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    I need some help with internet marketing.i need someone who can help me to get more like views and subscriber on my YouTube channel and if you can help me to get more projects then i will give you the share as well the good one. thanks

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    Hello, i would like someone to help me with a python project I have some source that needs to be edited and updated is all

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    looking for someone have experience in creating phpmailers for bulk sending or even a ready made script

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    Hello, I currently have this WordPress theme [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I am looking for a WordPress expert who can help me customize my theme, I am on a deadline and I am hoping to have my site up by August 1st $300 budget. ******Must have excellent communication skills************* ****** Must both understand and speak English*********** If this matches you I would love to work with yo...

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    I am looking for a professional video maker for a product for Shopify dropshipping. Someone that is able to compile multiple videos and put captions with it. Must have previous experience to apply for the job.

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    hello i am deploying my laravel project on godaddy shared hosting but i got blank white screen after i upload it i have already changed index directories and setup databses but no routes are working and application just got white blank screen i need someone to setup my project on shared hosting

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    Hi , I'm looking for professional who can test my already completed RealEstate website and fix bugs. Skills required are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP ,MySQL and other.

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    Hi All, I am looking for someone .we have a application designs .We have UX , front end part is has to be write as a code . When ı send the link you will understand

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    Hello Everyone, We have Online School Management Software with Android and IOS App. We want to sell the Software in All Countries. Your salary/commission/bonus amount will be transferred by Paypal, Transferwise or Skrill We have already Covered lots of Schools In India, UK and South Africa. Schoolio Software License - 300 USD Your Communion on Sale - 100 USD AMC - (150 USD) Your Commission on A...

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    Hi , I am looking for someone who can work with me as a partner . I am planning to build a single product website but am not sure which product to start with . So am expecting a partner who can put his work on it and select a good product which he thinks we can sell online . I can do the investments , my partner does not need to do investments . He just needs to put his brain on work . We wou...

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    how to work on this platform, the first task is to get Google index the sites we have on the platform. PLEASE quote only if you have experience with this platform. If you do not know how this works, please do not waste your time and our time. We used someone who tried to figure out things and we wasted time. Once this small task is done, then we will give you more work.

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    Hello:) I am looking for someone to write a businessplan for renting out a groupaccomodation in the Netherlands b2b per day, midweek or week.

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    I have recently opened a play school in my city,i want to promote it all over,,so marketing people including digital marketing contact me,,,,,,only workful and efficient people needed,,,give [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] work details first

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    I’m searchin for creation of a Logo Design due to the implementation of an Integrated Management System (ISO 9001 Quality / ISO 14001 Environment / ISO 45001 Health and safety) for a luxury brand. I anticipate the project will last a short period of time.

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    Hi, Looking for someone to help develop a potential customer database for a marketing campaign.

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    I need a hard worker ready to work 6h - 8h non stop for fixed salary + commissions

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    I'm making 'Google keep' like react app.(it's not commercial thing. Just for studying) I already made some structure but I'm having difficulty implementing modifying and other detail functions. It would be really simple if you are having experience. Please contact.

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    Looking for someone to finish our incomplete server and make sure it runs perfectly. its on the (ESX Framework). we host are server from Zap so you will need access to that to work on are server.

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    We are based in Romford, UK and we have an in-house software application for the Forex Industry. App has been developed over a number of years. We are now rewriting the app using the latest technology for Desktop and Web Browser. Desktop - WPF Web Browser - Angular & Bootstrap Looking for someone to assist to create UX & UI for this application.

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    Not looking for spammy backlinks. Looking for someone who is good at creating backlinks. This is a long term project.

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    Need product descriptions with google keywords. If you are interested please send me an example of a description you have written.

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    I have a couple of product descriptions that need to be written. I need them to include the google keywords multiple times and have the benefits of the product. I need this work done as soon as possible. If you are interested please send me an example product description you have written.

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    I am looking for someone who has experience with EPIserver

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    Need someone to solve some some small issue on Wordpress with mylisting theme

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    I need someone to build me a 3D Product Configurator for a website. Users will be able to change the color of the the spokes, flange, cap, lip outer, pinstripe, spoke face and window of the wheel and then able to display it on a car of their choosing. For more details. Please see attachment!

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    I need someone who can writer terms and conditions/privacy policy etc for my website. I will be sending more detils in chat.

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    i have an image that is decent quality right now but want it to be super high quality because it will be printed on 90 cm x 90 cm fabric is that something anyon e could do ?

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    need someone who can start work immediately!

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    Hi I and Dr Bhumika Khanna. Owner of Dental Harbour dental clinic Looking for someone how can promote by business on Google,facebook, Instagram etc

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    need someone who can start work immediately!!

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    Hi, I have a webpage where I am not allowed to make claims as to the products aren't TGA approved which is fine. So I need someone to write some of the sentences so that it is not seen as a claim anymore! If you would be interested in the job I can forward you my webpage link and you can have a look before you quote me! As I don't want my whole webpage to be newly written I just don...

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    A very simple project. Looking for mostly new Freelancer from any country to help us with the work. We are very flexible with the project and will help you out if you face any issue. If you perform well, we would want to work with you in the long run with better budgets and also help you establish yourself on the platform. The only thing we expect is prompt & clear communication and willing ...

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    Hello, I am in need of someone who will buy a hosting for me from my instructed site with my given domain name. The cost of the hosting will be $59.40. I will create a milestone of 65 dollars and also you get an excellent review from me. Which is your side of profit. Please bid if you are interested.

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    Need creative and crisp content writer for online press release and Publish on online sites

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    Experience: 1 - 3 years Skills: Design, Photoshop, css Industry: IT/Computers - Software Functional Area: Hiring for Web Designer,

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    The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications. Strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. Code Igniter

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    Need someone who knows physic to review a blog post [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Please direct me to all the errors on the post.

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    If you are python Expert and you have been experiences with plugin develop ... please bidding.. everyone welcome! thanks

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    I need a streamline presentation to pitching a client, Need urgently. Bid if you can start right away

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    I am looking for someone that knows business laws and are good accounts so they can write me up a good contract. I am taking over company.

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    We are an advertising agency that is pitching a client and need streamline presentation done in 24 hours. I would say 6-8 slides. I am attaching our company Logo

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    Basically I have a refund request google sheet, when the request is approved the telegram bot should send a notification message using google script/GAS. As the data is confidential I can't share any information here. I have the script file needed to modify. please feel free to knock me to talk in details.

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    We need a partners who know in : Adobe illustrator Adobe Photoshop.

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    I need some help with finding some leads.

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    I am starting a dropshipping business and I am looking for someone to increases the size of the catalog and products available that i sell. The individual will be responsible for finding the appropriate products per my parameters, importing such products onto my shopify store, editing prices, description, titles, etc.

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    I need to remove a youtube link someone posted about my company that's negative in order for them to gain business.

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    I need someone who can writer terms and conditions/privacy policy etc for my website. I will be sending more detils in chat.

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    I have invention and I have been registed this patent in USPTO . Your tasks in this project are: 1. Search for top fast food brands. 2. Find thier email which we need it to sell the patent for them. 3. Prepare a well-writing email to send it to them. 4. I will send them the Email in (3) from my personal email, don’t use your Email. 5. I will give you thier Response Emails. 6. You will write ...

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    I have a domain name that we want to have emails for using G Suite. Presumbly this would require someone to set up hosting on AWS and then set up G Suite.

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    Need a customer service support person to call clients in Europe and USA and convert leads . Content will be provided . Need to be fluent in English and other European dialects are most welcome

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