nice and easy for someone with knowledge and and hour or so. ...

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    Young company needing skilled Python and Django programmer to assist in maintenance of website, streamline admin office functions, assist in shopping cart processes coinciding with promotions, and minimal design work. Fun concept, owners easy to work with! We are looking to pay hourly! [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    ...currently in the process of updating my website. I sell on ebay and have used a 3rd party plugin to import all of my ebay items onto my woocommerce site. Everything works fine except for the "REPORTS' on the dashboard. It currently states 4910 products are LOW IN STOCK and 57 products are OUT OF STOCK. The problem is the...

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    ... 1. Reword the current report. 2. Ensure no plagiarism 3. Ensure that reworded report is completely different from the original report 4. Ensure good English expression, correct grammar and proper sentence structure 5. Change at least half of the references to different latest ones in order to make them appear different from the original r...

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    3 pages of it... /sx .hzskghs/ghsz/ghs/ilghil/fh/lgszhirhgerigh/igrgjE:Rgjzrdhz/lghzslghzghzhkrjfhgjflgfkl;;gkd.d,gjvlff;ich/vcjggdj

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    MUST have already worked and successfully applied the SEO WP theme to another client to be hired for this project. I currently have a wordpress theme but would like to change my theme for the SEO WP theme and still have my color scheme implemented and applied. I love the SEO WP theme and would like it to be our new...

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