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    ... We've grown to the point where it is impractical to make and maintain individual pages. I am looking to convert the website to a PHP interface to a MySQL database. Pages for individuals would be created "on the fly" with information from the database. We want to keep the look and feel as it currently exists, but we want to ...

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    4 Angebote> We need to create sample applications for this charting component in the following language/DB combinations: ASP.NET + MS SQL Server PHP + mySQL ColdFusion + MS SQL/Oracle The project wouldn't be very big. It would involve: A basic database with formatted data Server side scripts to query this database (report wise...

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    ...for stores. Templates are provided for customers to choose & tailor made will be available. This project is an ongoing project; design team will be continually work for upgrades and bug-fix. **Database & Scripts **1.1 MySQL or any other database servers run on Linux. Highly cross-platform required. PHP will be the development language while CGI, JSP

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    ...weblog. Brief Overview: Users are able to send pictures over their cellphones. The script catches the e-mails, parses them, determines if it is in fact a real e-mail from a cell phone, and not an e-mail from a computer (checks the headers), posts them to the database and on the site. Users must create accounts to post pictures. The way the account creation

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    I have a small busy community website. I am trying to add a wallpaper section to it. I hope someone here can help for a fee. kindly avoid any public Domain app/code in use that could get me in trouble down the road. This url would be a good place to start as it has most of what I am looking for: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    ...of work is a feasibility study to determine if the Smarty Template system can be used to easily make new Home Page designs for a proprietary software product called [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] that uses php and an MySQL database. The resulting report should describ to a graphic designer how to use the Smarty Template system to create ne...

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    ...application linking to my site. I would like for it to be done in PHP/MySql. My server currently has PHP/MySql software on it. This is a five phase project with this bid being on Phase 1. I will the dbase created and the application linked to it through PHP. Here's the outline of the application. The user "logs in" with a password and goe...

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    ...have not decided whether to use PHP or ASP so bids on either/both will be appreciated. There are 5 basic parts that I need. 1. I need to have the five or so pages written that will call city, state, county data from database. Need to have a mod rewrite or similar device to make url's look static. And I need to be able to edit the surrou...

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    ...Custom PHP Programming Services ------------------------ This is what I need: General Description: ===================== This is kind of an extranet, "manual" (for now) communication system, where registered users (created by administrators) can access the system, request information to providers, and then users will be able to look

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    Hi, I need to have someone create a quiz, with ten to twenty questions that will evaluage a person's depth of knowledge of PHP. It should be a very easy project for an expert PHP coder, an hour or two should be plenty. The form: it should allow the user to choose an answer for each question, give them an option for 'I don't know' it sho...

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    ...with user login) - own service port (e.g. 1124) - NOT 80 - running as windows service - easy handling in adding servers to be watched, like: add server, add service to be watched, enter "watch time", create graphical report? - tcp ping servers by ip or domain name with a the entered port number - tracert servers by ip or domain name - check

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    PHP Matchmaker Upgrade Details: I need the following add-ons /mods made to my dating site that is based on Deltascripts’ PHP Matchmaker script. My site URL is Please create account and test functionality of the script before bidding so you can understand what I am talking about. You can download a copy of PHP matchmaker

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    ...not limited to_: -User friendly Control Panel -Ability to create and schedule unlimited autoresponders/mailing -Ability to personalize every follow-up message -Ability to ad a double opt in to every follow-up messages. -Ability to send unlimited emails at once -Ability to Import email lists in several formats (e.g. comma delimited,...

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    Hi I need the php code to represent this table like the report below it: CREATE TABLE `events_schedule` ( `schedule_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `events_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0', `period_day` varchar(16) NOT NULL default '', `period_time` varchar(16) default '00:00', `seats` int(11) default '0&...

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    Looking for: Fast, security conscious, PHP/mySQL/Smarty programmer. OBJECTIVE: Adjustments and additions to existing base php/mysql script. I currently have a base script that is operational using php and mySQL. It's focus is based on a similar social networking structure. I'm looking for a serious PHP/mySQL coder with strong knowledge and experienc...

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    ...Rating Site Language: PHP & Mysql (Preferred but will consider others) Site is essentially a person of the week site. Users sign up and create their profile. Other people visit the site and can vote for which person they want to win. The profile with the most votes at the end of the week wins. Person can sign up and create their profile. Profile

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    ...necessary to first register to [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden], then to our application. You should create at least 10 accounts with text and picture logs, check any relations, all functions and take a view on the visible code. 2. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] is a clone of So it's necessary to first register to [Zur A...

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    This project is to do code clean-up and add new features to an astrology-based application and ecommerce web site. The astrology-based application creates astrology reports and runs in Visual Basic on its own server. Here is what needs to be done to it: 1) Fix two significant bugs in the application that can sometimes cause the system to crash.

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    ...consists of several PHP scripts and a web page. Basic function is as follows: a formatted list is submitted to the web page as a text file, this is parsed into records in a mySQL database. The records are used to spider a few specific websites for pricing information. unique strings are used to index specific searches to specific results. (to keep a use...

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    8 Angebote with php/mysql/css. It needs to be built in a modular/templated manner for easy updates and the presentation layer is separated from logic for easy module addtion and modification by me. Here are the details: User log in/log out Browse/Search invenotry item Add/Issue stock item Create item label View reoder inventory report Thats

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    15 Angebote familiar with dotproject ([Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]) and can create an online report based on a Word doc from it's database ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature o...

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    ...the look and feel to make it compatible with other parts of our website. Improve the administration and user manual. We also need good documentation on the program itself. (30% of the total project) Purpose of this project: We create test reports for most of our equipment. We want to improve the way these documents are provided to our [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmeld...

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    This project is to use one of the popular open source or free CMS systems ( *nukes, *wikis) and adapt it for a Product Download and Support Portal. I am looking for a creative developer ??" use your own experience as software developers to extend the minimum feature requirements listed below. First preference is for LAMP (Linux/Apache/mySQL) based

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    ...that needs to be made into a database application that will use 3 different devices to operate. My goal is for the user to be able to input customer and crane information on the server. Sync it with the iPaq, and be able to view reports of inspections. I need to have these reports in a nice format because they are to be printed and presented ...

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    6 Angebote, I have been using to test a few perl scripts. However, I believe my hard drive is on its last legs, and I intend to replace it very shortly. Before I do that, I would like someone to perform an audit on this server. The purpose of this audit is to provide me with an in depth understanding of what needs to be done in order to make this same machine

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    We want code that will go to government sites (specified) to extract public records on a daily basis. The information that will collected will be added to a database for research. There will be a need to populate the database onetime with all the previous records from past years as an initial setup. The code should also be able to parse th...

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    ...where sellers can create their auction listing and have them placed inside of our templates. We also offer our user image hosting for their auction photos. We would like to take our service one step further and allow sellers to post their listings directly on to eBay. the solution we are seeking would be very similar in form and function to [Zur Anzeige der UR...

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    ...for Rent a Coder. To protect you as a coder and prevent a conflict of interest, I am waiving my rights to arbitration as described in your Seller Contract "When Exhedra is a bidder". ***************************************************************** This is an easy project for someone with even moderate experience in PHP on Linux that should

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    This web-based project will have the successful bidder create a script to extract the names, addresses, company and contact information from a list of companies on a stock investment web site. You have your choice of using either Python or PHP to complete this project. Script output should be in HTML accessible by a web browser. The web site is

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    I need an online test script created in PHP and MYSQL. The script should be able to host multiple tests at the same time. There should be two separate sections of the script - one for the teacher and one for the student. In the Student's area, the student should be able to : 1) register with his name, email id, username and password 2) view a

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    Hi, I need to write a program in PHP to do the following. I need to to report on 10 websites from my website. I could create a http request (in php) to get a page for site 1 and parse it and display the information ( on my site) then go to the site 2 ( show results on my site), then go to site 3 ..etc.. I w...

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    ...completion. We are planning to higher telemarketers to work on a very simple Lead Management tool that you will develop quickly. We require the admin to access a mysql database with a php application. The admin has the ability to create records and also to create users. The admin has the ability to assign records to specific...

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    PHP and MYSQL Beendet left section needs to be secure. Only members should access the page. if not a member it will ask for registration. We want to create a membership page. Surfers can register online and create profile, if password is forgotten, they can retrieve online and send to their email. Email will be the key to log-in to the site. No need to pay, ...

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    I am wanting to develop a website that subscribers can become member of for a small fee. The will use the site for purposes of marketing using the Net Send Command. I am not looking for a client based installation but rather a script (PHP) that is run from my server, not the desktop. This would allow anyone with website access to use the net send

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    I am looking for coders experienced in writing usage and report module for messaging oriented systems. You should be able to use your judgment to create a set of exhaustive Web based usage and statistical reports for message traffic stored in a database. First Pref. is for JSP, then for PHP but will consider other tools if they work both on Apache and

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    QA Testing Beendet left

    ...tester that would be available to test our websites on an as-needed basis. Anytime one of our coders makes changes to our sites, we need someone to do overall testing of the sites. Previous QA testing experience is a requirement. The process would be as follows: 1. Our coder makes changes or adds new features to a site. 2. Our coder gives instructions

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    My main customer wants to send their orders electronically. They will be sending them as an email attachment or might be uploading them to my database and I would manually download them (I prefer email). I have detailed info on their file layout (fixed length fields) and have verified all will work as described (I wrote parts of a verification

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    There are a couple of leads to sales software packages on the internet. One such program is called This program can be downloaded and installed on the users server, but it's limited to Windows servers. This project is to create a similar application that will run on unix/linux based servers. You can see the general philosophy at: [[Zur Anzeige der URL A...

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    ...application to track automobile milage. Create a PHP/mySQL application to allow user to record milage. We are looking for JUST the WML application for now, we can edit database/tables on-line. Must use HAWHAW for this: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML hybrid adapted Webserver and is a toolkit to...

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    create an online accounting and information system for my business using php and mysql. I need a system to for my customers to be able to search for orders that have been placed and be able to view overdue and current invoices. For myself I need to be able to view and edit invoices and be able to mark them as paid. I would also lik...

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    I need an application with 3 parts: MySQL database, front-end website designed in PHP (or ASP), and a script (probably a Cronjob) to send emails at a date/time specified by a database field. Users will have the ability to choose an address from a list, then create an appointment for a specific date/time for any agent listed in the database. When the

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    ...evaluation to potential clients and companies in general. Currently, we get requests from our website form (all HTML) and manually create the report to send to the client. We'd like to automate this process. Our company will provide any and all design needed for this project, but we'll need to work with you on how you'd like this d...

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    Online Scheduling Beendet left

    ...challenging and interesting project. We are using the following (but would be open to better ideas): 1- Platform: LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) 2- Delivery Model: Application Service Provider We intend to have a complete suite of online (web based) services for small to medium sized medical practices. The future online services would include: EMR &

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    1. I need to have a PHP page created which will allow create/edit of data from an existing SQL database. I already have a login form which captures the primary key variable for this form. 2. I need to generate 1 report from an SQL Database from a PHP page. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    5 Angebote to implement a shopping cart using osCommerce (based on PHP and MySQL). Most of the features were are requesting has open source osCommerce add-on modules. There might be some light Perl coding to format our distributor's CSV spreadsheet in order to import to osCommerce's catalog. The enclosed zip file provide additional details in order to...

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    ...require a site (PHP/MySQL)which resembles [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] it must allow people to log on view when the rooms have been booked be able to view who booked them and also be able to book a date. I would like the site to have a VERY EASY to use layout like that site. The admin section will need to be added which will allow the administr...

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    ...If you have the skills to do this please contact me: 1. Take an Access Database 2. Parse the contents of the Access DB into mySQL format ready for incorporation into a remote mySQL database 3. Encrypt the data client side before sending and Decrypt it server side, before inserting it into mySQL. Write the encrypted information to a text file. 4. Zip the

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    PHP-MYSQL database - Need an application that works similar to Will Woodward's , address book v2.1 "[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]". The purpose of this application will be to assign an undefined number of report writers with the ability to create short reports for inclusion on my Web Site. Each report w...

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    ...project to write program or script for Hotel management web site. See the attached file for full specification. 1. The hotel reservation system consists of three sections Fast client's reservation Special offers Corporate clients i.e. travel agency, airports (password protected member access only) In this case, all clients receive an opportunity to choose

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    ...alteration to discussion forum ( version 1.6 downloadable from [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] ) using php. Require one additional field to be added to relevant table, field to be called 'closingdate'. Require one additional table to hold specific forum id's or another field in existing table to identify forum id's that are ...

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