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    353 project voice text mobile Gefundene Jobs, Preise in EUR" like mobile application, with very basic features, no emoji, no voice or video calls. here are features i am looking to: 1- normal and basic text chat 2- group text chat 3- voice message 4- notifications 5- admin feature for the chat-group creator 6- most important, I need good design (so application theme is part of the project) 7- bot...

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    Kindly read the project carefully before bidding. Project – 100% Mobile responsive Dynamic Website Designing & Development on PHP platform with given below requirements. All pages of website will be dynamic Our Domain- [login to view URL] Sample Website- [login to view URL] (DSC) Home Page- Logo/favicon (How does it work, Add Balance, Membership

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    ...service technicians can see their jobs for the day and post the completed job sheet and a photo of the completed work. Work in xamarin would be preferred. After the initial project further enhancements are likely over time. The Web/ desktop application shall: 1. Have electronic worksheets in the form of 24-hour schedule, colour coded by Technician 2

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    ...through chat window (we'll have a limit on file size) 7, emoji's icon should be included ======================== Chat integration guidelines # User will be able to do text chat, voice and video calls using chat solution. # Application will push user information to chat solution while registration. # In order to manage user's login and logout activity

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    Requirement: The Project will be a VR Mobile App that will play 360 Degree Video with various Command Controls objects places in the Video for navigating to next level of Video Play ( these commands controls must also be voice activated ). The App must also integrate with FitBit to show Vitals as overlay as the Video is played , ( vitals like Pulse

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    This is my university project and i need this project done exactly according to the instructions provided. This project will follow another project, so whoever will do this project for me, will be handed over second part of this project as well. This project will involve implementing basic Android programming skills with the emphasis on UI develo...

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    ...microphone, analyze their voice automatically and give them personalized feedback on their voice. The goal of this is to sell a "personalized online voice training" video product. Cool presentation is more important than scientific accuracy. User journey: 1. the user arrives on [login to view URL] either on a desktop or a mobile device 2. the user is prom...

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    ...microphone, analyze their voice automatically and give them personalized feedback on their voice. The goal of this is to sell a "personalized online voice training" video product. Cool presentation is more important than scientific accuracy. User journey: 1. the user arrives on [login to view URL] either on a desktop or a mobile device 2. the user is prom...

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    simple mobile application contains following functional points. - login and signup page , forget password mechanism . - sign up page very simple , required following information:- * user photo (optional). * user name (mandatory ). * password (mandatory ). * confirim password (mandatory). * Email (optional). * birth date (optional)

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    Project Length – initial 90 day contract, project timeline is 12-18 months so we're looking to either extend contract or convert to FTE. Job Summary – Angular 5 front end, NodeJS and Java ML stuff on the back end. This is a new, next-level education platform redefining the learning model for k-12 and University students everywhere. Speech, Voice

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . hello, I have a project that i need quoted...I am not sure of the platform i need possibly mobile app or a desktop app probably Watson bluemix but i can describe to you what this application will need to do.I am a finance manager at a used car dealership.....I

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    ...We are a global digital & mobile agency working on behalf of a Bahraini telecom operator. The task is to translate 1 text from English to Tagalog (Filipino) and voice record 6 short ones in Tagalog (Filipino) so as to be used by the operator's automated outbound call system. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to award the project, the candidate freelancer

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    13 Angebote NOT looking for opinions on layout as of yet. I AM looking to see if the technologies I show in the PowerPoint is capable of programming. Programming would be the next project after marketing makes the screens look presentable for a demo. For example: Slide 2 - a manager uploads his/her introduction video on their app and it plays when the consumer

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    ...of the project is to develop a mobile application, working on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which helps the communication between all university members (instructors, staff, students and other stakeholders).This innovative idea is exceptionally useful in exchanging information between them. Members can exchange any type of information (text, audio

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    ...writing will be about mobile phone/smartphones we are looking for ongoing writers only. We need writers for the below:- Article Writing: Article should be on any specific topic and have atleast 600-800 words. We have a Title, Summary, Main Body Text and Author Box. Article can not be promotional kind of. We can add a anchor text in main body to our

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    ...long-term mobile app developer who can work full time for my projects. I have a lot of mobile applications and Here are qualifications for my project. - native iOS app development ( Swift, Objective-C, Auto Layout) - native Android app development - Augmented Reality ( ARKit) - Social networking app ( Video & Voice call, Text Chatting)

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    ...Editing: Photos Cropping, Filters, FX, Text, video trim, voice-over o In App Editing: app keeps an editable copy on bookshelf o Social Media Sharing, App saves a copy to RealShō Channel, with a link to share o User see, sort and edit the movie bookshelf in-app - Project requirement a) Implement native mobile applications (IOS and Android) for

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    ...voicemail without ringing the phone, to a list of numbers Regardless of the Country that i can load. TEXT FILE CSV upload wave /mp3 file to be sent Voip or GSM mobile phone to pc. Ringless voice mail broadcast service. Automatically delivers your pre-recorded voice message straight into consumers’ voicemail, without ringing the telephone. Voicelogic has a

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    hi I would need a introduction video of my mobile app and website to start a crowd funding. the video should explain the core features and functionality of my project. between 1 min to 2 min at the max. Text overlay and background music will do as I will get my own voice over. Just create a live demo of the features of my app and website.

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    ...Although project seems to have an e-commerce component, it is a very simple one... Please take time to review the API and any limitations it might have, We want to put the metal price (Gold, Silver, and Platinum , Palladium, and exchange rate)... In addition to news feed that will be displayed on the news page on our site. The project will have

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    Russian mobile app developers team need a French native speaker to support promotion of mobile app for skiers and snowborders in French and European market. Application is on development know, but we plan to publish it in the beginning of December and start from Les 3 Valleys region. Your task: - Proof reading and adaptation of landing-page and

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    ...fulfill his obligations. But he has provided documentation explaining the the project set up and development logic for what has been completed. He’s also happy to answer questions for you, when you take over this project. There’s a strong structure already in the project. The existing set up and code in the repo is clear enough for a competent developer

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    Hi Ark Games, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. The project is for a nursery. Following features:- I want a mobile app developed for my friends nursery. The following are the features:- CLASSROOM Photos: Snap and share pictures. Videos: Easily capture learning milestones and memorable moments, and seamlessly share with

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    Hello! I require a mobile application to be built for both Andriod & iPhone. There are three primary stages of this project #1 - The Login Registration System needs to be connected with PHP API and MySQL database (require encryption and TLS). This would be using e-mail / username / DOB / Forename & Surname. This also needs verification from the

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    Wentworth Institute of Technology- Graduate Certificate Program Project - Statistical Application of Data: USA Sep 2014 – April 2015 Started with Massachusetts School Students Test Score Dataset containing 200+ observation and 16 predictor variables. End goal of the project is to help students get better score by analysing factors like teacher’s

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    Wentworth Institute of Technology- Graduate Certificate Program Project - Statistical Application of Data: USA Sep 2014 – April 2015 Started with Massachusetts School Students Test Score Dataset containing 200+ observation and 16 predictor variables. End goal of the project is to help students get better score by analysing factors like teacher’s

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    Looking for someone to develop a web and mobile application to be distributed/published in apple app, play windows and blackberry play stores. The solution is similar to [login to view URL], [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] but for a specific market. It comes with a few features like cyber clock, voice to text search, language translator and it would

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    ...similar redaction system. We will provide the space and page. Profiles: Profile creating and managing for trainer, the profile should include some text fields, like name, profile picture and some more pictures, text window for more information Profile creating and managing for customer, same as trainer, pictures, etc... Calendar: Trainer profile includes

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    ...the following features; 1) text chat, 2) voice chat, 3) video chat, 4)One on One chat, 5)Group chat, 6)Open Channel Chat, 7)News feeds (users can post pictures, videos, audio, text), others users will react to the post by commenting, liking or disliking. 8)User login should be based on firebase (Facebook, gmail and mobile) . There are some issues to

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    ...developed using the object of the logo. Output files required as below: Logo: Illustrator, Photoshop, PNG (all with a clear background) - 3 different sizes (web, retina & mobile). Business Cards: Illustrator, PDF with bleeds (ready for printing) Social icon: Illustrator, Photoshop and PNG (all with a clear background) – size: 540x540 pixels

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    [login to view URL] is an initiative which offers a platform for people in Hamburg to voice their opinions on the upcoming G20 conference. As part of our marketing, we would like to offer a downloadable image (their opinion on a branded background) which should also be shareable on social media sites. A previous attempt can be seen here (issues

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    Looking for a full stack developer who can build a scalable mobile app, frontend and backend. Payment will be paid based on milestones and will only be released once the entire project is complete. Please do not bid if you haven’t reviewed the requirements below and do not agree with this payment structure. Ideally the candidate would already have

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    96 Angebote Project Details: Type: Video Duration: 45s / 1m English language Typology: Corporate, Web Agency, Computing Graphic Style: Flat or Material Design It is preferred if created with Adobe After Effects or high level programs. In addition to the video, you need to include a voice in English on a text I will provide The text will be quite

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    ...looking for experience coder that has done Chat mobile app before. Do not post your bid if you never done before. You have to show me your screenshots as a proof. Let me know what language. React Native mobile app will have higher chances of awarding. We need a chat mobile app that can text, voice chat, attached image and video. Able to save them

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    Your task is to build a wrapper around the HTML5 audio tag with a WhatsApp-like skin. It should look like a voice message you received like in the screenshot shown. You don't have to reinvent the wheel: Use this open source project for the JavaScript player: [login to view URL] and build a skin for it. You can start from one of

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    The project aims to facilitate daily communication between ordinary people and deaf, dump and hearing impaired people. An android application used for communication (voice to text in sign language// text in sign language to voice) in Arabic. Features list:- 1) The mobile application will support Android only. the language used is slag Arabic not formal

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    30 Angebote with me on a long term project developing mobile application as following: it's an IPHONE/ANDROID/WINDOWS mobile application Designed for motorbike riders Features: Location detection Voice activated Receives voice commands (calls,text messages reading,directions(maps),WALKY TALKY communication using mobile data must be compati...

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    The concept of the project is as follows: Let us assume there are 100 employees of a company and let’s name them as E001, E002….E100. They all have mobile phones with different numbers. We may register the names of these employees and their respective phone numbers. Let’s name their mobile phone number as EM001..EM002..EM100 Now we have a database

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    ...banners, SEO, with 2 Payments gateway integration for students paying for the service The site should give room for modification  The site should be responsive, having mobile friendly responsive design and customised newsletter template. It should be integrated with all social network features and Advertisement management (Banners)  Allow schools

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    Hi, As a mobile designer and conference speaker, I have a new activity: a mobile design workshop. I have few dates ready for 2017. To provide the best experience, I'm looking for a writer who likes tech, but most of all, wants to make knowledge easy to read and accessible. The project . the workshop duration is 8h in one day . half of it is lecture

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    i want to make a project on cisco packet tracer. PART 1: INTERNETWORKING NETWORKS Overview and Objectives This final case study allows students to build and configure a complex network using skills gained throughout the course. This case study is not a trivial task. To complete it as outlined with all required documentation will be a significant accomplishment

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    ...but was not completed. We can provide files for you to review. Before bidding, please review our proposal document, attached to this project. Also, be sure to briefly explain how you intend to complete this project (media server used, if any, so we can evaluate the cost for that software). Also detail your milestone/payment arrangements. The website

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    This project has two sides of backend and mobile app. Backend already has been done and here we are focusing on the mobile side. This app must continuously listen and does speech recognition to what user asking similar to Siri. Upon recognition app post back the recognized text to our server. In response server returns a JSON to construct the app for

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    Leap motion integration system with unity to create VR reality Intro This project is meant to help deaf people or there families to be able to use Virtual Reality to learn sign language to be able to communicate with external world by mastering the deaf sign languages. The idea To create a virtual Reality learning environment that will be able to use

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    This is a new project called "I speak for children with speaking difficulties" We need to do it on PC, android, Ios (iphone, Ipad). it is as explained in the attached file. How it works it is a machine learning project: 1- The user pronounce the letter like A or B or C or any letter the system will record the voice then we associate

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    Hi, I have existing ionic mobile application that do recording of voice messages and it connects to drupal backend to do registration, login, file upload and other staff, and I need some modifications to it Below what I need: 1. Changes to layout (around 15 pages) and some updates for html pages to match my existing design 2. All CSS changes to

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    ... Credit history, see senders ID, address for delivery and transferred amount Mail aliases, personal domains, use your own domain with other email service Encrypted text chat Send/receive credit (money) between users. Automated invoice, approve a received invoice in advance and it will be paid automatically as soon as funds are available

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    Trophy icon Help me with Marketing Ended

    Project Description We need to make a 30 - 40 sec. video showcasing the need and purpose of our mobile app. App Promo Video similar to this one - [login to view URL] or even better Would be great if we could get a voice that explain how the key features work in English. I have a attached the screenshots, this is an

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    We want to develop a mobile app, a guide for zoo vistors, This guide allows visitors to navigate on a mobile application and get informations as voice guide/text/img when passing next to a location/Animal, the Zoo is in an area of 2 km2, The demand : Development of the mobile application for IOS and Android Development of an interface that

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    Redesign of front page. Redesign of front page of mobile phone related consumer site. The service is aimed at general consumers, with more than 60% of traffic from mobile device/pads. Current design is not mobile friendly, and need to be responsive. The site consists of four primary services. These needs to be presented as obvious choices to

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