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    I have WordPress page and need to make some blocks to add HTML code in product page. This is which you need to work on. And this is sample page. At the bottom you need to remove some part and add another one. I'll provide you more details in a chat. If you can start it immediately and complete in a short time, please send me your proposal.

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    I need a freelancer to remove certain fields on the product page of my WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card. Specifically, I want the sender name, individual greeting text, and receiver mail fields removed. The changes should be implemented so that I can continue to update the plugins. I would therefore like to know at the end what exactly was changed and where. Skills and experience needed for this project: - Experience with WooCommerce and WordPress - Knowledge of PHP and CSS - Attention to detail Additional customization is not required for the product page. The freelancer should simply focus on removing the mentioned fields. The deadline for this task is within 24 hours.

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    18 Angebote this can happen. - update google feed - remove this jam class on the landingpage. i dont sell jam. check the attached picture. - instagram feed is not running, must be fixed - text on the landing page must be replaced. check the picture. text must be: Jede Tasse Kaffee erzählt ihre eigene Geschichte. Von den Familien, die von der Kaffeeernte leben. Von den Händen, die die wertvollen Bohnen sorgfältig von der Kaffeepflanze trennen. Von der Reise über Land und Meer in unsere Rösterei hier in der Schweiz. Und von all den Menschen, die sich tagtäglich vom Kaffeegenuss inspirieren lassen. Wie ich. Und du. - Company name is wrong on the landing page. check the picture. must be: Hakuna Matata Coffee Roasters (c) 2023 / alle Rechte vorbehalten - re...

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    Hello, its URGENT and IMPORANT, so NO BOTS! and we need to do it NOW/ASAP! so bid with "NOW" at start, that i know you read the first details.... i have a custom Backend Wordpress for creating BILL and OFFER. That is with Malware, we need to remove all malware and transfer the clean site to a new hoster. And some function like creating PDF dont work anymore. Warning: shell_exec(): Unable to execute 'gs -q -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=/home/www/dubai/dbl-rechnung/dokumente/generierte/ /home/www/dubai/dbl-rechnung/dokumente/generierte/ /home/www/dubai/dbl-rechnung/dokumente/generierte/ /home/www/dubai/dbl-rechnung/dokumente/generierte/' in /home/www/dubai/dbl-rechnung/wp-content/plugins/dbl-manager/dbl_pdf-service

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    We support a client on a web project. We need to unque fonts etc which are loaded from Google to avoid the transfer of the customers IP from Germany to USA. We installad common plugins (OMGF PRO (active), Remove google fonts etc)to avoid this and load the fonts from local server, but Recaptcha and most likely google map loads the fonts even after using this plugins. So no easy way around to solve the issue. We need a solution to avoid this calls before the user consense is given or avoid this calls completely. The WP project is a property platform running with Estatik and Estatik Theme. We checked our page after adjusting few plugins and two requestes remain: Details Anzahl der Aufrufe: 2 Auflistung der Aufrufe: Font

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    Want to create VBA Macro / Userform interface with add, update, remove data and filter data.

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    ...Oberfläche mit datenauswertung mit such Funktion. o Scans pro tag, Woche, Monat, Jahr o Scans pro Benutzer o Code suche o Excel export App Android requirements: - Program for Android system MDE zebra TC21 - User input, user selection, with password login - Barcode scanning - Double barcode warning - Show total number of scans in current process. - Show scanned barcodes as list and possibility to remove them. - Code not scannable then photograph, save. - Show code scan and photo scan count separately and as total number of scans. - Record scan date, time - Data update in web mysql, google or similar. - Web interface with data evaluation with search function. o Scans per day, week, month, year o Scans per user o Code search o Excel export ...

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    We need a freelancer who removes the background of our product photos (also the little points inbetween!). It should look as if it would stand in front of a white background. It has to look realisitcly (like here: ) Please make an offer for all 21 photos. Thank you very much.

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can set up my email server properly so that he can also send emails to and such. remove all mistakes and add Betriebssystem CentOS Linux 7.8.2003 (Core) Produkt Plesk Obsidian Version 18.0.31, --- Guten Tag ich suche ein Der mein Email-Server ordlich einstellen kann so das er auch Emails an und so schicken kann. alle fehler weg machen und adden Betriebssystem CentOS Linux 7.8.2003 (Core) Produkt Plesk Obsidian Version 18.0.31,

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    Ich benötige ein Composer Wrapper welcher per Composer wiederum selbst installiert werden kann. Der Wrapper soll einfach in div. PHP Projekte eingebunden werden um folgende Aktionen auszulösen: - Composer Install - Composer Update - Composer Requere - Composer Remove Die Befehle sollen nach bedarf um entsprechende Parameter vom Composer zu erweitern sein. Dabei soll auf PHP Kritische Funktionen wie z.B. exec, exec_shell, system und Co. verzichtet werden. Die Ausgabe von Composer soll nach bedarf auch ausgegeben werden.

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    ...mod_ruid2/0.9.8 enabled[Wed Sep 20 17:45:07.756478 2017] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 16679] AH00163: Apache/2.4.18 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.1t PHP/5.5.31 configured -- resuming normal operations[Wed Sep 20 17:45:07.756599 2017] [core:notice] [pid 16679] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/httpd -D SSL'[Wed Sep 20 17:46:01.520770 2017] [core:error] [pid 16679] (2)No such file or directory: AH00095: failed to remove PID file /var/run/[Wed Sep 20 17:46:01.521067 2017] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 16679] AH00169: caught SIGTERM, shutting downAH00016: Configuration FailedAH00016: Configuration FailedAH00016: Configuration Failed Ich hoffe mir kann jemand mit diesem seltsamen Problem helfen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen. ...

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    mirroring Beendet left

    ...One on a server in Germany () the other one on a server located in Hong-Kong (). If someone (located for example in Australia) is visiting our eshop .com the loading time is very slow. Therefor we are using some optimzation plugins for a better result. But the results are not that much better. If we activate some settings (Avoid landing page redirects, Remove query strings from static resources, Add Expires headers...) the sites will be crashed. Do some one have professional experiance about this subject? Please contact us if you are interessted and if you like to analyse our installations for making an offer. Thanks. ----------------------------------- Wir betreiben 2 WordPress WooCommerce eShops. Einer auf einem Server in Deutschland (www

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    ...graphic should be able to be used by changing the color for all labels. The original files for printing (PDF) are attached. The red label is the basis for the graphics. It is only about the red, curved graphic at the lower part on the front side. This does not include the weight or the text "manual filling". Compared to the green label, there is the addition "SCHARF". It may be necessary to remove this element individually or to change the text. Goal: 1. Replace the graphic as a vector as on the red label. 2. Color including color profile must be changeable (red -> green) 3. Text must be modifiable (eg. „SCHARF“ / (eng. „HOT“) --> „SÜSS“ (eng. “SWEET") 4. Additional curve element with the...

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    Please analyse my site and check if you can make me an individual offer for I want to install markups and sitelinks I want to make my site mobile friendly I want to remove all bugs, they are shown in a SEO report I look forward to your offer.

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    Bildbearbeitung Beendet left

    Es sollen aus Produktfotographien Beschriftungen entfernt werden. Bearbeitung mit Photoshop oder vergleichbarem Programm. Deutschkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig. The work is about to remove text from pictures. Work shall be done with Photoshop or some comparative programme.

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    Remove Background For 1 Image

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    ...nach einem ausgewiesenen Experten im Bereich Softwareentwicklung mit PHP inkl. SugarCRM Erfahrungen. Es handelt sich um ein spannendes CRM Projekt inkl. Anbindung an Portal, Shop und Helpdesk für ein bekanntes Unternehmen. Anforderungen - Abgeschlossenes Hochschul- oder Fachhochschulstudium der Fachrichtung Informatik oder Wirtschaftsinformatik - Fünf oder mehr Jahre Erfahrung in Software-Entwicklung - Fundierte Kenntnisse von Enterprise CRM Systemen inkl. Entwicklung, Anpassung und Migration - Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Open Source Systemen oder Bereitschaft zur Einarbeitung in entsprechende Plattformen - Ausgeprägte Eigeninitiative und Begeisterung für neue Technologien - Erfahrung mit SugarCRM erforderlich - Analytische und ...

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    2 Angebote (if calculation in css is also possible) 5. modal window with footer, see: 6. modal bottom sheet style, see: 7. parallax functionality, see: 8. truncation, see: 9. functionality to hide elements on specific devices (remove div’s on small devices) see similar: 10. tooltip for specific menu items (existing in “material” but not for menu items itself) 11. tabulator position functionality to be able to separate text within left/right menu item 12. owl carousel2: (within ) 13. lazy load:

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    Can we discuss?

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    Für ein geplantes SugarCRM-Projekt suchen wir kurzfristig Unterstützung. Zielsetzung ist die Verbindung von Firman zu Interessenten über das Modul 'Projekte'. Hierfür sind diverse Anpassungen erforderlich: Kalender Versenden von mehreren Terminvorschlägen im iCal-Format an Interessenten Terminbestätigung/-absage durch Interessenten Synchronisation mit Smartphone Schnittstelle zu Microsoft Office Synchronisation mit Posteingang Zuordnung von EMails zu Kunden, Interessenten & Projekten Vollständige Historie für Kunden, Interessenten & Projekten Export von frei definierbaren Projektdaten ins XML-Format Umkreissuche für Kunden & Interessenten ...

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    Hallo, wir suchen dringend Entwickler (dir der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind), die über dieses Wochenende arbeiten können. Es werden Fähigkeiten in PHP und MySQL benötigt. Es geht um Anpassungen für das SugarCRM. Sehr gute Bezahlung. Für weitere Fragen bitte sofort schreiben. Danke.

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt 'Remove remains of Magento Payone extension and solve 2 issues in Magento'

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    I am ready.

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    Background Image Remove

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    Image background remove

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    ...integriert werden. Ziel ist, die Verwaltung von Anfragen, Kontakten und Angeboten online verwalten zu können. Die Angebote sollen in form eines PDF-Templates versendet werden können. des weiteren, soll der User auch im Stande sein, seinen E-Mail Account komplett in dieses CRM zu integrieren, um Eingänge und Ausgänge zu verwalten und entsprechend den Kontakten / Anfragen zuzuordnen. (wie bei z.b.: SugarCRM). Das CRM-System soll aber sehr schmal und einfach bleiben. nur die genannten Funktionen sind erwünscht. Features: + Kontakt-Management für angemeldete Nutzer + Nachrichten-Mangement (Anzeigen-basierend) + Angebote senden (in form eines templates das man als PDF downloaden kann) + E-Mail Account Integration, um eingehende E-Mails dem ...

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    Wir suchen jemanden der einen DRUPAL, XT-Commerce oder auch einen OS-Commerce WEBSHOP einrichten kann, mit integrietem CRM (z.b. sugarcrm). Und der auch für gestaltung (optisch) ein gutes händchen hat. Wir sind auch für andere vorschläge immer offen.

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    sugarCRM Schulung Beendet left

    Wir brauchen Starthilfe von Leadscoring über API-Anbindung bis Sales-Prozess ...

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    Wir hätten gern einige Prozesse automatisiert für unser SugarCRM. 1. Daten sollen beim Drückern des "Erstellen Buttons" im Subpanel automatisch in den neuen Datensatz übernommen werden. (2 Module) 2. Es sollen 3 verschiedene PDF aus einem Modul automatisch erstellt werden können. Ähnlich wie "PDF for Sugar". (ca. 12 Felder zu befüllen)

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt 'Integrate Gravity Forms in SugarCRM'

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    Ich habe laufende Arbeiten im Zusammenhang mit unserem letzten Projekt 'Configure SugarCRM'

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    Rating App Beendet left

    wir suchen nach einem Entwickler, der eine App für iOS und android programmieren kann. Die App sollte folgende Funktionen beinhalten: Facebook-Integration (Login with FB, Load data from Facebook) GPS (Locate phone and show some 'points' on a map) Server - Data Storage (Save users account data on a server) In App Purchase (e.g "remove ads") In App Advertising (e.g banner) Rating System (Rate something on a scale from 1 to 5) CMS Wir brauchen ein backend bzw cms um die Inhalte der App, Accounts, und push-notifications bearbeiten zu können (e.g ) Es wäre super wenn du bereits Erfahrungen mit Facebook SDK/API oder parse hättest. Preis ist der Gesamtpreis für beide Platformen (iOS / android)

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    Events Website Structure 6 Tage left

    I'm looking for an experienced web developer to help me build the structure of my events website. Here's what I need: -Website: The primary purpose of the website is to display upcoming and past events and have users to register / subscribe for newsletter - Admin Backend: To add / remove / manage events, see subscribers, compose and send newsletter to subscribers Development language and hosting platform is flexible

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    Remove malware from a site 6 Tage left

    I need malware removing from a wordpress site. The malware is redirecting the visitor to random sites and AVG blocks the site. I have removed malicious code when it appears in the database but the redirects don't go away and the code will reappear a few days later and I can't find any malicious files or where the weakness is in the site. The URL is

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    I am looking for an experienced iOS app developer who can create a modern e-commerce application for my business. The app should be designed with a modern theme in mind. The main features that we need included in the app are: - Product catalog: The app should be able to display our products in an engaging and user-friendly way. - Shopping cart: Users should be able to add and remove items to their cart as they browse through the app. - Payment gateway: The app should have a secure and reliable payment gateway that supports various payment methods. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in developing iOS applications, especially e-commerce apps. - A strong understanding of user experience and modern design principles. - Proficiency in integrating pa...

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    I'm experiencing difficulty with broken links and duplicate contents on my Google Search console. I have a large number of broken links we dont use amounting up to 36000. I am looking for an expert can help to clean up and remove all this links. See attached images of the issue The ideal candidate should have: - In-depth understanding of Google Search Console. - Experience in fixing broken links. - Experience in identifying and fixing duplicate content. - Excellent problem-solving skills. - Proficiency in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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    As discussed will do section and remove undercut

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need to remove background 10 photos containing pasta machines. Transparent background and shadow to be created. In the case of reflections (photos were taken inside a photo cube), they must be removed and the photo must look professional, similar to a render.

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    remove background from 10 photos 6 Tage left

    Remove background 10 photos containing pasta machines. Transparent background and shadow to be created. In the case of reflections (photos were taken inside a photo cube), they must be removed and the photo must look professional, similar to a render.

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    I'm in need of a skilled photo editor who can expertly crop and remove backgrounds from photos for my social media, prints, and personal photos. High proficiency in PNG format and keen attention to detail are essential, as maintaining image quality throughout this process is a priority. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in photo cropping and background removal - Strong understanding of PNG format - Ability to maintain quality during editing - Experience in editing for various platforms (social media, print, personal use)

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    ...access levels and assign them to team members. Each access level will determine which parts of the application a user can access. Key Features: Access Level Management: Implement functionality for the super admin to create, edit, and delete access levels. Each access level should have customizable permissions for different parts of the application. User Management: Allow the super admin to add, remove, and manage team members. When adding a team member, the super admin should be able to assign an access level to them. Permissions Assignment: Implement a mechanism to assign permissions to each access level. Permissions should determine which features and functionalities are accessible to users with that access level. Integration with Existing Frontend: Ensure seamless integrati...

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    ...Display user online status, input status, etc. o Privacy and Security: Support end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy. o Message Forwarding: Support batch message forwarding. o Emoticons and Stickers: Provide a rich set of emoticons and stickers, support importing third-party emoticons. • Group Chat (Multi-Person Chat) o Group Management: Allow users to create groups, add or remove members, set group information, etc. Group owner and administrator permissions management. o Group Messages: Support sending and receiving messages within the group, including @member function. Implement message broadcasting and optimize network load. o Group Notifications: Group event notifications, such as member joining, exiting, group information changes, etc. o Gro...

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    HTML Site Speed Optimization for - 6 Tage left

    I have an informational website that urgently needs speed optimization. The goal is to remove unnecessary code and CSS, convert the header and footer to PHP and fasten the download speed. Key focal points: - Prioritize the home page, product/service pages, and the contact page for speed enhancement. - Be mindful to sustain the overall HTML structure without specific design alterations or functionality losses. Ideal skills for the job: - Proven experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and website speed optimization. - Detail-oriented with a strong understanding of download speed issues and solutions. - Previous experience working on informational websites would be a plus. Please bid if you can deliver a quicker, smoother website while retaining its informational essence

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    The current menu functionality, as it appears on is fine - I am happy with it. However it has just been individually hand-coded onto each page individually meaning I can’t easily create new pages in the website The job is to turn the existing menu into a webflow component so it can be simply dropped onto a new page and it will work. Modify the site to remove the existing menu and replace it with the component Please no custom CSS or Javascript - this can all be achieved natively in webflow SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR MORE DETAIL AND SCREENSHOTS ***NOTE***: If you are not experienced in Webflow you may find this task takes longer than expected, as there is some complexity to this (sticky menu etc etc) and webflow does not allow you to do things in HTML and CSS, you can only use...

    €20 (Avg Bid)
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    17 Angebote
    Medicine Database Cleanup 6 Tage left

    I'm in need of an expert to assist with the cleanup of our Medicine database. The goal of this project is to accurately remove all duplicate entries improving the overall accuracy of the data. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong background in Database / Excel /CSV management, specifically in the medical field. - Proven track record of similar past work. In your application, please include details of similar projects you've worked on. Efficiency and precision are pivotal for this task. Looking forward to a neat and streamlined database!

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    27 Angebote

    I've recently established a venture named "Atlas Truck Parts" and am in need of a unique, professional logo to represent my business. The logo should be a combination of text and symbol, encapsulating what ou...use of white and blue colors - Create a logo that embodies the essence of a truck parts company In terms of skills and experience, proficiency in graphic design and a portfolio featuring logo designs are essential. Experience in creating logos for a similar industry would be an added advantage. I would like to incorperate the ATLAS statue with the man holding the world on his shoulders, eith remove the globe and insert a truck or possibly the business name instead just as an idea or stretch out the initial "ATP" in block letters as the trailer and...

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    €47 Gebot i.D.
    71 Angebote

    I'm in need of a professional Photoshop artist to create a realistic montage for a house project. I need 2 images. 1. I need an image of the existing house to be remove and replace by grass. You have the picture of the front of the house and the picture of the tree behind. It doesn't need to be perfect, just give a good idea of the spot without the house. 2. A picture of the new house (the outline only) on the spot where it will be constructed with a path leading to it. Again, just to give an idea. The new spot is behind the trampoline. Let me know if you need more images. I need it ASAP. Thanks !

    €21 (Avg Bid)
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    43 Angebote