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    I am seeking to develop a few unique apps. That sync with current API admin systems and utilize top of the art GPS tracking synchronization... These apps will have several applications. One is for international, national and local travel. We offer direct from the cockpit of planes to the consumer accurate travel alerts. The 2nd is for shipping. Ever loose a package... and could not find it even wi...

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    ...scheduling podcast interviews on relevant podcasts, to articles in notable health related communities and publications. Yes, it may be tempting to bid here with some boilerplate Jedi hand waving of yes-I-do-PR. And we love fluff and high energy promises of awesomeness as much as the next guy .... but our client likes result based strategies, actionable

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    Trophy icon Need a unique YouTube video intro. Beendet left

    ...maybe a 3d little man figure moving energy around with his hands or his mind, or something. Maybe the little man figure could be moving water with his hands or rocks like a Jedi master! These are just ( ideas ) to help you know what I'm looking for in my YouTube video intro. Thank you. minimum run time 5 sec. max. run 25 sec. If you have any

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    **Must be a Jarvee Jedi master*** Setup my my Jarvee with proxies + accounts + PVA + emails. Make sure the accounts dont get a email reset, if they do then make sure it's easy to go in email and reset it. Buy aged twitter accounts with full bio and avatar Schedule posts to be posted form my RSS feed along with a [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] link to check my

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    Clothing label Beendet left

    I’m in need of an artist who can draw cartoon style grim reaper/wizard/Jedi

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    Hello! Thanks for checking out our listing First, please answer the following question: what is 5-1? Ok, let's get to it! We're looking for a PPC Jedi! An individual that has solid skills using Google Ads pay-per-click. The great part is, we're a Google partner and well-versed with Google Ads, we're just looking for a Junior PPC Manager that

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    Return to Hip Hop Beendet left

    I am looking for a fresh beat to write a music track for non profit. I have out of the game for years. I like old skool feeling tracking like stuff from: Jedi Mind Tricks Immortal Technique Dre NWA looking forward to hearing what you guys can come up with

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    Help me wirte a short mission briefing text for a game character. It should be in the style of the "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my last hope.." style Include the word Jedi to prove you read this ;-)

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    Based on the Jedi orders of Younglings, Padawan, Knight, Master, Grand Master where only the higher rank can "Approve" the attendance of the lower rank. There will be 5 Clans, High Council, Council of Weapons, Council of Planning, Council of Mechanics, Council of Sense, Council of Depth. 1. All Jedi have their rights to update their own attendance

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    ...of the movie, the movie cover photo, and a 3 or 4 different review scores from different websites (e.g. IMDB, rotten tomatoes, metacritic). I would like to replicate this service, but in an app and with the review score from all of the major movie review websites, not just 3 or 4. For example; Star Wars: The Last Jedi IMDB score: 7.3 / 10 Metacritic:

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    i need a graphic designing. i want a custom design a Senzu bean turned into a jedi with light saber and a hood more details provided in message

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    Trophy icon YouTube Logo and Banner Design Beendet left

    ...nature. I would also like to have at least one Jedi or Sith character that is on the banner itself as well to represent myself on the channel. The color of the lightsaber for the Jedi or Sith can be: red if you want to design a Sith or dark Jedi styled banner or blue, if you want to design a Jedi, styled banner (I am a bit lenient with this as well

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    This is the project for the creation of quizzes about the STAR WARS movies #8, The Last Jedi, and #1, The Phantom Menace. Same guidelines as usual -- 300 word description, 4 choices for each answer. If you could finish the first one by Monday and the second one by Tuesday, that would be great. Thanks!

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    1 Angebote so pleased. Thanks. Rob. SOURCE CODE SPESIFICATION ------------------------- Compiler : Embarcadero Delphi XE2 IDE Components Used : - Jedi (JCL & JVCL) 3rd Party Inline Libraries : - FastMM (folder: FastMM) - ZeosDBO (folder: 3rdPartyZeosDBO) Database Libraries : -

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo with the Finger :D :D Beendet left

    ...hand and the little finger (if you think you can do better otherwise, do not hesitate, it must just stay very simple) In attachment, you will find two inspirations : the jedi symbol with the radiance and a black and white very symbolic, classic and very 'logoesque', and the second is the finger in an elongated form that I prefer :) I would like

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    Upgrade software Beendet left

    ...create this software for me. It detects the distances between different edges in video from a webcam. You can easily see how it works by downloading the attachment here : [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] It contains the executable and the source code. The project I need you for is this - in the current version of the software, you create the 'points'

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    ... Localizada em São Paulo, Zona Oeste. Empresa jovem, dinâmica e com equipe motivada para crescimento acelerado. Requisitos para vaga: - Photoshop e Illustrator (nível Jedi) - Conhecimento dos formatos de mídia e suas especificações - Formação em Design, Publicidade ou Artes Visuais - Bom relacionamento interpessoal &Oacut...

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    * Es muy fcil y sencillo acceder a pelculas * Puede hacer clic linear unit el distort DE arriba para ver la pelcula completa DE Star Wars: The Last Jedi linear unit lnea * Esta pelcula Es DE muy alta calidad y con licencia ORIGinaL puede descargar o mirar * Muchsimas gracias por su visita * y no te olvides DE marcar y visitar DE nuevo el sitio internet

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    Hi, I need someone proficient with automation and building web Scrapers using python or ruby or any language to help me build arou...[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and convert it to ID and add to a text file line by line: example: Movie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Return ID: tt2527336 saved to file.

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    Trophy icon WHO IS YOUR LAST JEDI? Beendet left

    WHO IS YOUR LAST JEDI? Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the most recent installment of the world-renowned saga, debuted last week and sold out theaters around the world. The war between the dark side and the light continues. Which celebrity would YOU love to have as the Last Jedi? Share your choice with the world by joining our design contest. WHAT

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    ...I want a program that will take that photo and put it into a card template that makes a card like the attachment. The template will have a spot for the photo and The big name text (MICHELLE) needs to be changeable. The text at the bottom(OPHTHALMIC) needs to be changeable. The text to the left of photo (STUDENT) needs to be changeable. The

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    I am wanting 2 diff...designs. One of a Female Twi'lek Jedi facing right with a purple lightsaber, and the other being a Female Dathomirian Zabrak Sith facing left with a red lightsaber. I'm wanting both sabers to be single bladed and both of the characters to be in a battle ready position. Neither wearing robes, just suitable clothing for Jedi/Sith.

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    SEO Jedi for less Beendet left

    SEO admin for our site, keep it on front page. Post blogs we email you. We need someone who can create graphics themselves. We would like to interview right candidate. We are a start-up and we can only afford $250.00/qter year one and site is built. We would like to have yearly contracts with quarterly invoices. We would like emails to be answered in 2 days. FB Messenger a plus. We are int...

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    23 Angebote Our adsence also keeps failing and they say we will get an email with the reasons, Guess what! We never get any emails, all junk checked etc. Any advise on who is a JEDI and can fix the issues? We are at the stage of deleting all the google pages and input use channel. This would be a massive loss, the channel is 15 years old has over 1 million

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    Hi Jona F., 4x4 bomb edible stickers as we discussed similar ...we discussed similar to the images I sent you indica/sativa/hybird. 1x4 Bomb Strains & Bomb Preroll designs with these Star Wars Designs. Skywalker OG, Deathstar OG, Yoda OG, Jedi OG. Also make another version of Darth Vader OG "Chosen One" Use backgrounds that stand out. Star Wars Themes

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    We have a book and want it published for FREE on Amazon/Kindle. We want this book publish in the next 24 hours.

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    Make clothing cyberpunk / apocalypse / Star Wars Jedi type clothing. Pictures will be provided , however you must a savvy and skilled seamstress to cut , some handwork, 3D elements/ leather. Not a typical clothes

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    Make clothing cyberpunk / apocalypse / Star Wars Jedi type clothing. Pictures will be provided , however you must a savvy and skilled seamstress to cut , some handwork, 3D elements/ leather. Not a typical clothes

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    €2629 - €4382
    0 Angebote Tribute of Star Wars which represents 2 universes. (For a frame size A1 normally!) 1. On the one hand a compositions that gathers some of the characters who are Rebel / Jedi, the nice ;-) 2. On the other hand, a composition that brings together some of the characters who are from the Empire / accomplices, the bad guys ;-) The illustration includes

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    ...we're getting larger here but it was offered so it is written here.. "Quo fas et gloria ducunt" The design optimally would incorporate Templar, Viking, Skull, Pirate, Ninja, and Jedi imagery. Background on the group - We are a group of aging veterans who have served together for a long time, across multiple deployments. Since we're a. aging and b. veterans

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    build jedi forum Beendet left

    build jedi forum for us to meet and talk

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    ...Padawan." Usually sailing clubs don't have much money, and I will be providing several services at fair price. They are usally not very good at computing, so I want to be their Jedi Knight or Master to help them in all their computing and communication situation. So I want the logo to be Fun and Serious at the same time, I know it could be the opposite

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    ...Green/Blue Chakra: Heart Sacred Geometry: 3, 4, 6 - Creating stability and tolerance through slow flexibility and flow of ideas: for the seating area circle of the great white jedi counil of the old republic... and the new galactic empire... ...

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    Make a schema Beendet left

    ...<year>1980</year> <director> <firstname>Irvin</firstname> <lastname>Kershner</lastname> </director> </movie> <movie> <title>Return of the Jedi</title> <episode>6</episode> <year>1983</year> <director> <firstname>Richard<...

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    Please view attached samples, please design similarly...need the following character icons created: "Rebel" characters Female: Padme, Princess Leia, Rey Male: Luke, Han, Chewy, Fin, Mace Windu, younger Obi-Wan, Kwi Gon Jinn, Jedi Anakin, Lando, Older Luke, and Yoda. Droids: R2, BB8, C3PO Oh, and Jaaba and Jar-Jar for members that aren't active.

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    HIgh end site to be designed from scratch. Site is already live, but it is based/build on a ...we can. Please send link to your portfolio of previous work, your full name and address. You must speak very good english, so there are no misunderstandings. Put "Jedi Master" so we know you actuall read our brief. AUTO BIDS will be deleted

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    We’re a team of web developers who is seeking for experienced Sales Managers. We are very good in web development, but need some help from outstanding sales experts. Our website: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Main tasks: ▪ Lead generation ▪ Presentation of our IT solutions to clients ▪ Hight percentage from every successful deal

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    Need and want REAL traffic, no BS traffics by bot, are you a marketing genius? do you wan...traffics by bot, are you a marketing genius? do you want to bank MILLIONS i am ready to pay a lot of money to generates a lot of sales. i am ready to partnership with a JEDI you can generates pre-order sales. will sign a contract to proof my words.

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    Read Jedi Handbook, simply summarize part on education.

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    ... <episode>5</episode> <director> <firstname>Irvin</firstname> <lastname>Kershner</lastname> </director> </movie> <movie> <title>Return of the Jedi</title> <year>1983</year> <episode>6</episode> <director> <firstname>Richard</first...

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    ...<episode>5</episode> <director> <firstname>Irvin</firstname> <lastname>Kershner</lastname> </director> </movie> <movie> <title>Return of the Jedi</title> <year>1983</year> <episode>6</episode> <director> <firstname>Richard<...

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    Freela Mobile Beendet left

    Olá, necessito de desenvolvedor ninja Jedi Mobile, que manje bem de ionic, angular, firebase, javascript e possa trabalhar pra minha agência em tempo parcial, de acordo com o horário combinado e se interesse em ganhar um fixo mensal por essa prestação de serviços. 

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    En <strong>Nubelo </strong>buscamos un/a jedi del <strong>Javascript</strong>, alguien con la suficiente pericia para desarrollar nuevas implementaciones en nuestra plataforma que permitan satisfacer las necesidades de negocio y los usuarios así como mantener y mejorar constantemente la calidad de nuestro código. Alguien con experiencia en el desarrollo

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    We have a SHOPIFY website that needs to go LIVE tomorrow. We need a master SHOPIFY Jedi to help us do this job. Lot more work for the right candidate in a near future. Your tasks are; Integrate content to 3 pages Integrate content to 3 products Set up inventory on 70 products (stock number provided) Delete some sections not needed Clean

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    Help with setting up Delphi 7 environment with JEDI components. To help me fulling set up the environment with these components, without errors.

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