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    Hi, I need someone now for $10 to edit a video for YouTube. It needs part of it blurring and the sound needs to be chang...but I'm not at the office. Looking for someone to do this straight away, However it's a large file and will take a few hours for you to download. No more than $10 or your bid will be just hidden, It's a quick simple job. Thanks

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    Looking for a simple app solution of getting our companies employees to download the app. enter their details and be able to manage their details e.g their employee number. for example, we can see their location if they are available to complete a job nearby for deliveries. but also they manage their pay details, employee updates any personal address

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    ...project to utilize a few AWS services as part of a collective “project”. What We Currently Do: -We have hundreds of data partners. They provide us API endpoint access to download updated values/data. - We invoke their API in a .NET solution. - Response data is saved locally. - We have to run multiple API GET’s, liken to looping through page=1, page=2

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    ...stopped updating itself as well. because of that customers are not receiving their download link to the file they have purchased (however, the payment does appear on my Paypal account) I require a quick fix, please don't bid if you can't provide a full and quick solution. * I'm running on Joomla 2.5.8 * The extension I'm using can be found here:

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    I need a android Download Manager same as this link below. [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] android studio with java. I will be receiving it with source codes and documents. Powerful Downloader for Android: - downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously; - accelerated downloading by using multithreading (9 parts)

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    ...etc. Black and white. Simple style Best, David You can find the project here [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] You can download out beta version app here [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] We need an illustration at the beginning of the app The project is in New York - the statue in the illustration could be Shakespeare I have made a quick drawing of the overall

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    I will be super quick and simple I need an app that I can sell my photos and people can order canvas prints and things like that. An app that people can order an e book that I make on photo tips Browse hundreds of my photos and order them Browse hundreds of photos and download the digital file I will maybe have some photography tips and lessons

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    Dear Freelancer, We’re looking to create an interactive cook book for our cooking appliance. The end goal would be for users to download our app and have access to a database full of recipes. The user will have the ability to easily navigate through our recipes using different search terms (i.e. type of meal, type of cuisines, dishes under certain

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    ...address is in the attached file. Just go there to understand how it works, it's simple, consisting of a single page. On this site you can load any JPG image, usually in black and white, and change them with two colors of your choice. Afterwards it is possible to download the image file with the colors changed and the resolution remains the same as the

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    ...HIPAA-compliance related features are the ability to control access to files and audit actions taken with records. This gives administrators the ability to assign permissions to modify, download and access files and a paper trail to verify all actions taken with any patient file. 4. Integration with Core Software: To get the best productivity boost from electronic

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    Mynba2k19 android game just came out. Looking for a bot to auto play the quick games. Down the line would like it so additional game features can be autoplayed but main thing is the quick games which is basically clicking on 5 cards and then the screen to make it go quicker. Game does have a capcha after so many players. The capcha will say click

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    2 Angebote Tons of easy to use functionality Transaction tagging One touch 2FA (3FA would be better) web wallet model 6 digit pin SPV validation Customer control their private key Quick to check recent transaction status To check transactions <6 confirmations without unlocking User experience feedback form -SPV -deterministic -a phrase as backup Donation address

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    16 Angebote teleported to diferent maps using the samples as bases. you gain karma points by uploading, rating, tagging, reacting to samples and songs in which you can use to download songs It will also incorporate a Magic Music School subscription with a lot of features* , including learning melodies and rap trough rap and singing templates , which

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    Trophy icon Create a Mobile App Promo Video Beendet left Download the app from the App Store store. Ideally, the video will show people generating charts. However, simple animated sketch and text would also work. Here are the main features I want to highlight in the video: Vedic Chart let you generate vedic astrological charts in simple way + Click generate button and browse charts + Quick access

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    ...SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS ONCE INTERVIEWED Disclaimer PLEASE provide your own dialer system, Google voice, or software with THESE area codes. 713, 281, 346, and/or 832.. .or download "TextNow" on your mobile device using your facebook login, make a Houston area code like 713 and let me know so you can call me on my personal number. If you are unable to

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    ...someone good at Windows development to Integrate embarcadero (Borland) Berlin or Tokyo which are free to download, on a Windows 8 or 10 operating system,with the [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] CImg library and get all the examples working that are included with download (CImg-2.3.4_pre072618) / examples . This should result in a standalone executable graphics display

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    ...especially on facebook. It is camera that use 3G sim card and can also be connected via wifi All you need to do is power up the camera and put a sim card in the camera and then download an APP from playstore install on your Android or IOS phone and you can have access anywhere you are in the world so far as you have internet connection. . This camera is

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    TechnicalIndicators node.js - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] You will need to download node.js - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] , install it in a directory. Then install some other components in command prompt (in installed directory): 'npm install' 'npm install express' 'npm install body-parser' 'node install' Follow the instuction at https://www

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    I need a quick, responsive, and affordable freelancer to design a simple program (that runs on both windows/mac) that finds and extracts text from Microsoft Word and Pdf files. The user will upload a file to the program, and it will extract all dates and surrounding text and add them to a .ics calendar file that the user can download. It will need

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    ...clients want a deep male or a female voice (British ascent) for reading the domain name and a tagline. Its quite simple. Please send links to your demos from where I can download the samples. I need to send him the files. This is a quick project, might require a few takes to get it correct. Deep male voice needs to be on similar lines to this video

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    Trophy icon Software to compare PDF files Beendet left

    ...that bounding box to a PNG file and do an image comparison - if almost identical images then it returns as a match. The end result is the software shows a list of links to download that contain the PNGsPDFs of the files with ONLY the same bounding boxes. The winner will be asked to add a module to:- -Enable the placement of another PNG image over

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    raspberry pi a Beendet left

    1. Download the ‘[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]’ compressed folder from the course website and extract it to a folder of your choice. Keep in mind that you’ll need to point python’s ‘working directory’ to right folder so keep track of where you extract it, or move the images to where you need them. 2. Select one of the 9 labeled folders inside the extr...

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    Hi, I own a small company and I am looking for a very reliable person to help me build some very simple websites using HTTrack Website Copier. You will download this program and copy basic sites and start modifying them. Shouldn't take more than 1 hour per site. All content will be provided along with plenty of examples to show you. I am willing

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    Fix A Speedtest PHP Script Beendet left

    I have a php script that measure...a php script that measures the users download/upload/ping speeds. I got the upload and ping to be fairly accurate but the download speed is very inaccurate. I am looking for someone to fix this/make the download speed accurate. The code is very clean and easy to interpret, so it should be a very quick and simple fix.

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    I require 6 App screen mockups designed. 1 - Opening Screen ...Registration via TEXT/EMAIL notification 4 - ID Page with QR Code and Scan button, 3 Icons (Enter ID, Download, Share) 5 - Camera Scanning Page 6 - View Users History Page I attached my simple drawings. I have the logo in SVG and AI already. GMT+9 quick turnaround preferred.

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    72 Angebote I want the CV to look, this is a quick design job that needs a quick turn around. I want a clean, organised and CV, lots of white space. I don't mind whether you design in InDesign or AI. But I want the final file in InDesign, so I can open it and make small tweaks if I need. I don't mind if you download Icons and use the free ones for the

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    25 Angebote – keeping it clean and simple, and only providing the user with the required input boxes – further input boxes will become available when the user selects certain options i.e. sole or joint applicant etc. The site will be hand coded with HTML3 and CSS3. Upon load, only the HTML will be loaded; leading to a super quick site. The input boxes are

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    First of all please download the apk file from here:
[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] I have sourcecode of this android app (AndroidStudio) and I want some quick modifications in it and also add some simple features. This is a very simple app, and a few noticeable things that have been implemented are: Gridview

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    I need a quick, responsive, and affordable freelancer to design a simple program (that runs on both windows/mac) that extracts text from Microsoft Word and Pdf files. The user will upload a file to the program, and it will extract all dates and surrounding text and add them to a .ics calendar file that the user can download. It will need to implement

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    ...a HTTP calendar server using Node.js, for clients and their users. A quick view of functions needed; Set up client accounts. Clients pay by monthly invoice. Clients are able to log in to their account, and design one or more unique weekly calendar for their users. Simple design by setting up a static week schedule that rolls every week of the

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    ...this e-commerce platform is a website for a rug store, which sells commercial to premium rugs. I will attach full project specification details within the project, so please download to see this. To summarize: I need a responsive and quality E-commerce website which will allow me to sell a variety a rugs. I require a contact form which includes

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    ...code to add, just so we leave space for it. Even the dimensions of the 6x9 cover are pretty simple: I'm using Amazon CreateSpace and they'll even let you download a template for the 6x9 cover i you need one. So are you a designer who wants a quick and simple book cover project? Sorry I can't pay a lot, but hopefully the project's simplicity will m...

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    Hi there, We require a very simple job, we need someone with a very quick internet connection (ideally over 100mb upload and download) to download and upload approximately 60-70GB in data for us from our Amazon S3 hosting and upload this to our server. We require this to be done ASAP. We can provide all login and access details and ready to

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    5 Angebote 1, unless you added a user). I know this sounds simple... it is... am looking for someone who can do this fast so then as we want to modify and make changes link to tables etc, but that is next time, not now... just something simple. To install the package the following will help: Download from here: [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden]

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    Qonkar Website Beendet left purchase and download our App. 2) We need to know who referred them to us so a section to enter a referral code to enable download. Behind the scenes we need to know who has purchased the App and who they have referred to us. The website itself is solely to advertise the App with purchase and download option so a simple 5 page site will

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    i need someone who is super quick in creating html responsive elements with proper validations this is most simple project , i need someone to download this free admin template[Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] and create all the forms and dashboard views with all proper validations and reports basically i need this all ready in 6 hours

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    Build a Website Beendet left

    I need a private Stock Photo website where members only can view, download and upload the content, with database management in order to proper catalogue the photos. Also a main page only to advertise what we do, also with the space to put login and password. This is how it will work: The user will register with his data, I will then approve or not

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    Fairly simple work, In essence download an app and post comments in the app. 1) Download the iOS or Android version of [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] app ios - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] Android - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] 2) Set it up to UK 3). Once you set up

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    Trophy icon Homepage Website Mock Beendet left

    ...resumes and create their profiles, showcasing their skills for potential employment. Recruiters (companies and agencies) will be able to search profiles, buy access and download full resumes. The website is intended for the following groups of people: Professional testers - they will upload their CVs and create profiles so recruiters can find

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    Ionic project Beendet left

    I am look...project(latest ionic with latest angular) and download one of the example projects directly from ionic and modify 2-3 static pages to (super simple with blue background 2 text boxes)(i will provide the design) and give it back to me with an apk and ios output just so that i see that app works and a quick 2-3lines telling me how to run it.

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    ...uploaded are all of the products from a new supplier - Draper Tools - [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] . They provide us with a read-only FTP link into their server where we can download all of the information, images, videos, pricing info, product database in various formats and we need all of the information taking from their provided info and adding correctly

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    Hire an Animator Beendet left you can make a quick character test before hiring and agreeing to terms. Unless your examples you are capable, we will ask you to do test. I would like to send you one of our rigs. With it, I'd like you to create a 5-10 second piece of animation that features character movement and a change in emotion. This can be as simple as the character

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    Need a quick programmer to ruse hhtrack to download and edit static html pages to clear of any codes and upload to another domain I will attach image of example site they are simple just need good programmer to edit the code of anything that is not wanted/needed insert keyword "house" into application so i know you read this

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    ...product page NO similar products wanted at bottom of design. Newsletter Blog - Please make a suggestion Responsive design. Site Map Compress website, images, and java for fast download. - Please make a suggestion SSL added Visual Composer plugin - Please make a suggestion SEO Plugin - Please make a suggestion I require the following Minimum 5 years experience

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    €220 - €659
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    - Connect to SOAP webservice using username, password & download file. - Use VB.NET 2015 , .net framework 4.5 - only use native .net code, no dll please. - Simple, quick please, no high bids

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    Build a Website Beendet left

    ...image : - Simple (No fancy needed) - Intuitive handling - Powerful/ Muscle - Trustable (conscientious lesson) - For me (personal trainer assignment only for you) Point : - Minimum number of click (Easily access pages user want to visit) - Language is Japanese and English (I cover Japanese translation. For English, I make quick translation

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    I need a very simple app that will allow the user to upload a picture to a webserver. This doesn't have to look pretty and the user interface is unimportant as long as it functions and is easy enough for me to use. I think this should be very quick for someone who has done this before. User opens app. Camera functionality is activated. If the

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    Data Entry Beendet left

    ...only: 1: English. 2: A little bit Picture processing(download from website, remove logo or waterproof) Attached is the simple instruction how to do it. but I will teach you when we start at the [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] job is easy, most of it is the only copy and paste We need you to be work careful, positive, and quick.(if you have a [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] wi...

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    Data Entry Beendet left

    ...only: 1: English. 2: A little bit Picture processing(download from website, remove logo or waterproof) Attached is the simple instruction how to do it. but I will teach you when we start at the [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] job is easy, most of it is the only copy and paste We need you to be work careful, positive, and quick.(if you have a [Zur Anzeige der URL Anmelden] wi...

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    I want a mobile app that the staff in the store can download and have access to product info. For example, a certain line of item may run out of stock, then the new stock comes in but a sales rep doesn’t get to visit until a month later and the store in informed of the new stock (missed opportunity to move stock earlier). What we want to do is send

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