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    Wir haben mehrere JTL Shops und möchten unseren bestehenden, quelloffenen Plugin, der derzeit an PitchPrint per API angebunden ist, auf die API des deutschen Anbieters Cloudlab (der Editor heißt CreateX) umstellen. Prozessdiagramm, User Stories, API Dokumentation und quelloffener Code für das bestehende Plugin sind für eine Aufwandsschätzung vorhanden. User Stories sind ...

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    Ich benötige jemanden der meinen Windows Server 2016 einrichtet. Folgende Funktionen sollen eingerichtet werden: SFTP(z.B. Cygwin) SMTP + Webmail Software DNS der Domains einrichten Webserver + MySql + phpmyadmin einrichten Bevorzugt Plesk Onyx ! [Removed by Admin]

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    Wir sind eine Ebay-Agentur die Fotos und Beschreibungen für Kundenartikel erstellt etc. Wir benötigen ein Programm mit dem man - die neuen Fotos von der dig. Kamera (Mass Storage) herunterladen (automatisch) - die Fotos dann von der Kamera löschen (automatisch) - die Fotos bei Bedarf drehen (manuell, mit Übersicht Bilder) - die Fotos auf eingestellte (Einstellungen) Maximalgr&...

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    Gewünscht wird ein Lua Script, welches eine Toshiba Flashair W-03 Karte zur folgendem in die Lage versetzt: 1. Verbinden mittels FTP auf einen zu spezifizierenden Server (SFTP, falls möglich) 2. Auf dem Server für die Dateien erstellen eines Datumsspezifischen Ordners wie: 2016-03-01 3. Kopieren der Dateien, Erstellungsdatumsabhängig in den entsprechenden Ordner 4. Protokol...

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt 'NAS Synology 213+ Remote per SSH und SFTP to rootfile'

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    Mula-X is a digital service company that provides end-to-end digital lending platform to serve non-bank financial service providers. This project aims to develop software module running on AWS cloud to support loan disbursement and repayment transactions between Loan Management System (LMS), Wallet Management System and bank API. LMS and Wallet management System will be developed by us / other...

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    Bitvise expert 3 Tage left

    Can you operate on winscp and SFTP. my Bitvise is not rootin to my server. Can you operate bitvise very well?

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    Lookin for code/plugin that will send PDfs generated in GravityPDF via gravityforms to an SFTP Destination. It must be able to use mergetags for folder names and create folders in the folder/sub folder does not exist

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    Unix Scripting Help is needed for SFTP script

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    Automation of the following process is needed. I have 3 separate queries which I have completed in MS SQL. I need to run and get the result set to tab delimited. there will be 3 text files in tab delimited format as a result of the queries being run. Once the results sets are in tab delimited a copy needs to be put in an archive folder and a second copy needs to be encrypted to PGP using a 1024 k...

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    SPHERE Conversion Beendet left

    Hi - My Name is David Morgan I'm head of IT operations at Sony Europe B.V. UKTechnology Centre based in Wales UK . I'm looking for a Korn Shell Programmer that can modify a file transmission script that was written 20 years ago that used ftp protocol and needs to be converted to sftp . I don't believe this to be a complex task, but I no longer have in house Korn Shell skills...

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    I have a lightsail server with a Wordpress instance on. The theme that I currently use has an update out and so do a few plug-ins but unfortunately the theme or plugins are having trouble updating due to incorrect file permissions or paths on in lightsail. I am looking for someone take a look please and change the file permissions/paths to the correct ones so that the updates can happen. I have ...

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    Install a Shopware 6 Environment on a Ubuntu VM for a Test-System. Scope: - Successful installation of Shopware 6 with a working Front and Back End. - Set Up MySQL Database with Admin User to connect and work on a local MySQL Workbench instance. - Provide SSH Access. - Provide SFTP Access to wwwroot where Shopware is installed. Host Provider is Hosteurope. OS is Ubuntu 18.04.

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    implement laravel transfer file and edit/delete/get directory/get files list via SFTP/FTP you can setup any laravel library. we using "laravel/framework": "8.12" Please bid only u have experience. thanks

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    I´m searching someone who can install the socioboard 4 open source package on my STRATO webspace. I have PHP Version 7.4 with mysql 5.7. An SFTP-account and an phpmyadmin account with fresh clean database ist prepared - also a subdomain for the account folder.... Hope for your support..... kind regards from germany Danny

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    I'm looking for an experienced eBay developer. PHP & Laravel knowledge is a big plus. But eBay MIP experience is a mandatory thing. No need a long proposal. just put what MIP is in eBay. Thanks

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    Build and run Linux C SFTP Ubuntu

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    Programming The Baxter Robot (Rethink Robotics)in Python , Pick & Place Task with MoveIt Motion Planning.

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    I need a fairly basic python script. What it needs to do: - it will be on a scheduled run, (hourly) - it should provide a config file where I can add parameters - should alert me on email if there was an error during the last run - log successful/error actions One run: - check the folder provided in config file, open every xml file in it and find a title string matched with a string in config fi...

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    Hi Sergii T., I need your help to access to my web site files on aws Just show me where files is saved and database and tips for make ssh or sftp connect to files , I already supper linux user ..just 10 minutes of your time

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    I am looking for an ubuntu expert, that can help me create a restricted SSH and SFTP login for my webserver. Situation: I have an installation that I access myself using root privileges, however, I do not want to share them with my staff members. Ideally, I'd like to have a separate login where they can only work within a designated folder with restricted permissions (not root). Since I wil...

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    I need to disable get ability from SFTP, can someone please confirm? Do I need to put back "Get" and "GetAcl" both or just Get? Is there another way to do this ? Need this to be a clean variable "mystr" and no white space, etc, etc, Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Been out o...

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    Hello, I've a supplier who would make data available to me on a daily basis, I've to daily connect me via sftp to his server and download the data in a xml or Json file (I can choose what I prefer). This data after downloaded from the sftp server has to be integrated in a filemaker file. The same thing I have to make on the other way, data that I have in my filemaker file has to been exp...

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    CSS Animation Beendet left

    we need CSS UI animation similar to this : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] On hover image zoom and text easing- parent/child mode. Also for mobile we need text easing when in view as the user scrolls. Needs to be all CSS no JS allowed. Please show previous CSS animation work in response. Once a price is agreed we will provide SFTP access to edit dev site.

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    Hello! I require assistance from someone very familiar with AWS Appstream. I have an app that creates log files that need to be uploaded to SFTP when a session ends. I have created a session termination script, but it does not work when used in a fleet, only in imagebuilder. Please help!

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    I want my site portal site upgraded to Current PHP. It is now 5.6. It does not function. I want to get my site running. ANd want to work with someone who is consistent. Also there are some broken links. So I want them fixed. Technical Platform Hosted on Dreamhost with their VPS Hosting service (Docker Container) The DH VPS is currently configured for 1Gb RAM and 30GB of space The VPS is addres...

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    Please read carefully before sending bids: I have installed and set up a Filezilla Server on my laptop, which gets data from a sensor directly connected to it. However, I need to send these data to another server (which uses SFTP). This other server is mapped as a network drive. What I would like to do, is setting up Filezilla server so that it seamlessly transfer these file to the SFTP server.

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    1. Use the numbers from an existing read-only Google Spreadsheet. 2. Save the new CSV file to the server/folder that hosts the PHP file. 3. Upload the new CSV file and another CSV file that already exists in that server/folder to a separate server via SFTP. Here are the details: Google Spreadsheet with 3 columns. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Column A is SKU Column B is stock quantity ...

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    I currently own a QNAP server. I would like use this machine to host 2 secure websites, and use this server to receive CSV files from a remote source securely • Apply best practices to secure server on premises server (Remote access will be provided) o Upgrade and Secure Apache server to latest version o Upgrade and Secure PHP • Configure HTTPS on server • Install and C...

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    Замена WordPress theme работающего интернет магазина, тему предоставлю. Hosting Digital Ocean, connected through SFTP

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    Overview: The goal of our project is to create a software-based process for extracting text information from a variety of types of invoice documents (PDFs, scanned images (TIF, JPG, etc.)) that is based on an understanding of the document and the text on it instead of using fixed positions, etc. The end goal is to have this capability to be able to process any invoice that is presented to it. I...

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    Tentando exemplificar e resumir o projeto de forma bem simples, temos o seguinte: Trabalhamos com processamento de imagens digitais, com peso de cerca de 50mb cada foto e sempre em grandes quantidades por processamento, a partir de 1.000 a 15.000 imagens, ou seja, grande volume de peso e quantidade de arquivos. Atualmente fazemos todo este processo de receber as imagens de nossos clientes via se...

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    Create an integromate scenario or zapier zap - watch for attachment on email - upload attachment (excel file) to gdrive or OneDrive - add new columns with formula and edit header titles of existing column - upload new file to sftp

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    We had a web application developed in Microsoft .net C#, and would like to move to Django framework. The existing project is based on ABP boilerplate. Application has below DB tables: 1, User 2, Role 3, Tenant 4, Company (customers) 5, Orders 6, Customer payments 7, Customer billing 8, Customer support cases 9, Pay to suppliers 10, Projects 11, Bank transactio...

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    The aim of the project component is to test the student’s ability to research, design, implement and report on relevant technologies related to system administration that they have developed. The project must involve technical development of an artefact or proof of concept system; therefore pure research projects are not appropriate. Subject areas for this project cover a wide variety of are...

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    Necesito que en un archivo .bat se haga autologin SFTP sin utilizar winscp o putty o cualquier programa relacionado.

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    I am looking for an admin panel for clients to use and manage a website builder from The API is very good and has all required functionality. - Client orders website/s via existing WHMCS. - Client registers in the admin panel. - Site admin will manually add the number of sites required per user in the admin panel. - Admin adds domain for site, panel to be used, hosting plan - provide...

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    I am looking for someone who is an expert in Unix BASH scripting. 1. I need a Bash Shell script for end-to-end Integration. 2. Calling RESTP API USING CURL command 3. sFTP, PL/SQL, SQL 4. Oracle APEX REST API experience 5. Error Handling and detailed logging 6. Experience with CONTROL-M

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    We need immediate support for bigdata administration. Cloudera administration role FOR: (DEV QA and PROD ) Implementation and support of the Hadoop Environment. Performance tuning , working withbbn Teradata team Databasebbn management and application teams. Configuring the security of the cloudera cluster. Manage and analyze the job log file Monitoring Troubleshooting and accounts access man...

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    1. Configure/troubleshooting new VPS to be faster than old VPS in ftp browsing and web browsing 2. Help me configure new VPS to be AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, that´s about it. I´m upgrading VPS hosting, but could notice the new server setup is slower than the old one. When accessing ssh/ftp/sftp, the browsing among folders are slightly slower and the fresh installs of OpenCart eCommerce shop...

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    1. Write a shell script , connect to remote server using sftp. 2. Check the sum of file(*.ZIP) size as remote server file size 3. On Host server , check the free space 4. If free space less than remote server file size then stop the script execution and send email alert. 5. If free space greater than remote server file size then check are there any corrupted files on remote server. 6. If corrupted...

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    11 Angebote if you do upload checking, 50 is ok

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    I need script in bash: 1) connect to sftp to remote server 2) found all newer files on remote files without prefix (file) than local with prefix (file-somting) - compare by date 3) check that file not in uploading state on remote (files will be less than 1mb) 4) download newer files wihout prefix (file) 5) if remote file was download(from 3) ), local files with prefix (file-something) backup wit...

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    Unix shell script Beendet left

    1. Write a shell script , connect to remote server using sftp. 2. Check the sum of file(*.ZIP) size as remote server file size 3. On Host server , check the free space 4. If free space less than remote server file size then stop the script execution and send email alert. 5. If free space greater than remote server file size then check are there any corrupted files on remote server. 6. If corrup...

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    Help! I need to download a csv file daily from an SFTP site into an access database. Then I need to add two formula columns to the data, then filter based upon the results of the formulas and filters of other columns in the data. Would like to be able to look at this database every morning and see the resulting filtered data set.

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    I have a running application which takes files from Azure SFTP every 10 minutes and converts them to word format. I will get new features to be implemented in it ad made dynamic. Initial code of console application in C# is ready for production. For 1 month his application needs to be maintained annd whatever features come-in should be implemented.

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    Hi, I need help removing a Bitcoin Market Script on my VPS. If you've heard up about SFTP, I'll have a market. All other things may need to be influenced. Thank you Software RequirementsPHP7 (7.2 recommended)SQL Database (MySQL,PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server)Elasticsearch (Search interface that will keep track of search records and provide great searchperformance)Redis (Optional, ...

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    Job Description Code Conspirators is a website and web application development company in Atlanta. We've had the opportunity to work with some great companies on some really fun projects. You can learn more about us at We are looking for a web developer with primary experience in designing and developing websites in WordPress to join our team of 15 people. ...

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    We have the Ubunto server hosted on Microsoft Azure. We need an expert to help us set up SFTP or FTP on the server with the appropriate. This is a urgent request, we need to start immediately after award. You should be contactable via WhatsApp.

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    Team members track work planned for a week. - Input Fields are Work Type ( BAU, Meeting, Training, Project, Leave), Description, Priority( High, medium, low), Planned hours for the work, Area of work ( OS , Database, mail, sftp, cloud, print apps etc.). - Member enter this on start of the week and update each of the work item with hours they took to completed. - End of the week they update h...

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